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One-Watch Collection

"One-Watch Collection"

Verified Owner Comments: If you need just one watch, or something that you can use as a daily driver, this is your watch. Classic/timeless design, goes with everything and every situation. Just buy it!

Nicely Done!

"Nicely Done!"

Verified Owner Comments: I'm extremely pleased with the recommendation and subsequent purchase of the Sinn 104. As a matter of fact, I like the watch so much I put my name on the waiting list for a 103. Great job all around!

104 a Quintessential Watch...

"104 a Quintessential Watch..."

Verified Owner Comments: A watch that evokes respect from all who wear it, I'm proud to say I'm a Sinn 104 owner. A true classic. An over engineered watch with numerous subtle details that truly set this watch a part from others. It's not perfect but it checked off far more boxes then not. Both the crown/guards could use some improvement as well as the clasp in my opinion otherwise this is my grail watch.

I can't say enough about the exemplary service provided by WatchBuys. Initially I wanted to support a Canadian (family) business that was an OD of Sinn as I reside in Canada. Unfortunately of the few OD's none had stock of the 104. I turned my attention to WatchBuys and I'm glad I did. From the moment I purchased online WatchBuys stayed in contact with updates via email and a personal phone call to thank me for my purchase and to confirm both ordering and delivery information.

My package arrived in just a few days, well packaged and in good order. For anyone contemplating the purchase of a Sinn watch from Canada I highly recommend WatchBuys.

Sinn 104

"Sinn 104"

Verified Owner Comments: I have worn this watch for over a month now, and could not be more happy with it. It has been working flawless, keeping time within Cosc. I have a 6.5 inch wrist and the watch just fits great. the only thing that could be improved would be the clasp on the H link bracelet. It could use more micro adjustment, i found myself in that spot where it was a little tight or a tad loose.

Watch buys was also a pleasure to do business with.

Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: The Sinn 104 was my first luxury watch purchase and I had a very good buying experience through Watchbuys.

Sinn 104 h-link

"Sinn 104 h-link"

Verified Owner Comments: I am very happy with my purchase. My experience with dealing with your staff was an excellent one. Both Daniel and Trey were extremely helpful.

My Sinn 104 is beautiful. I would recommend the watch and the company to all watch buyers.

Spectacular Service!

"Spectacular Service!"

Verified Owner Comments: WatchBuys customer service is second to none. I purchased the Sinn 104 and an additional strap. WatchBuys contacted me the next morning to double check that the length of the strap would be sufficient.

Initially my watch was on back order, giving me too much time to look at WatchBuys’ selection and I chose to make a change to the order, once again they were very responsive. No lollygagging here folks! As for the watch, it’s perfect. I’ve owned IWC, Tudor, Breitling, and have had multiple opportunities to have a Rolex as well. The utilitarian design of this watch, like it’s matte dial, is melded perfectly with classic cues such as it’s syringe hands, and it makes a remarkably unpretentious piece of art.

It doesn’t have faux patina and it’s not some rerelease of a 50’s watch. This watch stands on it’s own. I always wanted to like the "high end” Swiss brands, I bought them, but none of them have the feel of this piece. And for the younger guys, get it. This watch is very versatile, it looks great on a nato or it’s metal bracelet in even the most casual settings. It will elevate your look in any setting. The precision is remarkable. I couldn’t find a flaw on it.

The time keeping? It’s gaining less than one second a day. The bezel action is the best I have ever felt and the bezel timer is more useful than any dive bezel. Just buy it and support these guys. I wish I found them sooner.

Great service and watch

"Great service and watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Had the Sinn 104 I St Sa on my mind for a while and I finally bit.

Shortly after submitting the order, WatchBuys called to ensure the order information was correct. This was appreciated considering the value of the watch. It arrived in time as expected.

The watch looks sharp as expected and is running great!!

Great Daily Choice

"Great Daily Choice"

Verified Owner Comments: Purchased this watch as a daily watch. Day-date featured in a perfectly sized case. Polished case is surprisingly resistant to scratches.

Watchbuys purchasing experience was fantastic, as always. Watch bezel is my only complaint, I would have liked to see better action. Would recommend for anyone in the market. Pleasure to have on wrist.



Verified Owner Comments: Sinn 104 is an all time classic. It’s holds a strong place in my luxury watch collection, and punches above its price point. This model checks so many boxes, it’s an interesting brand/screw down crown/ water resistance enough for anything,/ useful large radial timing scale is more practical than a chronograph.

