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Awesomely effective tool watch

"Awesomely effective tool watch"

Verified Owner Comments: The Sinn 857 UTC is a no-joke pilot’s watch.

As a long-haul B777 Captain, this Sinn is the perfect watch for me when I’m on the road. It’s at a glance readability with the UTC hour hand make’s a pilot’s life much easier as our weather reports, forecasts, and flight planning related times are always expressed in UTC (formerly GMT) time, so having an accurate timepiece with that capability uncomplicates my life to a material degree.

Many pilot’s watches are ridiculously complicated but I much prefer this uncluttered Sinn design with it’s very effective, at a glance, readability. I find it’s design to be close to perfect for my needs. For most crews, it’s UTC time that’s most problematic in determining and not local nor "body-time”. For most aviation professionals, watches tend to be left on home based time and layover (local) time is simply determined by adding or subtracting the difference from " body, or home-based” time.

Trust me, discussing the time amongst flight crews is often the subject of confusion, humor, or shock ! The 857 UTC encompasses everything I need in a watch. I love the uncomplicated and no non-sense design that convey’s an at a glance air of precision. The Tegimented case and sapphire crystal "battle hardens” the watch and the bezel comes in handy for third time functions. My only recommendation to Sinn would be to improve the lume. What’s there is very effective when it’s "charged up” but loses it’s illuminosity after an hour or so. It then becomes necessary to turn on a light to recharge the watch in order to see what time it is.

I’m glad I purchased the watch and it’s definitely a keeper for me.

Having tried the rest, is WatchBuys the best?

"Having tried the rest, is WatchBuys the best?"

Verified Owner Comments: Two important factors in buying a watch: the watch itself and the company from which you buy it.

The special edition 857 UTC is my first Sinn watch, though I own several flieger style Hanharts and Tutimas that I'm still quite fond of and that provide a frame of reference for these comments. The Sinn 857 just happened to be the right watch at the right place at the right time. From mechanical aspects to looks to that great leather strap it comes at first sight.

Watch buying process? I've worked with some very fine watch companies over the disrespect to them intended, but the customer reps at WatchBuys are as good as they come. I worked with several reps as part of the 857 purchase process...they were all efficient and helpful.

The website is easy to use, and when WatchBuys says the watch will arrive at a selected time, they and FedEx make sure this happens. I'm hooked.

Great Watch/Exceeds Expectations

"Great Watch/Exceeds Expectations"

Verified Owner Comments: I have had my first Sinn for about a month. After due diligence including several telephone conversations with WatchBuys, I placed an order sight unseen for the 857. I received it approximately three weeks before the date I was promised. The 857 has been great. I wanted a unique and rugged automatic and my expectations were exceeded.

Accuracy has been excellent. Feel and appearance are outstanding. Hoping to acquire another Sinn at some point. A++ overall.

Amazing watch and great service from WatchBuys!

"Amazing watch and great service from WatchBuys!"

Verified Owner Comments: My first Sinn watch. Really wanted this as its a special limited edition collectors item!

Ordered it on a Sunday and Rob confirmed order immediately! The whole process was very easy and the guys at WatchBuys were very helpful addressing my questions and taking care of the shipping. Have been wearing the watch now for a few days. It sits perfectly on my wrist and surprisingly very light making it comfortable to wear.

The dial and indices are very clear and legible to read both during the day and at night. So far it has kept time accurately. During the initial set up, I synchronised the seconds hand with my Citizen Satellite Wave Promaster Navihawk as a means of evaluating the time. My Sinn has indeed kept up with my satellite wave watch!

This is a special watch to me, being an aviator and my friends in Lufthansa Cargo told me about this limited edition watch and advised that WatchBuys is the sole distributor of Sinn watches here!

So, kudos again to WatchBuys! Very happy to have purchased my watch from your company!

My first Sinn

"My first Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my first Sinn. I called on a Sunday night to ask about Sinn products. I didn't realize that I called after hours (I'm on the west coast).

The owner Rob called me back and we spoke for about 30 minutes. After our conversation I ordered this limited edition watch. It was a special order and they kept me updated about the status of my purchase.

I was impressed with the customer service. The watch itself it perfect and as described on the Sinn website. I already banged it a few times on a car door, office door frame, window, and mailbox.

There are NO signs of wear to date. I am now thinking of getting the fully tegimented U1, which has the same 22mm strap size.

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