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Beautiful Watch - Even Better in Person

"Beautiful Watch - Even Better in Person"

Verified Owner Comments: My husband researched many watches before landing on the Sinn 903. We received it very quickly from WatchBuys, they were very helpful with answers to our questions too.

When we received the watch, my husband was extremely happy - the details and craftmanship of this watch are very high quality. We found the dial to be very dark blue though - it looks black in most lights unless in direct sunlight or against something that is true black.

My husband likes that feature of the dial. We liked this watch so much we went back and bought another Sinn.

Very positive!

"Very positive!"

Verified Owner Comments: Quick shipping beautiful watch. Perfect buying experience!

Great Watch! I’d Recommend Over Similar Sized Navitimer

"Great Watch! I’d Recommend Over Similar Sized Navitimer"

Verified Owner Comments: I can’t say enough about this beautiful watch! I bought it to my supplant my Breitling Navitimer GMT as a "daily wear” watch. I love my Breitling. I’ve owned it over 2 years but HATE getting it dinged, wet (no screw down crown) or sweaty (leather strap)...

I don’t have those worries with my 903! Sinn’s quality appears TO BE better and more "solid” than my Breitling which is shocking. The Sinn’s smaller diameter wears better with long sleeves and sport coats than my larger Breitling, which is 48mm in diameter. Bottom line: This is a GREAT watch that I love equally as well as my Breitling. It ‘s a much better value (half the price of my Breitling), just as beautiful yet appears to be better quality (time will tell). I won’t hesitate recommending the Sinn 903 over a Breitling of similar size... it’s a GREAT VALUE and an even more stunning watch! BTW, I never heard of Sinn until I researched "more durable alternatives to a Breitling Navitimer.”

After reading the story of Breitling’s bankruptcy in the 70’s and Sinn’s acquisition of the rights to manufacture a "Navitimer” from Breitling I decide to make the purchase since Sinn is the ONLY watch company I found (other than Breitling of course) that can LEGALLY manufacture the SAME specification watch. That said, Sinn has actually improved upon Breitling’s design in my opinion (more water resistant, screw down crown, internal rotating bezel, etc.). I only wish the rotating bezel crown was larger and easier to rotate.



Verified Owner Comments: Absolutely, hands down, my favorite watch in his collection! Classy! Sexy! Worth every penny! Sinn is Quality! Love Love Love!

Stunning Classic Style and Quality

"Stunning Classic Style and Quality"

Verified Owner Comments: This is the much-famed non-homage legal clone of the Brietling Navitimer. The design of this watch is classic and timeless, and exudes high quality. Sinn craftsmanship is amazing for the price, and here you get a Navitimer which is much cheaper than current offerings from Breitling but every bit its equal or even its better.

It boasts innovations on the Breitling model such as screw-down crown, 100m water resistance, and extra crown for turning the inner rotating bezel. The dark blue dial an faux-aged lume make the watch look like a vintage beauty with modern build quality and parts. It's not a small watch by any means, but wears well on my skinny (6.25 inch) wrist. The inner bezel helps it wear small.

It's just one of those watches that almost anyone can pull off. Love looking at it and using it. My only complaint is that the crowns are a bit difficult to turn, often requiring me to pinch them to get a good grip. The chrono pushers also feel a little stiff, but the action is good and satisfying. Very pleased with my purchase overall.