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Sinn 857

"Sinn 857"

Verified Owner Comments: This is the ultimate pilot / tool watch. It lacks the shine and "rich history” of many other sports watches but makes up for it in sheer toughness and durability. ]

Also, WatchBuys has incredible customer service. All in all 10/10. — I love this watch!

It’s an absolute tank. The tegimented steel is basically indestructible, the bracelet is comfortable, and the dial is easy to read. The satin finish seems like it has a nicer sheen today than when I first opened it last month. This is my first Sinn watch but it’s clear that this brand epitomizes stereotypical German quality in engineering. It’s like a late 90’s Mercedes over engineered, high quality materials, and built to last.

I’ve made the rounds at the local mall and jewelry stores trying on Omegas, tudors, Grand Seiko’s etc and quite frankly this watch makes pieces from those more mainstream brands feel cheap.

This was also my first purchase from WatchBuys and the customer service was top notch. They called me to confirm the order and make sure I was satisfied with my purchase. The watch was shipped immediately and arrived at my house two days later.

Outstanding Watch

"Outstanding Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I’ve had this watch on the wrist for 2 months now and I couldn’t be happier. A great watch at a reasonable price. Particularly, considering what you get.

If I could sum it up in one phrase, I’d say, "German over-engineering at it’s finest!” As I’ve said when describing the watch to friends, I’d be long dead - due to water depth, high altitude/lack of oxygen/air pressure, heat or cold - but the the watch would still keep working. It also looks as good as the day it arrived because the Tegimenting seems to make it impervious to scuffs and scratches. All that and it’s a great looking watch with high legibility that keeps great time.

An outstanding watch, and I found Watchbuys great to work with.



Verified Owner Comments: What a fantastic watch. Keeping great time. It's super legible...from across the room, day or night. The Tegimenting makes it bomb proof.

Have been wearing this for 2 weeks non-stop and still not a scratch. Love the timing bezel, the GMT is a fun complication, AND it's 200m water resistant. My only concern is messing up the AR coating on the sapphire. I would've been ok with just the internal AR.

Service was stellar, with a quick delivery once the watch came in from Germany. As Tom Petty says, 'the waiting is the hardest part' of the whole transaction but completely worth it for this piece. Already planning my next purchase (lookin' at you Hanhart).

Lifetime watch

"Lifetime watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch is really wonderful. It seems to be basically impervious to normal wear and tear. Mine has proven to be very accurate and extremely robust. It’s a very sharp looking timepiece.

It definitely gets a lot of admiring glances and quite a few inquiries. It really shines in low-light environments. It’s lume is excellent. The watch design is so highly legible that even after being in the dark for hours you can still make out the time. It’s so legible that under most nighttime scenarios where there’s just a tiny bit of light, the watch is still easily read.

It looks amazing in the soft glow of a nighttime aircraft cockpit with instrument lights turned down to their dimmest setting. I love it. Easily the most impressive timepiece, from a technological standpoint, in my collection.

amazing quality

"amazing quality"

Verified Owner Comments: Sinn watches must be one of the best values on the watch market the quality of Sinn watches and engineering in each watch is amazing especially for the price.

Also Watchbuys is a great company and customer service is excellent have bought 3 watches from them. Fast ship also