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Verified Owner Comments: Absolutely amazing!!! The dial and layout on this watch is perfectly laid out. There is a lot of information on the dial, but you never get confused or lost.

It is built like a tank so it is heavy, but yet looks good on a smaller wrist. I would highly recommend getting the cordura strap to go with it as it completely changes the look. Love it!!!

Great chronograph - even if you aren't going into space

"Great chronograph - even if you aren't going into space"

Verified Owner Comments: I am really enjoying this timepiece. Robust and good looking. Large but not too big on the wrist. Excellent readability of sub-dials, so a truly usable chronograph under less than ideal conditions. Accurate within 20 seconds over 12 days.

Ordering process was great and personal contact during sale was helpful. Everything arrived on time and as described. Excellent experience. Would buy here again

Very happy!

"Very happy!"

Verified Owner Comments: I am very satisfied with my Fortis B-42 Cosmonaut, and with Watchbuys, and cannot recommend them enough.

While the B-42 wears large for its size, it is very comfortable and wearable. The watch also appears very well built, and looks like the precision piece of machinery that it is. I have only had it for a brief period, but it appears to run very well. Everything about the watch, the highly legible dial, the sapphire crystal, the case, and the bracelet bespeak quality and craftsmanship.

Watchbuys was also a pleasure to deal with. They contacted me after placing my order, and worked with me to resolve a delivery issue, and were very helpful. Their service has been fantastic, and they can count me as a satisfied customer. Overall, I am very pleased.

Constant Failures

"Constant Failures"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch has the best design of any tool watch I've seen. The orange chronograph dials truly pop and make reading very quick. Bezel and pushers are very hearty and have the perfect feel for function. The only change I could imagine is a descending bezel like that of the Sinn 103's, but only due to personal preference. Unfortunately, the design does not matter if function continues to fail. I have owned this watch for less than half a year and am already sending it in for it's second cycle of repairs. It has not experienced anything nearly as rigorous as what it is rated for - a rocket launch - however I clearly cannot rely on it and must find something that is more trustworthy.

Great watch from a great online store.

"Great watch from a great online store."

Verified Owner Comments: I purchased my first watch from WatchBuys, the Fortis B42, and I could not be any happier with the watch as well as the complete transaction. When I first browsed the WatchBuys site the watch was available but when I was ready to buy it, it showed out of stock. As disappointed as I was at that time, the people at WatchBuys could not have been more reassuring that the inventory was going to be replenished with in the month. True to their word, I was notified a week latter that the watch was available so I purchased it right away.

As far as the watch is concerned, I have not found it to be as heavy as some reviewers have noted in their reviews. It wares very comfortably on the wrist without any issues. I highly recommend the watch and WatchBuys. I can’t wait to visit one of their road shows to see all of their watches in person and perhaps grow my collection.

Extremely Happy with watch and the service

"Extremely Happy with watch and the service"

Verified Owner Comments: Watch arrived as described - new in box. Warranty card and papers intact. Watchbuys called me prior to shipping to discuss the purchase and verify the details. A very nice touch - and made me feel quite comfortable with the whole process.

I won't review the watch - it is exactly as other reviewers describe. I will mention one thing that I did NOT read in the reviews. The crystal has a very distinct blue-ish color when viewed from the right angle and light conditions. At first I thought perhaps the dial itself had a treatment of some sort - but I can see that it is a feature of the AR coating on the crystal. I quite enjoy it.

Personally, I am collecting all the official Space Watches and next purchase will be the Sinn 140 that was worn on a few different SkyLab missions in the 90's. No question - I will purchase from Watchbuys.

Made the right choice, Love it !

"Made the right choice, Love it !"

Verified Owner Comments: Attending the road show help my decision making. . Watchbuys had so many great watches to offer, Sinn 104 and Fortis Classic Cosmonauts were some of my choices and outside watchbuys Oris65 and Omega Moonwatch.

I just love every thing about this solid watch. For what it offers it's great value for the money. Getting it from Watchbuys is another added value!

Tool watch!

"Tool watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: Absolutely fell in love with this watch even before purchasing it. Scene all the reviews about the watch and said I had to get myself one. I wanted a watch that was big and had presence on the wrist without being blingy. This Fortis definitely fit the bill. The watch is a big 42mm since the bezel hangs over the case. Thick case sits pretty high on the wrist. Watch face is very legible. Numbers are the perfect size.

