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EZM10 is a winner!

"EZM10 is a winner!"

Verified Owner Comments: I have admired Sinn watches for a long time and finally bought one. Before deciding on the EZM 10 I was considering a Damasko DC86. Since I already have 2 Damaskos it made sense to add a Sinn to the collection. The EZM 10 showcases most all of Sinn's cool technologies and is why I was drawn to it.

The fit and finish and perceived quality of this watch are through the roof! I've been wearing it non-stop since I received it a month ago. It's very comfortable and has great wrist presence. I am extremely happy with it!

The overall buying experience from Watchbuys was excellent. Rob and team are very professional and quickly answered questions and provided excellent communication from the time I placed my order until the stunning EZM 10 was on my wrist!

I'm already looking forward to my next Watchbuys purchase and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!

Fantastic watch and great CS

"Fantastic watch and great CS"

Verified Owner Comments: I purchased this watch a few weeks ago before the recent price increase. I was quoted 45days because WB was waiting for the next orders to arrive. The watch arrived in less than half that time (FedEx Overnight). Unfortunately the chrono functions weren’t working correctly.

It was a Saturday and I wanted to make sure they were notified within the 3 calendar day inspection requirement, so I called and left a VM that night. On Sunday I followed up with an email and a few videos to help describe the issue. Literally within a few minutes, Jon from WB replied with an apology and a prepaid 2-Day FedEx label....on Sunday!

On top of that, knowing how quickly the EZM10 sells out, I checked the website the day my return was scheduled to arrive and they were sold out. I figured I had another wait until a new batch came in. I resisted my urge to immediately call WB and trusted they’d call me when they confirmed my findings. Sure enough, I received an email Thursday morning to confirm that I’d be home the next day.

I had a new replacement watch in my hand the following day. It’s easy when a transaction goes off without a hitch and it’s not until there’s an issue that you find out how good a company really is. My recommendation is to make sure you read the their policies, especially their return policies, to ensure you’re making informed choices.

The watch itself is really nice. I loved it the moment I saw it introduced back in 2012 and still do. The Tengimented Ti, and central chrono min/sec makes reading the chrono easy. It’s also the the first time I’ve owned a sapphire bezel and it too is really nice. Lume is fantastic. Right now it’s running +4sec/day.

Chronograph for outdoor recreation

"Chronograph for outdoor recreation"

Verified Owner Comments: Delighted with the EZM10. It is my first chronograph so it took some time to get used to the busy dial, but the more time I spend with it, the more I really appreciate it. The engineering that goes into this piece is truly impressive. My wrist is 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) so this is the very upper end of watch sizes I would consider wearing (I like 38-40mm cases). It honestly does not feel as large as I expected.

I primarily wear it during outdoor activities (hiking, running, biking, etc.), not as a general everyday watch, so the size is subordinate to function. I know this use is different than the intended pilot demographic, but a lot of the features that make this watch so good for pilots translate well to outdoor recreation. The Sinn leather and rubber straps are fantastic quality. I generally wear on the rubber since it is being exposed to water/sweat frequently but the leather is nice to mix it up.

I have tried the EZM 10 on a Nato, and it was a poor match due to the large size/weight.

The whole package

"The whole package"

Verified Owner Comments: I believe I’ve been dealing with these guys for at least 20 years, give or take a few . I can’t speak highly enough for their customer service. I receive answers to questions via email or chat almost instantaneously. Unbelievable in this time of ours.

As for the Sinn EZM 10 , the watch really speaks for itself. A highly technical chronograph that I’ve always looked at and finally pulled the trigger on obtaining. The sapphire covered bezel is a beautiful touch on this extremely legible albeit seemingly complicated dial.

Everything has its purpose and functions accurately . I’d put it up there with the best chronographs and pilot and diving look watches. The case is as tough as Sinns preceding reputation . An under-rated brand that seems under the radar save for those that know watches.

The Tool Watch

"The Tool Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: If you want the top of the line Sinn watch with all the cool features that make a Sinn a Sinn, then this is the watch to buy. The central seconds and minutes of the chronograph is so much easier to read than a standard chronograph lay out.

The EZM 10 is a great watch.

The EZM10 is an incredible watch

"The EZM10 is an incredible watch"

Verified Owner Comments: There are other chronographs, many more expensive, but there is nothing like the Sinn EZM10. The tegimented titanium finish is amazing. My watch has zero scratches after over a year of wear. The chrono pushers are positive action and flush. The EZM10 pushers are easier to operate and can’t be accidentally engaged.

The Lemania-like central seconds and minute hands makes the chrono super easy to read and the contrasts on the dial do the same for the time. The bezel won’t pop off and has a nurled titanium edge that makes it easy to turn with positive detent. I went with the titanium bracelet because I like the fitted look. The watch wears great even though its 44mm, partially because of the lightness of the titanium.

