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Great tool watch

"Great tool watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Phenomenal watch and solid movement. The technology is superior and worth the price.

No regrets

"No regrets"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my first Sinn and probably won’t be my last. The 44mm case works for my wrist size and the lightness if the titanium makes me forget I even have it on. Dial is super ledgible. And the orange stitching on the strap pulls the orange of the seconds hand in very nicely.

The lume blazes at night and is still faintly visible the next morning if you charge it with a bright flashlight the night before. I also bought the corresponding titanium bracelet and switch with the strap occasionally.

Matt was super helpful and knowledable. He mounted the case on the bracelet for me before shipping and provided the strap in the bracelet box. Highly recommended!

The best all around 3 hand watch

"The best all around 3 hand watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I recently purchased the EZM 9, after wearing my Sinn 104 for about a year. I love the 104, but this watch is operating at another level. You get almost all of the Sinn technology (no Diapal, unfortunately, but everything else). You can swim in hydraulic fluid with this watch as long as you do not go deeper than 200 meters. It is anti magnetic, high and low pressure resistant, the works.

Very clean dial and I love the sapphire covered bezel. I do not mind heavy watches and the lightness of the tegimented titanium case still surprises me. You probably need a diamond to scratch this case. All of this and it looks fantastic while keeping time as well as any COSC certified watch.

German engineering excellence at its best. I have a dozen other watches but my Sinn's are my go to watches. I love them.