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U212 review

"U212 review"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I’m very pleased with this watch. It has a very substantial look to it, but is not flashy, so does not attract attention. Fits beautifully and was easy to adjust the strap. I like the fact that you can make minor length adjustments with the deployment buckle. And it’s very comfortable to wear!

Love it

"Love it"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I love the watch!! Thanks!



Verified Watch Owner Comments: Recently added this amazing timepiece to my Sinn collection. My largest Sinn to date, and a very impressive watch it is! I enjoy wearing watches as large as 48mm, and so this 47mm Sinn feels very comfortable on my 6.75” wrist. I really appreciate the precision and extreme legibility of the dial and the incomparable quality of the Sinn craftsmanship. A very welcome addition to my Sinn watch collection.

THE rugged dive watch

"THE rugged dive watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I am a previous customer, and a pilots watch fan. I wanted to buy a diver that didn't look tiny on my 8 ¼ inch wrist and decided on the U212 on the strap. What a fantastic watch. All clean purposeful design and no flash. I wear it as much as my previous favorite, the EZM 9.

I have owned Rolex and Seiko high end divers, but this watch is in a class by itself. It is incredibly accurate and a joy to wear. It will fit more wrists than it appears to at first.

The service was excellent. Rob upgraded me to overnight so that the watch would not sit somewhere during the Labor Day weekend before delivery. You cannot ask for better service.

The REAL U-Boat Watch

"The REAL U-Boat Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: German submarine steel? Yes please. I initially purchased and then returned the U1 because its hands and size just didn't appeal to me the way the U212's did. At 47mm, the U212 is definitely a manly watch. I have to mention that it does present smaller than many similarly-sized watches.

The curved lugs fit well within the bounds of my 7 inch wrist. While this model isn't for everyone, it distinguishes itself among its SCUBA-capable peers with its clean face, undeniable wrist presence, and unique Sinn technologies. Details I like: Its military submersible namesake. The oversize and thoughtfully-positioned screw-down crown. Sword hands. The selective use of red text. The tonal Argon symbol. Did I mention German sub steel? The only nice to have detail I'd have liked to see is a stylized text model number on the case back as seen on other U-series watches. Like the rest of Sinn's collection, you're getting a lot of watch for the price. Not only is it a delightfully overengineered professional dive tool, but it's a wearable conversation piece.

Watch and Watchbuys are FANTASTIC.

"Watch and Watchbuys are FANTASTIC."

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I ordered my Sinn U212 EZM 16 yesterday morning around 10 AM. I received it this morning around 10 AM.

Watchbuys was fantastic. Customer service is second to none. The Sinn U212, I love it. It exceeded my expectations. Fit and finish is fantastic. Both highly recommended.

Highly Recommend the Sinn U212 EZM 16!

"Highly Recommend the Sinn U212 EZM 16!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: First, let me say I am a repeat customer - and a very happy one at that. I think this is as important as my thoughts on my recent purchase. All my questions prior to purchase were answered immediately and in great detail. Watchbuys provides outstanding service! The watch - overall, amazing. While this is not my first Sinn, it was the first in the larger case size. That said, it fit great on my 7.5 wrist. Accuracy is spot-on and the feel of the watch is solid. I'm by no means a watch expert - I simply 'wear what I like' and Sinn is my favorite - not only for looks but knowing I can wear this watch in whatever condition I see fit - plus it looks great on the bracelet if I want to 'dress it up' a bit. At any rate - I highly recommend the Sinn U212 EZM 16 to anyone's collection but I firmly stand behind my experience as a customer of Watchbuys. These folks are great!!

Sinn U212 EZM 16

"Sinn U212 EZM 16"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have owned several Sinn''s over the past few years and while all of them have been remarkable in terms of quality of craftmanship and duribility, I must say that this latest model is the very best. I am a dive watch fanatic and certainly appreciate a solid piece like this one. This model includes all of the parts of Sinn that I appreciated.

It has the clean and solid look in the case of the U1 with the precise but clean hands of the U2 with the ultimate durability of the UX. I was a bit reluctant to have a 47mm size but my concerns were completely unwarranted once I saw this watch and more to the point put it on my wrist. While the size is impressive it is not over bearing or uncomfortable on the wrist. It blends in nicely with a businss casual attire or certainly jeans and a t shirt. I constantly find myself staring at this one on the wrist and appreciate the look more and more each day.

Wonderful job again Sinn and wonderful customer service and speed by Watch Buys!!