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Fortis Cosmonaut

"Fortis Cosmonaut"

Verified Owner Comments: Love the color, feel, ceramic bezel. The loom is great, picks it off right from the sun. I don't have a time grapher but seems to be very accurate, no notice of major time loss. Makes a nice pair with my Omega Moonwatch, honoring those who risk and gave their lives for exploration of space.

Awesome watch from Fortis

"Awesome watch from Fortis"

Verified Owner Comments:

The Fortis Classic Cosmonauts Chronograph Ceramic AM is a great watch at a reasonable price.

The white dial is amazing in it's detail, I often find my self distracted by it throughout the day! The finishing of the case, bezel, bracelet is also what it should be for a watch at this price point. I would have preferred the bracelet/case to be entirely brushed instead of partly brushed/partly polished, but I knew that when before hand. If there's anything to complain about, it's the case back. The bulging shape of it makes the watch less comfortable than it should be. Perhaps it's just my wrist, but it adds pressure to my wrist that occasionally causes me to readjust it's position. A small annoyance.