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Great size, great weight, great watch!

"Great size, great weight, great watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: Firstly, the Hanhart MKI was not the watch I had originally intended to purchase. I was looking at the MonoControl with a white face instead.

When I called to order, the WatchBuys representative asked me a lot of questions that I hadn’t even considered I.e. what size is my wrist? Have you worn a 42mm watch before? The WatchBuys representative suggested the MKI based on the smaller size and shorter distance lugs because of my wrist size (6 7/8”).

After consideration I decided to go with the MKI and am completely happy with it. I absolutely love the aesthetic of this watch! From the eggshell dial to the Arabic numerals, the red pusher and the other contrasting red and black elements - it all comes together very nicely in my opinion. The dark brown strap also picks up on the red elements and really compliments the watch. Could I have gone with the MonoControl? Probably - I don’t know that the 42mm with the extra 3mm distance the lugs would have made it uncomfortable to wear. That said, the complication of the date on the MonoControl wasn’t something that was a "must have” for me.

I feel that I ended up at the right place for me with this watch. I’m glad for the input and support received from the WatchBuys staff and am looking forward to a lot of wear from this watch. Thanks WatchBuys!

History on the wrist

"History on the wrist"

Verified Owner Comments: I enjoy wearing this watch and knowing the history behind its design. You can feel the solid performance and pride in workmanship.

i give kudos to Watch Buy as they immediately replaced a watch band that had a malfunction at no cost. Great customer service.



Verified Owner Comments: The vintage look of this watch is beautiful. My sons are all covering the timepiece.

Great addition to my collection

"Great addition to my collection"

Verified Owner Comments: I love this historic recreation of the 1938 original. A great addition to my collection (and maybe a daily wearer)!

Terrific experience with Watch Buys was the icing on the cake.