The orange hands for the chronograph feature make it very easy to distinguish the other hands. The bracelet is very nice as well. It was fairly easy to remove some links since they are held in by screws instead of pins. Same goes for taking off the bracelet. Only negative is the lug bar screws are very easy to over torque. Unfortunately had a screw head twist off while changing the bracelet. Could have easily been avoided had I done my research about this problem. But it was my fault for not being careful.

Watch keeps great time. While on my wrist I've had it about +1 sec/day. If it is sitting in the watch case during the week while I'm at work I get about 3 days without winding it. Keeping an average of about +5sec/day. It is a workhorse. I love the winding of the rotor is very smooth. Though I cannot see it, I can feel the humming of the rotor on my wrist as it spins. Very hard to describe. Just one of those things you have to feel in person to understand.

I can see why this watch is currently orbiting above our heads in the ISS. It is the epitome of a tool watch! I do baby my watch not going to lie, but it is good having the piece of mind that this watch is tough as nails. I am very satisfied with the purchase of this watch. Thank you Watchbuys for offering such an amazing product!

Excellent watch from an excellent dealer

"Excellent watch from an excellent dealer"

Verified Owner Comments: I am very happy with my watch. It does not wear as large as some other's have mentioned. But it is a heavy piece, largely due to the almost overengineered case. I think it would withstand being run over by a truck without blinking. This is first and foremost a tool watch. If bling is your thing you'd be better served elsewhere. But if you appreciate when detail serves function then this is the watch for you.

Watchbuys makes the process so painless, I'm sure I'll be buying again soon

Very Satisfied

"Very Satisfied"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my second Fortis. I have a hard time referring to this as a watch. It's really a heavy duty, well engineered, mechanical time keeping instrument.

Every aspect of this Fortis Cosmonautis is exceptional in every way. It's a little thicker than I usually prefer, but this watch is all about durability and endurance, so the dimensions seem very appropriate.

Really love this watch, and thrilled with Watch Buys.

Awesome watch and service

"Awesome watch and service"

Verified Owner Comments: I am exceptionally happy with my new Fortis Cosmonaut Chronograph. I love the display which is about as easily read as a chronograph is going to get. The water resistance at 20 bar is wonderful especially considering it doesn't use a screw down crown or pushers. Timing is about as good as it gets.

As it arrived, I was getting about 4.5 seconds fast per day. I adjusted it myself after a week of wearing and am now seeing plus 0.9 seconds a day after 9 days testing with a deviation no greater than .6 seconds per day.

Perhaps more important than the fact I am well pleased with the watch itself is the service I have received from WatchBuys. I purchased the watch on a weekend prior to a Monday holiday. The website shows a two-day delivery and I had already adjusted my personal expectations a day later with that holiday in mind. A few hours after my purchase, I received a phone call that my watch delivery would be delayed a day due to the holiday.

Along with that information, I was told what was considered acceptable use if I were to return the watch. WatchBuys is quite liberal on what is allowed. Many places won't even allow you to remove the plastic protection surrounding the watch. This and other minor adjustments are not a problem with WatchBuys though you may want to verify.

Overall, I couldn't be more pleased with the watch or the service. Prices are lower with WatchBuys than Amazon and popular gray market sellers and the same day phone call they provided with additional information was awesome.

A solid and hefty tool watch

"A solid and hefty tool watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I had been tempting for a while to buy a everyday tool watch that does not require much maintenance. After watching a couple of review videos, I pulled the trigger and got this watch from WatchBuys.

The shipping was fast and smooth. The customer service guys Matt and John were knowledgeable, professional and helpful in answering my questions. Coming to the watch itself, this is a solid and hefty watch. It has significant presence on my wrist even after I replaced the bracelet with a leather strap.

The watch wears like a 44 mm because the bezel stands out a little bit despite its dimension says 42 mm, which is what I actually wanted. But please be aware of this if you are looking for a 42 mm watch. The watch is very well built and engineered at this price point. The brushed and matte steel watch case gives the watch a charming and tool watch look. The bracelet is heavy. The clasp is a standard one with a safe fold and has a diver/astronaut extension. I would like the clasp to be heavier and thicker to match the look of the watch better.

Overall speaking, I am very happy with this purchase and the watch. Definitely a keeper in my collection.



Verified Owner Comments: My first Fortis and I am extremely pleased with this piece. Very robust, accurate to within +2 sec per day and for a large chrono, very comfortable with the metal bracelet. The structure of the case makes for a very secure fit and feeling on the wrist. My first and definitely not my last Fortis.