Some people say this watch is expensive ‘for a Sinn’. I look at it the other way, I think its cheaper and better engineered than any chrono that I shopped. I also own a Sinn 903.

Their watches are well made and the service at Watchbuys is great.

Give yourself a hand or two...

"Give yourself a hand or two..."

Verified Owner Comments: Mine arrived today but I’ve had the pleasure of flying with a friend this past month, he wanted to try my Exospace and offered his EZM-10 in return which he knew I’ve been eyeing.

What an instrument this is! Just having the legendary SZ-01 on my wrist is fun but this EZM-10 is a serious, ultra-capable performer. Having the centrally mounted, highly visible orange stopwatch hands, seconds and minutes running on the full watch face means at a glance you really do know the time elapsed – many chronos claim this but I’ve used many and none do it this well.

Oh beloved Breitling, IWC and Omega you'll be riding the winder while Sinn EZM-10 and I go fly. For some airshow pilots this is an instrument that could become the 7th in the six pack. Timing is so simple and precise that I use it in older warbirds and timed routines. Sinn sacrificed nothing in visual appeal to make this incredible instrument - I can't call it a watch, loaded with features and technology. The sapphire out to the bezel is stunning in clarity and aesthetically so satisfying. The bezel is just what it needs to be for precise, easy operation but not attention-seeking.

I also wasn’t sure about the orange stitching on the band but see it in person and it’s a nice surprise, compliments the face without being flashy at all. Tegimented titanium is flawless and my still new looking four year old 757 UTC tegimented is proof that it really does the job. I agree strongly with the reviewer urging you to not compare the price to the usual other brands. You really won’t find anything at even twice the price that Is so well considered, executed and designed. Everyone has those watches too but the day you bump into another EZM-10 owner will be memorable one because of course you’ll know the two smartest pilots on the planet are in the same place.

As ever Watchbuys made ordering my third Sinn an outstanding experience and delivered a perfect product, thank you guys!

Outstanding Quality !!

"Outstanding Quality !!"

Verified Owner Comments: The Sinn EZM 10 is one winner, and really hits it out of the park! The chrono works flawlessly and is a pleasure to read and use. The watch case is not only light but very attractive. The leather strap is beautiful, very high quality and really keeps the watch secure on wrist.

Although some might think the price is high, with all the technological features included in this watch, it's truly a bargain! Unlike alot of brands who add 40 or 50 per cent to the price and then discount them down to make you feel you are getting a bargain, Sinn prices their watches at a fair price to start. The lume on this watch is incredible. I charge it when I go to bed at 10 or 11, and at 7am it is still going strong.

Watchbuys 3 day inspection period is a great asset in selling, and a real comfort in buying! I would expect they don't get any of these beauties back though, LOL. The staff at watchbuys are an encyclopedia of watch information and are more than happy to talk to you for as long as it takes to answer your questions, and that is extremely helpful.

They will even assist you with info about used Sinn watch purchases from other places and that is UNBELIEVABLE !!. I hope to purchase more of SInn's great watches in the future. Thanks again Watchbuys for an incredible buying experience !! Smitty

Pilot Watch Delivers!

"Pilot Watch Delivers!"

Verified Owner Comments: I am a pilot, and have been looking for the ultimate pilot watch. The precision and accuracy is amazing. The EZM10 delivers!

Plus it looks excellent and has a great fit.

An engineer was looking for a chrono...

"An engineer was looking for a chrono..."

Verified Owner Comments: I was looking for a mechanical chrono with both above average technical specs and a not too flashy style that i could wear to work without causing notice. Sinn watches fit that aesthetic well, but which one to pick? After a couple months of internet research, I finally settled on the EZM10 both for its looks and because it has most all of Sinn's technical goodies in one package.

The Watchbuys staff gave prompt, professional replies to my questions and kept me informed on order progress. Although the initial estimate was a 4-5 week wait, I was pleasantly surprised to actually receive it about two weeks after ordering. I was a little worried the size might be too tall & wide for my 6.75-7 wrist, but after getting it out of the box and putting it on, I found the fit was just what I was looking for and knew right away it was a keeper.

The lightweight titanium case offsets the 15.5mm height nicely and provides a natural, comfortable wear. The dial's font, colorway, and overall finish impressed me more than I expected from the pictures. I love the SZ01 calibre's central minutes chrono counter jump action and legibility and I use it multiple times each day timing various events. I can easily read off elapsed time at a glance without squinting or having to put reading glasses on these 50+ year old eyes.

I got both the leather strap with orange stitching and the matching titanium Sinn bracelet and feel that both wear comfortably. The price was about at the upper end of what I was willing to pay for a watch, but I have not had one bit of buyer's remorse in the 3 weeks of ownership so far.

