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Verified Owner Comments: I love love love this watch. For context: Initially I wanted the 556a, but then decided nope, I don't like the small size or satinized finish. I'd rather fork out more cash for better tech and larger case. So I had my eyes on regular 856.

But after talking to Rob(owner) on a call about supply chain issues I decided on the 856 B-Uhr. It's soooo perfect. WAY better than I expected. You have to watch the 1 or 2 YouTube videos or shorts to see what it will really look like. Although those people have small wrists so on me it looks a lot different. Of course in the flesh on your actual wrist it may vary. I have a 7.5 wrist. 40mm looks good.

But the tech. The dehumidifying copper sulfate capsule, inert gas, antimagnetic properties, and BEST OF ALL THE PROPRIETARY TEGIMENTED STEEL CASE AND BRACELET. PLUS THE UNIQUE DIAL DESIGN. The dial has weak lume but who cares it's a Pilot watch. Ivory indices and dial design are extremely unique and military-style. It's a very manly watch. Matte background is subtle and fresh. This is now going to be my daily beater for the next 3-5yrs if not longer. I'm hooked wearing the dang thing. But I don't think I'll get tired of it. Every time I look down it appears brand new. The only CONS, would be.... AR coating on the outside, and it is a tad bit heavy. But other than that the PROS far surpass those little complaints.

This is my most masculine badass watch in my collection. Medium size. Not too flashy. Extremely wearable. And again the TEGIMENTED STEEL is to die for. 9/10 is my score. The value proposition for this time piece is reasonable. PLUS IT'S LIMITED EDITION. Thanks again Rob for the assistance and recommendation. -Mike

Beautiful watch

"Beautiful watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a beautiful, high quality watch. The tegimented features on it have been great so far. I’ve worn this thing everywhere - from the office to the ocean - and it has yet to look used at all.

I love that it’s a limited edition, the only limited 856 I believe - and the story it tells (the history of the Fliegers and the B-Uhrs) makes this watch a great interpretation of that tradition.

This was my first Sinn. I’d like to say it won’t be my last but with how satisfied I am with this, it just may be.

Sinn B-Uhr

"Sinn B-Uhr"

Verified Owner Comments: Wonderful experience for a first time high end watch buyer. This was a gift for my husband, the customer service was great and helpful answering all of my questions and concerns with purchasing as a gift. Shipping was fast.

My husband loves the watch, we couldn’t be happier.

A solid watch

"A solid watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I purchased this watch because I liked the Beobachtungsuhr dial. And indeed, the dial is not only attractive, but very legible and easy to read in the dark. I also like the flat sapphire crystal which seems to have very good antireflective coating. The case and bracelet are very rugged, and this has become the watch I wear when hiking, hunting, exercising, etc, as I think it will stand up to almost anything.

I also like the antimagnetic design, as I frequently work around high magnetic fields. My only complaint would be the clasp on the bracelet, which is rather difficult to open. I do like the water resistance of the bracelet as opposed to the leather, but maybe I'll eventually try a rubber strap on it.

Aviation homage

"Aviation homage"

Verified Owner Comments: Excellent piece and proportions. The tegimented steel and matte dial allow for a no-nonsense timepiece.

The winding action is smooth and the fitment with micro-adjustments is comfortable.

Unique and well made Sinn

"Unique and well made Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: I had been looking for a type-b dial and the 856 B-Uhr really fit the bill.

I love the Tegimented bracelet and it looks and feels great on a leather strap. The watch runs great and is extremely well built.

Sinn's Perfect Watch!

"Sinn's Perfect Watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: First, let me take my hat off to Watchbuys! Great, great customer service!!!

My latest purchase was the Sinn 856 B Uhr. I am 6' 3 and I am an avid runner. This watch is perfect in size and weight, easy to read, and has many of Sinn's technologies Incorporated. I love Sinn's choice to use the white and parchment colors (looks like a light shade of orange to me.) This really makes the watch stand out! I have had many compliments!

856 B-Uhr on Tegimented Bracelet

"856 B-Uhr on Tegimented Bracelet"

Verified Owner Comments: Love this classic design, esp. with the Ivory contrasts. Looks great with Tegimented bracelet. Easily converts to a strap for dress, formal wear. The 856 case construction is outstanding & perfect size at 40mm.

Sinn 856 B Uhr on Tegimented Bracelet

"Sinn 856 B Uhr on Tegimented Bracelet"

Verified Owner Comments: I was looking for another Sinn to alternate with my U1 on rubber strap. The 856 B Uhr is perfect as a rugged, hard-wearing, every day watch. The fully Tegimented case and bracelet ensure good looks for years to come and truly are scratch resistant. The Tegimented steel has a warm tone and great looking matte finish that compliments the ivory lume.

The dial is perfect and gives a welcomed unconventional look to an everyday watch. I also ordered the tan leather bund strap to switch out with the bracelet. Being partial to leather or nato straps on all my watches, Sinn makes such a high quality bracelet, I find myself wearing the bracelet more than the leather. It's just that comfortable. The antimagnetic and AR technology was also a must have for me. This 856 has all the the most practical tech Sinn offers. My only gripe is the lume only glows for a few minutes in the dark before fading beyond legibility. My U1 glows for hours without requiring a recharge.

The 856 B Uhr is also the perfect thickness to wear under a shirt cuff without bother. It also keeps great time! Within 5 seconds per day so far. I am very happy with it!