It’s so precise I even use it to track hours such as 2 hour intervals for baby bottle feedings for example. Display case back for sharing with others why mechanical watches are so magical. Day/date is the most useful complication. The finishing is great.

The most important thing, is the SIZE. It’s perfect at approximately 4x20. I love the look of the clasp, however I wish it worked as smoothly as a Black Bay with ceramic detents and had a glide lock adjustable system. I would happy pay extra for this.

Fantastic watch

"Fantastic watch"

Verified Owner Comments: The Sinn 104 strikes a perfect balance looks and utility. The size of the watch is excellent and it is extremely easy to get quick information from the 104 due to the balanced design of the dial. I find myself using the countdown bezel daily. The watch feels substantial and has kept very good accuracy so far, averaging about half a second lost per day in my first few weeks of ownership.

The lume is very reactive, though at night the lume is more subdued while still maintaining legibility. I find the H-Link bracelet to be very comfortable, though the bracelet can look a little chunky due to the thickness of the links and the polishing on the mid-links. I plan on alternating the bracelet and alligator/leather straps.

Everything you expect and more

"Everything you expect and more"

Verified Owner Comments: Received my first Sinn watch and it definitely won't be my last! Amazing quality, fit and finish punches above it's weight, and it's a great tool watch meant to be thrown around, though something I won't do! lol The only thing that I have a small gripe on is the bracelet clasp, there's much to be desired there but shouldn't be a deal breaker.

Good Service - Poor fit

"Good Service - Poor fit"

Verified Owner Comments: Excellent service from these guys - no complaints.

Only issue for me is that the bracelet is not easy to get a comfortable fit due to only three micro settings and no half links. The clasp, case and bracelet are all a bit sharp edged so they can and often due, cut into your wrist. Its annoying not being able to get a decent fit for my average 7.25 wrist. Too bad.

Love the looks and useful bezel but hate the fit tolerance. Its either too tight or too loose where it falls over the wrist bone and dangles at the wrist break or squeezes into your flesh with annoyance. BUMMER! Might have to sell this one.

Top of its class

"Top of its class"

Verified Owner Comments: I've had this watch for about a year of almost daily wear. Design is subjective, but I think the individual components just fit perfectly into a cohesive package. It's masculine and sporty, but also very clean and balanced. The bracelet is thick but quite comfortable - the whole watch feels solid and has a nice heft to it.

It essentially looks like a diver and the WR, screw down crown, etc. make it just as capable. Being able to see the movement is a nice touch, and mine consistently runs within 2 seconds fast per day. I reset it maybe once a month, sometimes longer. At the price point, this is a perhaps unmatched candidate for a daily carry, or even a one-watch collection.

The only critiques I have are just things you should know: 1. the clamp on the clasp is very stiff at first, I had trouble opening it with just my nails for a while 2. the high polish center links and clasp are prone to scratches consider the Matte version if this would bother you 3. drilled lug holes like on other models would be a nice feature.

As far as watchbuys, both their customer service and shipping were prompt. I bought my 104 shortly after my fiance's engagement ring, I plan on both of them being lifelong investments.

Very happy

"Very happy"

Verified Owner Comments: The watch arrived promptly and in perfect condition.

Highly recommend this dealer for future purchases!

Great looking, solid watch

"Great looking, solid watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch is one of the most versatile watches in its price range. It can be dressed up or worn casually. It catches the eye but is subdued enough to not be ostentatious. Very adaptable especially with all kinds of straps which change the look and feel.

I'm in love

"I'm in love"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch is so simple yet so elegant. Dress it up or dress it down, it's good for literally any occasion. Ever since buying the 104, my other watches have been almost neglected. I can't stop staring at this beauty! The H-Link bracelet is a MUST, as gives the watch an entirely new dressy feel.

You'd be hard pressed to find anything to complain about on this watch.



Verified Owner Comments: I was somewhat apprehensive since this was far and away the most expensive watch I've purchased.

The service from Watchbuys, however, was exceptional and put me at ease. The Sinn came in good order, looks and functions exquisitely, and I'm very pleased.

It’s a Beaut

"It’s a Beaut"

Verified Owner Comments: I love the classic look of this watch. The bidirectional rotating, in minute increments, instead of 120 clicks is a unique element of this very classy piece. This watch is easy to dress up and down and has a modern sensibility. The H link is very comfortable and the contrasting brushed and polished elements is a nice touch. The AR coated domed sapphire crystal is very clear and has no glare even at extreme angles.

