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Lovely, unique, tool watch

"Lovely, unique, tool watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Always wanted a Sinn but never got around to finding the one I want (there's so many choices in the Sinn line..). Decided on the B-Uhr because of it's retro face but modern case and crystal, and the leather strap.

First off the bundt pad feels great, and makes the watch tighter on the wrist (which is good since the leather strap on it's own is quite longer than typical). I noticed a few commentators had this mixed up. If you remove the back pad the watch is looser not tighter. Anyway i switched it out to the canvas tan Sinn strap a week later for aesthetic reasons, looks gorgeous. It's kept perfect time and everyone seems to do a double take when seeing it. Very comfortable size for me and overall a beautiful time piece. I've caught the Sinn bug!

Beautifully Built Watch

"Beautifully Built Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my first Sinn and I was very impressed with the overall build quality. The dial is very interesting as well with the short skeletonized hour hand pointing at the inner hour ring and the longer minute hand with lume matching the minute indices.

I do agree with the other reviewer that mentioned that without the bund pad in place, the strap is on the larger side. I have a 7 inch wrist and the band is snug only in the last hole. Overall, I am very happy with the watch and my purchase in general

Sinn B-Uhr

"Sinn B-Uhr"

Verified Owner Comments: I love this watch.

I have proudly worn Tag, Glycine, and Panarai watches. This is by far my most endearing. This Sinn has kept amazing time and gained only seconds in over two weeks time. I get many compliments and I enjoy wearing it immensely. The lume however is the worst I have ever seen. Very dull and loss is quick and immediate. Additionally there is zero seven-o-clock lume. Disappointing. Everything else about this watch is fantastic.

Primo watch with a first class purchase experience

"Primo watch with a first class purchase experience"

Verified Owner Comments: This was my second Sinn watch purchase. But my first purchase from WatchBuys.

So no surprise on the watch itself. Typical Sinn quality. I love the Sinn 856 B-Uhr. The leather bund strap is fun to have. This is a nice limited edition watch for sure. What I was not expecting was the level of care and service from an online retailer. The first thing that seemed out of the ordinary was the timely super detailed email communications from WatchBuys. Updating me every step of the way. That was nice.

But what really caught me off guard was the phone call from WatchBuys the day my watch was to ship asking me to call back to verify my shipping address. When I called back to confirm my shipping address I asked about a Sinn bracelet that was out of stock. Kevin with WatchBuys said he would notify me when it was back in stock. Sure enough he did, with a personal email to let me know. Who does that these days? Very few online retailers do this. WatchBuys does. I can’t think of a better watch buying experience.

Perfect Everyday Sinn

"Perfect Everyday Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my first Sinn in the n56 family. What I like about it is the overall thin aspect of the watch. Most all of my other Sinn’s are a bit thicker. The watch face is easily readable at a glance and the coloration is rather retro tan. A keeper as far as I am concerned and a "Limited” one at that.

The Tegemented treatment as well as the AR tech just makes it a true Sinn. My perfect everyday Sinn for sure.

856 B-Uhr - My Kind of Homage Watch!!!

"856 B-Uhr - My Kind of Homage Watch!!!"

Verified Owner Comments: When I was first introduced to Sinn watches, I was drawn to the 856 and the 857. For my work, either would have been perfect, especially in the UTC configurations. Though my first Sinn ended up being the 857 UTC TESTAF LH Cargo, I couldn’t help continuing to look at the 856 B-Uhr.

As a professional pilot, I often need to reference UTC time for filing flight plans and insuring that Void Times (always given in UTC,) are complied with. I also enjoy and often used the elapsed time bezel. After living with my 857 for a couple of months, I became more acutely aware of the details of the watch that made it so extremely useful and comprehensible for me. First and foremost, when Sinn indexes a dial, it does it in such a way that the wearer of the watch can decipher information immediately.

