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Wow! What a watch!

"Wow! What a watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: This is an example of a watch you must see in person to appreciate. The dial is rich in color and the double AR coating gives the illusion that the crystal doesn't exist. The green silicone strap completes the package.

My husband had been lusting after this watch for some time. As inventory began to dwindle he knew that it was time. FYI... I like this watch more than his U1B! Thanks WatchBuys!

Why I Picked the Sinn U1 Camo Dive Watch

"Why I Picked the Sinn U1 Camo Dive Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I am a tough guy in casual dress and I love camo colour very much and keep a lot of camo tools and garments, etc.

I picked this watch because it is made of German Submariner boat metal, which is much much stronger as well as heavier than the normal stainless steel, especially the tegimented bezel, which can stand strong heavy knocking and hitting without scratches easily.

The watch is more value for money and for each watch collector he should have one German diving watch to keep in his watch list. It is so unique and special. I already have a lot of diving watches of various brands but this Sinn U1 ranks on top of them, taking into account the quality and performance and design with respect to the price which is so affordable and agreeable.

With a heavy and tough watch in hand, you can manage your daily job and activities at ease without worrying about any possible damage or harm to the watch as the material is so corrosion resistance to all kinds of harmful or acidic liquids that we may encounter in our daily life, especially if we are fond of travelling and exploring!!!

A Watch for the End of The World

"A Watch for the End of The World"

Verified Owner Comments: If this is the end , then this is the watch! I saw this watch several months ago and I thought it was so weird and slightly ugly , but kept coming back to time after time.

It looks 100 times better in person, smaller and more subtle with a technical, industrial tank/ submarine tool aesthetic. It’ like Sinn makes watches that are engineered first and then looks are side thoughts, photographs do it no justice, it does look great in person. Feels Tank tough, substantial but but never bothersome.

The only issues were the NATO was slightly hard to swap out due to its thickness ( but so cool when it’s on with matching hardware) and the lume is barely there, But I love it, just like driving a pickup or shooting a gun, gives you masculine shot of "Manliness "

Great watch, unique design

"Great watch, unique design"

Verified Owner Comments: I've wanted a U1 for a long time and when I was ready to pull the trigger, I went back and forth on whether or not to go with this limited edition, camouflage version. The price was a little higher, but I have no regrets at all.

I get the solid craftsmanship of the U1, but with the unique camo pattern on the dial. The camo looks great and I love that I have two watch bands to mix and match the look. The only thing I don't really like is that the green silicone watch band has to be cut to length in order to use.

Overall, this is a great watch that is practically bullet-proof!