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Great Watch for Everyday Wear

"Great Watch for Everyday Wear"

Verified Owner Comments: At 41mm case diameter with a 48mm lug-to-lug, this fits well on my small 6.25 wrist even with the standard H-Link bracelet. Very little slip when adjusting the minute hand so you can precisely place the tip on the chapter ring markers.

Out of the box, Timegrapher indicates +2 sec / day with dial up, but in use, deviation is 0 to -1 sec / day. Legible arabic numbers on black glossy dial with both day and date displays make this a great daily wear watch.

A wonderful watch

"A wonderful watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my everyday watch. I wear it 24/7. The h link bracelet is very comfortable and was easy to adjust. I own many automatic watches (Omega, Seiko, Hamilton) and this is my most accurate.

It averages an incredible 0 seconds a day to -1 second a day. I would recommend this watch.

Very Versatile Watch

"Very Versatile Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: The 104 is one of the best all around watches I've ever owned from any brand. I don't say that as a Sinn fanboy, either, as this is the first Sinn I've had. I chose the Arabic dial because to me it gives the watch a blend of pilot, field, and dive characteristics.

The watch is extremely legible and the lume lasts long enough to be readable at 5 in the morning. The countdown or mission timer bezel is very handy for daily tasks. Speaking of the bezel, mine is spot on in terms of alignment and the action is wonderful. The 104 dresses up nicely or can be very casual depending on the strap of choice. It's thin enough to easily slide under shirt cuffs if that's a consideration and wears nicely with the down turned lugs.

Even though it isn't marketed as a dive watch, the screw down crown and 200m of water resistance are certainly great features to have. If I was looking for a one watch collection, this would be a very strong contender. The only thing I wish Sinn would do is add drilled lugs, especially since the 104 is polished.

This was my first purchase from WatchBuys and I would not hesitate to do business with them again or recommend them. They were professional and prompt and the watch was delivered when promised. Prior to my purchase, I had heard many good things about WatchBuys from other customers. Great watch and great service!

Incredible quality and overall fit. Movement is beautiful.

"Incredible quality and overall fit. Movement is beautiful."

Verified Owner Comments: I was a little concerned with the overall sizing of this watch but it actually fits incredibly and comfortably. The dial finishing is superb along with the look of the movement through the back. A watch that will always be in my collection.

A worthy stunner

"A worthy stunner"

Verified Owner Comments: I've been interested in the Sinn line of watches for a long time. I finally ponied up enough funds to get the Sinn 104 Arabic and I am extremely satisfied. I was torn the arabics or the white but settled with the more tool design of the arabics.

A very reliable watch with a tank like design that looks good in business suit or Jean and a t shirt. Something that's not really pointed out in every review is that the watch has very very good temperature ratings as in cold/ hot weather won't affect the accuracy. Since it has a lug width of 20mm, there is a litany of different strap choices that can pair very well with the watch. The pictures don't really do the watch justice, if you can see and wear on in person I highly recommend it. This watch is definitely something to keep.

After having it for a while I now understand why the watch has such a tight hold on its value/ price.

Best dressy tool watch for the $$$.

"Best dressy tool watch for the $$$."

Verified Owner Comments: I love the display back. Quality exceeds the price. If you’re on the fence by all means pull the trigger!

Sinn 104 A St SA, H-Link Bracelet

"Sinn 104 A St SA, H-Link Bracelet"

Verified Owner Comments: After looking at many watches, I came across the Sinn 104 and finally had the opportunity to purchase one from Watchbuys. The watch lives up to all of the reviews you may have seen - terrific finish, solid construction, great dimensions, and a terrific value for the price. I highly recommend the watch, you won't be disappointed.

Watchbuys I can also highly recommend, the whole process of ordering and delivery was topnotch. The owner actually took the time to discuss the Sinn brand and watches in general while I was placing my order. When I'm in the market again and Watchbuys carries the brand I'm interested in, I'll certainly make the purchase from them.

Sinn 104 the best pilot watch

"Sinn 104 the best pilot watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I bought my 104 a few weeks ago and I love this watch. Watchbuys were very professional and great to work with, I kept having issues with my bank declining my purchase (4 times!)

I was immediately called by Watchbuys trying to help get the transaction completed. Saving up for the 903 now!

Sinn 104

"Sinn 104"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch has the perfect combination of dressy/class and sporty/ruggedness. The fit and feel is great.

Buying process from Watchbuys was hassle free with excellent communication. Would definitely buy another watch from Watchbuys.

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