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Overall A Beautiful and Well Crafted Watch

"Overall A Beautiful and Well Crafted Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I agree that Hanhart should receive much more recognition for making excellent timepieces. The Pioneer MonoControl Single Button Chronograph with silver dial is wonderful in all respects with two minor qualms.

First, it is difficult to set the minute hand so that it corresponds with the second hand, i.e. there is some "play", and the needle of the minute hand is so tiny that you have to really squint. You have to experiment a bit to get it right. A slight nuisance, but others may not care about this as much as I do.

Second, I recall that the Worn and Wound review by Zach Weiss saying that the dial is quite legible. I would disagree. Legibility is alright but not great. But the silver dial format is unusual, and I would buy this watch again.