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First purchase at watchbuys

"First purchase at watchbuys"

Verified Owner Comments: I’ve been wanting a German pilot watch with some history and pedigree for quite some time. I narrowed my hunt down to a few German watch makers with great historical pedigree and finally landed on Hanhart. From there I knew I wanted a white dial, but frankly couldn’t decide a Primus or Pioneer.

Even within the Premier line up I wasn’t sure about strap and sizing, twin control or twin dictator. I was also a bit nervous about buying a watch that - to me, at least - constituted an expensive investment sight unseen. I finally decided to make a call to Watchbuys.

To my surprise Rob answered at 5:30 on a Friday night. He as so patient and guided me through the options and made wonderful suggestions in helping me make my decision. He was very informative, offered his expertise on the differences the watches and which ones were true to the original watches historically that I was looking for. I could tell he loved the watches they represent.

Once I narrowed down to the watch I wanted he was very low pressure and even suggested I think it over a few days. That’s refreshing! No need - I ordered the Twin Control white dial in 42 mm with brown strap. When it arrived just as Rob said it would a few days later it was everything he said it would be and more. It is beautiful and has a very special place in my collection. I would not hesitate buying from them or recommending them to anyone who loves watches. Thanks