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A Watch Collector must have watch

"A Watch Collector must have watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I have a large collection of fine Swiss watches from the major brands but did not own any German watches. My challenges was which one to start with. Well I chose this limited production version of the Sinn U1 that was fully tegimented on a steel strap. It is a very distinctive looking watch. Very clean and easy to read.

Great service from the Watchbuys staff.

Superb Build Quality - A Tank with Class

"Superb Build Quality - A Tank with Class"

Verified Owner Comments: As a designer with an eye towards simple but classic dials - and a watch lover who appreciates technology - few watches hold a candle to this Sinn.

The addition of the tegimented black bezel and bracelet makes this a solid tool watch with and elegant demeanor.

Fits great on my large wrist and is never to heavy that it cannot be worn everyday. Love this piece.  Especially at the price point.

Amazing watch for the money

"Amazing watch for the money"

Verified Owner Comments: I have owned lots of so called "high-end" watches. This is built better than almost all of them and at a fraction of the price. This one has a lot of character. 

Bottom line: If you don't have one, get one!