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Verified Owner Comments: The T2 Blue is beautiful. Wearing it now, admittedly on a Sinn rubber strap. The case is elegantly shaped. The blue dial is amazing. Keeping good time so far.

T2 Blue Dial, EZM15 on Bracelet

"T2 Blue Dial, EZM15 on Bracelet"

Verified Owner Comments: As usual, Sinn engineered a superb, overbuilt, Dive watch in Grade 5, Ti. Unique look. FINALLY, a mechanism to prevent accidental movement of the bezel! Case design & scalloped surfaces on bezel help prevent snags. Crown located out of the way. Form follows function.

Sapphire crystal robust & very slightly domed, unlikely to hit anything. Lightweight, 41mm case is ideal for every day wear. Very comfortable. Was planning to purchase Black Dial, but Blue color is just right!