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Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is the second ezm3f I bought from WB. The first one was in 2016 and a medical situation forced me to sell, I was determined to pick up another one, it took a while but I managed to do it. This is a very well made watch at an outstanding price point.

Fit and finish is equal to and better than the price comparison of similar brands I have owned. This has the right look for me which is a military style, diver-pilot, this is what I want to see when looking at my wrist. Sinn knocks it out of the park with this one. The only thing I would change is offer it in a right crown version and add more clasp hole adjustments.

The guys at watchbuys are awesome, very informed and helpful plus they actually take the time to listen to the customer. Thanks for another amazing Sinn

Underrated watch

"Underrated watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The SIN 104 often gets compared to Damasko watches but the EZM 3 sand blasted finish is probably closer to Damasko cases. Many people mention the date color of the EZM 3F vs the EZM 3 but I believe the dial and bezel numbers should be a bigger deciding factor the two. The crown being on the left is comfortable and the lume though only on the hours is consistently my brightest watch lume. Also the bidirectional bezel is cool.

A concern for me was the cost of inert gas and maintenance. Watchbuys answered all my questions. The miss on that watch is the leather strap. Those with larger wrist will want to swap it out. The H-link bracelet is great but I think most people should put it on a fully tegiminted watch so they don't have buyer remorse. The silicon band looks cool but it is more than I wanted to spend as I have purchased a fully tegiminted U1 as my first Sinn watch. I ordered a Hirsh Robby strap which I believe will be better suited for the watch.

Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is a great piece! The dial is a matte black that looks really nice in person.

Watchbuys was nice to work with. They called prior to the shipment to confirm my information. Well done!

EZM 3F Leather

"EZM 3F Leather"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: At first concerning when it was clear that Watchbuys was the only legit option for me in the US, but the customer service and the ease of ordering experience were exceptional. I felt quickly as though I had a trusted friend in the business, the buying experience was that good.

After months of research I had finally Settled on the 3F versus the 3 due to the bidirectional bezel, which seems more functional to me. I will never be a diver nor a pilot but those key functional aspects were important and the 3F seemed the best of both. The leather band was a bit of an unknown. I had no leather band experience but it struck me as a bit of variety in the collection as well as being dressier. Opening the box I was slightly underwhelmed. The strap is good quality but smaller than I imagined.

After a day on the wrist though, I appreciate its size and comfort more than I did at first. Still, I likely will supplement with a bracelet or rubber band soon, putting the Watchbuys points to use. Lume seems okay. My everyday was a LumTec B16 and that is still brighter even after 3 years, but the EZM has a thinner cleaner dial so not as much surface area is lumed.

Overall, I am thrilled with the Sinn EZM 3F, love the looks and I feel good about the buying experience. Really not much more one could ask for.

EZM3F My Favorite watch!

"EZM3F My Favorite watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This has become my favorite watch! Form Follows Function puts crown at 9 position. I love it! Looks great w/ leather strap, due to heat wave, changed to rubber strap. At 41mm OD, it's truer to the EZM1, and my wrist! I will cherish the EZM1.1 at 43mm OD I have on order. Unless I use chronograph a lot, I can't tell which watch will be on my wrist the most!

THANK YOU SINN for producing a EZM3 with a much cleaner dial design. Rated at ONLY: 20BAR, 200m, 660ft! This is a relatively thin watch, (11.7mm), I don't have to think about if I jump into a pool, or on vacation. Isn't that why most of us own a Divers watch? Superb build quality it's that good!