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Here's what I learned about this watch

"Here's what I learned about this watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Make no mistake, this is a big watch. However, thanks to the lugless design I think it would work quite well on smaller wrists. Mine is just below average and I find it quite nice to wear.

The leather strap is excellent and should accommodate wrist sizes from about 6.4 to 8. It does need 2-3 days to properly break in. On wrist the movement runs +1.5 spd on average. I'm quite pleased with mine.

Everything I had hoped this watch would be.

"Everything I had hoped this watch would be."

Verified Owner Comments: This is a fantastic well-built tool watch that has exceeded my expectations. I could write a book on all the tremendous things built into this watch. But I'll leave it at if you are a genuine tool watch guy, this is one to have in your collection.

The watch wears large and is thick. The rounded edges allow it to be worn with a dress shirt without issue. The strap is next level. There are a couple of negatives: The strap barely fits my 7.25-7.5 wrist. If your wrist is larger than 7.25, I would probably consider going with the bracelet. The rotor is exceptionally noisy in this watch.

Overall thumbs up, one of my favorite watches!

It grows on you

"It grows on you"

Verified Owner Comments: Normally, 44mm+ is too large, but this is a unique watch. It’s round but oval at the same time with angles cut into the case that make it very pleasing to the eye.

I have 4 older watches using the Lemania 5100 movement. So I love the minute counter using the complete dial rather than a sub-register like most chronos - easy and quick to read elapsed minutes. This is my second 140. I bought the limited edition 140A in 2013 with silver sub registers and polished steel.

Surprisingly, I like this one better for readability and aesthetics. Only complaint- the moveable minutes under the crystal that performs like a moveable bezel on a diver’s watch is too easy to turn and disturb after setting the minutes. Love the watch!