The day/date is legible and has both English and German days. The Sellita movement with simple Sinn branding on the rotor viewable through the display back is a welcomed addition. But, without the subtle branding there isn’t anything fancy to look at. The 41mm case sits well on my wrist and the 11.5mm case thickness doesn’t compete with my shirt cuff. I prefer a polished case, which this watch has, since it’s easier to maintain. I plan on wearing this often and including it as a mainstay within my watch rotation.

Very nice watch, here’s how it could be better.

"Very nice watch, here’s how it could be better."

Verified Owner Comments: This watch checks many boxes in its style and utility, it’s versatile, durable, and does what it is supposed to do: tell the time and date and repel the elements. My grades for this watch based on its $1500+ price point as of May 2019: Style: A+

This watch is all pilot’s watch with no BS. Extremely legible and goes with any mode of dress.

Case: B+ All polished surfaces will pick up scratches quickly. A mixture of brushed satin and polished surfaces would work well here.

Bezel: A- while the action of the bezel is precise and satisfying, at this price point, it’s time for Sinn to step up to a ceramic, lumed bezel insert.

Bracelet: A The H link bracelet is easy to size and is very rugged. The milled fold-over would do better with a milled push-button deployant replacing the friction-closed, pressed outer part of the clasp.

Movement: B+ For $1500+ I would prefer an ETA calibre over a Sellita SW-200, but I’m willing to give this ETA-2824 clone a chance. Overall: A-

Fantastic watch

"Fantastic watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I'm extremely happy with this watch. It keeps remarkably accurate time, is very handsome, and makes me happy every time I look at it. Highly recommended!

Sinn 104

"Sinn 104"

Verified Owner Comments: I love my first German watch, Sinn 104. I work in an office environment and usually wear a dress watch. When I want to wear a causal watch, I just feel that these dive watches are not quite match my work environment.

After watching YouTube reviews of Sinn 104, I thought this might be a watch that meets my style. When I wore my Sinn 104 for the first time, I know this is the watch that I would keep. Sinn 104 is a perfect sports watch for people who enjoy wearing dress watches.

This is just "Pure class”.

A Great, Simple Watch

"A Great, Simple Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I just bought this watch for a co-worker who was retiring after 40 years of service. He was overwhelmed by it to say the least. I chose this particular model because of its simplicity compared to other models, but when I received it I was surprised at how nice it really is. I cannot imagine there is another mechanical/automatic watch in the world that is this well made at this price.

I was a bit jealous - and I wear an EZM3 every day.

Incredible watch - Incredible service

"Incredible watch - Incredible service"

Verified Owner Comments: What can I say about this watch that hasn't already been said. If you are on the fence about the 104, get off immediately and buy this watch while it is still available. Almost perfect in every way.

The only thing that could compare to it is possibly the customer experience I received from Watchbuys. Fantastic retailer.



Verified Owner Comments: This is a great looking watch, and it fits perfectly on my wrist. I love how the bracelet feels. I will definitely by another Sinn.

Wonderful everyday watch!

"Wonderful everyday watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: Wore the Sinn 104 on a trip recently and it went beyond expectations. Seconds hand was easy to spot at a glance and syringe hands are stand out features of this watch. Markers take very little light to make the lume shine super bright and last for quite a while! The metal ring on the bezel before the dome catches a lot of light in low light situations to give dimension to the watch.

I like the hex screws for changing the links and will have to try a Sinn leather strap later on, but the H-Link bracelet has very comfortable feel and does not pull out hairs. Has nice detail and catches the eye when the light hits the brushed H links and the polished rectangular mating pieces.

Phenomenal watch and service

"Phenomenal watch and service"

Verified Owner Comments:

What can I say? This watch is phenomal. Looks great, super tough, amazing lume, really useful countdown bezel.

Accuracy is insane I've had the watch for 2 weeks and it's +1 second after TWO WEEKS which is outrageous.

Watchbuys did a fantastic job, even setting the time to my time zone which was a lovely touch!

Great watch, great service

"Great watch, great service"

Verified Owner Comments: I recently made my first purchase from Watchbuys. It was the Sinn 104. As a first time customer of Watchbuys they contacted me before shipping the watch to check if I had any questions.

The watch arrived very quickly. After receiving the watch I did have a few questions which were answered very quickly. I can't recommend Watchbuys enough. They know how to treat customers.

As for the watch, it's been almost 2 weeks of constant use. The watch performs perfectly with great accuracy: about +5 secs a day. I love the white writing against the black background. And with the steel bracelet, the watch has great wrist presence. I hope to enjoy this watch for many years to come.

