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A great watch from the right place

"A great watch from the right place"

Verified Owner Comments: I have considered the purchase of a Hanhart watch since at least the mid nineties. I have never owned one but have kept up with the different venues where the brand has been offered for sale. I knew exactly what I should be getting and how much I should be paying for it.

I quickly discovered that Watchbuys is the authorized dealer for Hanhart in the United States. This was my first experience with Watchbuys. I do have to say that I was both impressed and surprised at the level of service I was provided. I was pleased by Watchbuys' personal approach to their first time customers. I have now had the watch for several weeks and it is everything I expected it to be. I wear it in my non work environment and find it useful, comfortable and of course attractive. While I was first drawn to the style as an avid amateur historian, I am now appreciating the features of the MK II.

It is surprisingly easy to read and has hands that shine brightly when first exposed to a light source. I have found myself using the chronograph as well. The small dials at 9 and 3 o'clock took some getting used to. Overall, I am pleased with both the product as well as Watchbuys. Were I to purchase another higher end watch, I would do it with them.

Hanhart Pioneer MK II Black Dial

"Hanhart Pioneer MK II Black Dial"

Verified Owner Comments: I purchased this watch recently from Watchbuys.

I absolutely love the watch, and the customer service was top notch all the way around. The delivery was quick and as advertised, I even got a call from a customer representative before it shipped to go over everything.

I would absolutely buy from Watchbuys again, and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone else.