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clean, classy, unique

"clean, classy, unique"

Verified Owner Comments: I am delighted with this watch. 

Generally I like instrument or tool watches, and I wasn't sure if the "financial district" style would be too "fancy" or delicate. But the 6052 is great: classy, but also sturdy and masculine, and with a clear Sinn family resemblance. 

In my work honestly I think more about days and weeks (or microseconds) than minutes and seconds, and the complications of this watch are a nice reflection of that. It's a very interesting feeling to gradually see the week counting around as the year goes by. 

It has a nice weight on the wrist, without being extreme. The bracelet is quite light. The face is very legible, not too cluttered, and the luminous hands work well at night. The beveled date ring setting the face in from the crystal I like very much. 

In case you are wondering about setting all these complications: position 1 winds the watch. Position 2 forward advances the day (including day and month) forward. Position 2 backwards advances the week counter. Position 3 sets the time. An addition button adjusts the weekday only. The week number advances on Mondays. 

You will need to reset the date each month with less than 31 days, and I presume also reset the week at the end of the year. 

The labels are in English only - some only photos show German weekdays and months. I am not so sure about the timekeeping: I sometimes notice it's off by a couple of minutes after wearing it for a few days, but I haven't made a careful study, and it may still be settling in. It is not bad, and I may just need to set it from a better source, but it doesn't seem as good as my 856.