Great everyday watch

"Great everyday watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I originally purchased this watch on the leather straps but didn't like the fact that with the leather it's not water friendly. So I went ahead and purchased the stainless steel bracelet that comes with this watch. The bracelet is super light-weight to my surprise, I almost thought it was titanium. All edges are machined with a nice radius so it's very comfortable on the wrist. Not to mention it's very adjustable.

Overall the watch is accurate, highly legible, light-weight, tough and comfortable, these characters make it a great everyday tool watch for the money.

Buying with Watchbuys is a breeze, too. The stuff was very friendly and took great care of me. Will come back again!

Sinn 104

"Sinn 104"

Verified Owner Comments: I purchased this watch after watch multiple positive reviews online. For the money, this watch can not be beat. Just one look at the piece when you take it out of its factory box and you know that you have a quality time piece. It’s no frills aesthetic as a tool watch is extremely compelling. The count down bezel is a very cool feature with one of the better bezel actions I’ve experienced.

I purchased this watch on the H-Link bracelet with the addition of the Sinn leather strap. When the watch came in, I immediately put the leather strap on (usually my preference for looks), and wore it a few days. I loved it. Since I had the bracelet, i decided to give it a try. After swapping over to the bracelet, I have not gone back to the strap. It is the most comfortable bracelet that I’ve worn. It may not be as stylish as an Oyster style or a Jubilee bracelet, but it is more comfortable.

Highly recommend this watch. You can go spend the same amount of money on something like a lower end Tag Heuer and end up having a worse timepiece. The Sinn 104 beats anything Tag has in its lower tier and some in its mid-range (and this is coming from a guy who like Tag). Again, I highly recommend.

Sinn 104

"Sinn 104"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a luxury level watch in every way. Everything about this watch is built extremely well and it exudes German craftsmanship at its best. The rotating bezel has a very solid click with no play, the bracelet is extremely solid with the screwed in links, and the case finishing and dial are very well done.

This was my second purchase from Watchbuys and once again I received top notch customer service and blazingly fast shipping.

The Favorite of My Collection

"The Favorite of My Collection"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a fabulous watch for the money, and has become the go-to watch for everyday wear in my collection. I love the H-link bracelet, particularly the contrast the polished center links and the brushed outer link. In fact, every polished surface on both the watch and the bracelet were flawless upon arrival (and I'm sure I'll do quite a bit of cursing the first time I add a scratch to the beautiful case).

The lume is one of the best I've seen on a watch at this price point, and reading the watch at night is very easy. Along with the H-link bracelet that comes with the watch, I also purchased a Sinn SI-707 leather strap. About two weeks ago I switched out the bracelet for this strap, and fell in love with the watch all over again. As beautiful as this watch is on the bracelet, this particular leather strap compliments the size of the case and the features of the dial and bezel incredibly well.

As a handsome everyday watch, I would recommend the Sinn 104 over several watches that cost $1k or so more.

Lives Up to Its Reputation As An Everyday Watch

"Lives Up to Its Reputation As An Everyday Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I now have the Sinn 104 I St Sa with both black and white dials. Each has its pros and cons. This black dialed version is probably more versatile and can be worn in more situations. It has better visibility, particularly when you want to look at the day and date.

But, there are so many reviews and positive comments about the black dialed version - see the YouTube video by the Urban Gentry guy if you want to see one that is over the top. If you want to own a Sinn 104 that is a little more distinctive, go for the white Dial version.

That said, I like both.

The Most Versatile Watch

"The Most Versatile Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: For the price, I'd say you are getting a very high-end german watch that is truly a classic in making. The dial offers a very clean look which can pass as a daily watch and a dress watch. Truly, this could be a one-watch collection. It wears almost like a 40mm and quite comfortable on the wrist (I have tiny wrists), and perhaps the leather strap might be better. But I love the Sinn h-link bracelet and have nothing much too complain thus far. Mine runs around +5 sec per day. WatchBuys' customer service was great too! Will buy from them again!!

Amazing watch

"Amazing watch"

Verified Owner Comments: First impression was how substantial it feels on the wrist and solid execution of its clean look. The black face is not overly flashy, and I love it. Thecrystal caseback is set flush which make it comfortable for daily wear. I wasnt too interested in the fine link bracelet, opting for the h link for the summer months and will switch to a strap come winter.

Watchbuys' customer service was very good and shipping was quick.