The combination of bold index markers, extremely readable numerals, and clear, concise hands make the 857 and 856 Sinn watches a joy to use. Compared to any other watches I have owned from any other premium maker, the dials of the Sinn pilot watches just beg to be read! For daily use away from work, I don’t often need a UTC reference. Having realized how critical the clear indices were in making a dial readable, I began to think that I would like to have a slightly smaller, lighter watch to wear as well as the 857.

The 856 B-Uhr favors the movement of minutes over hours. Studying its dial in the photos over and over, I began to see that even without hour markers on the outer ring, reading the B-Uhr was as effortless as reading my 857. Add to that the unique Sinn take on bi-color indexing and hands (tan for minute indexes and white for hours) I was hooked! After discussing the merits of the 856 line and its Sellita SW-300-1 movement with Matt at Watch Buys, I ordered an 856 B-Uhr. Having lived with the 856 for a month, I have to say that I am still absolutely delighted with my purchase! The watch is extremely comfortable to wear. I have not used the Bund pad but have used the watch on several different straps.

It wears well no matter how you have it attached to your wrist. It is exceptionally readable in most light. The tegimented case has a lovely, warm gray color, identical to my 857. I only have two reservations about the watch. First is that the lume is not exceptional. It could be much better. But I do not use this watch working at night often. So that is not a huge issue. Second, the supplied leather strap is long to allow the use of the Bund pad. My wrist is a bit over 7 inches. To comfortably wear the leather strap without the Bund pad, I would have to put in an extra hole in the strap. There are many different options (non-Sinn) available that work very well with this watch.

Also, the tegimented bracelet is an excellent, though somewhat heavy option. How much do I like my 856? Before I bought my 857, I had several watches, Japanese, Swiss, and German. Other than a couple of solar powered, quartz watches, my collection has pulled down to two automatic watches, my Sinn 856 an 857. Except for a (slightly) unrealistic desire to own a Sinn EZM12 with its pulse rotor, I’m set. When I get ready to start my day, it’s hard to choose the 856 and 857. What a great state of affairs!!!

856 B-Uhr - Perfect Tool Watch

"856 B-Uhr - Perfect Tool Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: The 856 B-Uhr is a beautiful watch that combines the charm of a B-Type Flieger with state of the art watchmaking technology. It's a true everyday tool watch. This is my first Sinn and it's easily the most legible watch I own. It's 200m water resistant, anti-magnetic, equipped with copper sulfate capsules to draw out moisture within the case, and it's even filled with Argon gas to prevent moisture from getting in in the first place.

Best of all the case is made from Tegimented hardened steel, which makes it pretty darn resistant to everyday dings and scratches. I've banged mine around while playing golf, landscaping, even woodworking and it still looks brand new and runs at just +4.5 sec/day. I do agree with the other reviewer that the bund pad is unnecessary and makes the strap too long. That being said, the strap itself is high quality and extra holes can be added in seconds with a leather punch. Also, It looks fantastic on Nato, so I had the strap swapped out quickly anyway.

Overall, this is an excellent watch that you can actually wear everyday, in almost any situation. WatchBuys was great to work with and I would definitely buy from them again.

Perfect Everyday Wear

"Perfect Everyday Wear"

Verified Owner Comments: I was looking for an everyday automatic tool watch that was 36-40 mm, under 12mm, easy to read, anti-magnetic, shock resistant, and scratch resistant. Easy combo right? This was honestly one of the only ones I could find that was less than $3000. I found myself mostly cross shopping this, the rolex explorer, the tudor ranger/blackbay, and the Sinn 856 UTC.

At the end of the day Sinn provides a much better value than the tudor/rolex lines, and I much preferred the simple aesthetics of the B-Uhr vs the UTC. My only complaint is that the limited edition strap, while nice, is too long, so I purchased a black nato nylon strap to complete the package. I love it.

856-B-Uhr on strap

"856-B-Uhr on strap"

Verified Owner Comments: Beautiful Watch. Bund pad is unnecessary which makes strap too long for my 7 wrist. Other than that small issue, this is a Beautiful Watch.