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EZM 3F Leather

"EZM 3F Leather"

Verified Owner Comments: At first concerning when it was clear that Watchbuys was the only legit option for me in the US, but the customer service and the ease of ordering experience were exceptional. I felt quickly as though I had a trusted friend in the business, the buying experience was that good.

After months of research I had finally Settled on the 3F versus the 3 due to the bidirectional bezel, which seems more functional to me. I will never be a diver nor a pilot but those key functional aspects were important and the 3F seemed the best of both. The leather band was a bit of an unknown. I had no leather band experience but it struck me as a bit of variety in the collection as well as being dressier. Opening the box I was slightly underwhelmed. The strap is good quality but smaller than I imagined.

After a day on the wrist though, I appreciate its size and comfort more than I did at first. Still, I likely will supplement with a bracelet or rubber band soon, putting the Watchbuys points to use. Lume seems okay. My everyday was a LumTec B16 and that is still brighter even after 3 years, but the EZM has a thinner cleaner dial so not as much surface area is lumed.

Overall, I am thrilled with the Sinn EZM 3F, love the looks and I feel good about the buying experience. Really not much more one could ask for.

EZM3F My Favorite watch!

"EZM3F My Favorite watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: This has become my favorite watch! Form Follows Function puts crown at 9 position. I love it! Looks great w/ leather strap, due to heat wave, changed to rubber strap. At 41mm OD, it's truer to the EZM1, and my wrist! I will cherish the EZM1.1 at 43mm OD I have on order. Unless I use chronograph a lot, I can't tell which watch will be on my wrist the most!

THANK YOU SINN for producing a EZM3 with a much cleaner dial design. Rated at ONLY: 20BAR, 200m, 660ft! This is a relatively thin watch, (11.7mm), I don't have to think about if I jump into a pool, or on vacation. Isn't that why most of us own a Divers watch? Superb build quality it's that good!