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Great dive and chrono watch

"Great dive and chrono watch"

Verified Owner Comments: It is really nice to have a 60 minute chronograph dive watch. The tool watch aesthetics of the watch grow on you and the watch with the rubber strap is very comfortable to wear. At a diameter of 41.5 mm, the watch is not overly large nor thick.

EZM13 on Rubber Strap

"EZM13 on Rubber Strap"

Verified Owner Comments: Humble opinions of my received EZM13:

-Rotating matte bezel has 60 stiff clicks, a grippy coin edge, pip perfectly aligns on central minute markers, satin finish on bezel insert.

-Bead blasted bezel, case, pushers, crown have a slightly warmer tone than brushed stainless steel.  Strong lume on central hour markers, and central hour, minute, and sub-dial second hands.

-Chronograph central second hand resets to perfectly align with center of 12h marker, 60m sub-dial minute hand resets to perfectly align to center of 60m sub-dial marker and also aligns directly on each sub-dial minute markers as minutes elapse.

-Double AR greatly reduces reflections even in bright, direct sunlight, also produces a very slight warm tone to the dial.  Pushers and signed crown have precise actions. The dial seems less busy when viewing the watch in person, compared to video and pictures.

-Rubber strap is very soft and comfortable, signed buckle, holes closely spaced for fine adjustability, collects lint, but easily blown off.

Extremely satisfied overall.

The Porsche of Wristwatches

"The Porsche of Wristwatches"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my second Sinn from Watchbuys. It doesn't disappoint. It has a very solid feel and the look is somewhat minimalist. It reminds me of my 1987 Porsche 911. It's all business. The ONLY downside is the red date which is unreadable in low light and the fact that the pusher position functions are counter to what one would usually expect—the bottom pusher starts the chrono while the upper does the reset. Note that the rubber strap must be cut to size the watch.

This watch will not attract attention which may be a good thing. This is a very solid piece of kit.

World Class

"World Class"

Verified Owner Comments: World class product and service. This watch is a dive, pilot, chronograph in one package. There is nothing to dislike.

Sinn watch

"Sinn watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I absolutely love this watch!! I had never seen it in person, but had read quite a bit about Sinn watches, and at least visually, liked this one best. I could not be happier with my purchase. It looks great! The silicone strap is extremely comfortable and well made. Even though the watch has some heft to it, you do not feel it when it's on your wrist. If you like the looks of the watch, take the plunge! You won't be disappointed.

Handsome and Smart

"Handsome and Smart"

Verified Owner Comments: The EZM 13 is one handsome watch! It''s common to hear this about a piece, but it looks much better in person than it does in photos. The way the proportions of the 41.5mm case and the layout of the dial work together make the whole watch appear smaller, therefore more wearable. It sits high, but that''s come to be expected with an automatic chronograph. It''s noticeable when wrapped around your wrist, but never overbearing.

The "destro" layout of the crown and pushers also prevents any uncomfortable rubbing to the back of your hand, making it a joy to wear. To gush a little more, whoever designed the dial is genius! Try this: squint your eyes a little and watch as all the secondary information on the dial vanishes (e.g. the running seconds, date, icons). What you''re left with is the central minute and hour hands, as well as the chronograph seconds hand and 60-minute subdial. The emphasis on "at-a-glance" legibility drives the functionality of this watch.

It''s embarrassing when somebody asks you the time and you struggle to tell them quickly this is a common occurrence with other watches, but never the case with the EZM 13. Cementing the absurd value of this watch is Sinn''s tech. Packed into the case we have: the modified 7750 movement, unparalleled AR-Dehumidifying system, certified shock and magnetic field resistance, 500m WR, the bezel that holds on for dear life, and sun-bright lume. This is all tied together by Sinn''s talented team of designers. Sinn, you killed the competition!

And WatchBuys, thank you for the support before and after the purchase. Especially you Kevin!

Customer Service

"Customer Service"

Verified Owner Comments: The staff is top notch, they will spend as much time as needed on the phone or email to help you throughout the purchase process.

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