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Great Customer Service

"Great Customer Service"

Verified Owner Comments: At first we can be skeptical however, take it from me, I was also at first weary about buying from these professionals, at the end I pulled the strings and made a purchase… I COULD NOT BE EVEN MORE SATISFIED!

"Tray” from logistics/shipping was incredible to deal with.. it took 1 whole day to ship from US to BC, Canada… the watch arrived in well packed materials, well presented no finger prints, clean and crease free.

The watch has not left the wrist and a strap monster! Thank you watchbuys for instilling buyers confidence in us! Will definitely deal with them again!

Looks and Reliability

"Looks and Reliability"

Verified Owner Comments: I learned about Hanhart from a posting on Youtube that reported on the Hanhart factory in the Black Forest. The video showed the two people who make the watches, a little tour of the workshop, and a bit of company history. Additional research told me that these were high quality watches at very reasonable prices. I agonized about which model to buy and finally settled on the TachyTele. I love this watch as much as my Rolexes, Breitlings, Omegas, and IWC. My next Hanhart will be a Primus...because one Hanhart isn't enough.