To me, the EZM10 hits the tool watch sweet spot for ruggedness, feature set, build quality and anti-bling professional style. If the look does it for you, then I think you'll like all the rest.

Great watch

"Great watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I ordered this watch last Tuesday and received it in San Diego early Thursday morning (great shipping), This is a great watch (no complaints so far). I have been looking for a rugged chronograph that can get wet and just be an every day watch you don't have to worry about hitting something hard and scratching your nice watch. Watchbuys has great customer service. This is my first Sinn watch, but not my last. Thanks watchbuys!!

Maybe the best Sinn ever

"Maybe the best Sinn ever"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my 3rd Sinn. I think it's the best although I love my U1 and EZM13. This watch does it all and the lite weight and build quality are exemplary. The ceramic countdown bezel is fantastic and it's lured so even more useful. I also love the strap and won't change it.

Best Sinn Watch

"Best Sinn Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Excellent watch.

Has almost all of Sinn technologies. Big but very light and comfortable to wear. Looks great on my 170cm wrist. There's a tiny chip under the sapphire bezel that reflects light, other than that excellent build quality. The chronograph has crisp pusher action. The bezel also has satisfying click with no play. The Chronissimo strap is high quality, durable and comfortable.

LOVE this watch!

A Very Impressive Watch

"A Very Impressive Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: First of all, I must mention the great customer service from Watchbuys. This was my first purchase, and I called immediately upon placing my order to understand the process. The customer service representative couldn't have been more helpful or courteous. All my questions were answered, and my Sinn EZM 10 was on its way to me.

It arrived just as expected. Packaging was well done, and the watch was set to the correct time within about 2 seconds - a nice touch.

The Sinn EZM 10 has exceeded my expectations. As advertised, it is a highly legible pilot's much so that I've received several comments on how striking it is. This is my first Sinn. The quality and attention to detail are outstanding. The long list of innovative technical features are's great to know they are there. The chronograph movement is extra special. The central 60 sec and min hands make it an extremely usable chronograph.!

Amazing Watch, Great Service

"Amazing Watch, Great Service"

Verified Owner Comments: The watch specifications speak for themselves. It's the pinnacle of Sinn's tek. I couldn't be more pleased with the fit, finish and function. I have 7.25 inch wrists and it disappears, largely because of the titanium construction. Service is fantastic.

I'm a repeat customer for good reason. The staff are really into watches and not simply selling for the sake of sales.



Verified Owner Comments: Reviews on the EZM 10 TESTAF abound online as well as perhaps some of the most comprehensive technical data on any timepiece. So rather than write a typical review encompassing features, benefits, design and value, I will focus on the specifics that concerned me pre-purchase.

1.Size and comfort. I typically wear larger watches including Panerai, IWC Big Pilot, Zenith, etc. The Sinn checks in at the larger end of the scale, and appears to have a bolder presence in photos. It wears very well. The lightweight Ti case coupled with the mat finish ensures a level of understatement and seems to point to the seriousness of this tool. The integrated chrono pushers contribute to containing the ‘footprint’ of the watch. Very well executed.

2.Strap. I was concerned that the strap with orange stitching would be a bit too much. Considering one of my favorite go-to watches is a Doxa Pro (orange dial), in hindsight this concern was unwarranted. The stitching perfectly matches the orange elements on the watch (chrono function hands and dial marking) and is more subdued than photos depict. In fact, the strap is incredibly well made and the stitching ties the package together nicely. Of course, any strap can be installed (I tried a black Isofrane) but the OEM is best IMO.

3.Bezel. The ratcheting bi-directional pilot’s is covered with a sapphire crystal. Photos do not capture the effect well and certain reviewers find this feature to be a bit too much on a tool watch. In the metal, this is certainly not the case. In fact, the execution is impeccable. The crystal sits flush with the inner and outer margins of the bezel, as well with the watch crystal. Frankly, one of my favorite design features on the EZM 10.

4.Purchasing a watch from an online seller. I prefer to work directly with live sellers/dealers and have a short list of trusted people. I am pleased to report that I have added Rob and Matt @ WATCHBUYS to the list. I have wanted a Sinn for several years and looked at a few in Germany recently. But the EZM 10 is not a common piece and I came back empty handed. So I reached out to WB and traded email with Matt that lead to phone introduction with Rob.

WB was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to my next transaction. WB, IMO, provides the complete package of customer service, product knowledge and genuine focus on providing the best experience. Well done gentlemen!

EZM 10 with bracelet

"EZM 10 with bracelet"

Verified Owner Comments: Great watch, highly functional and very understated (for a large titanium watch).

Perhaps the best tool watch on the market, and certainly the best priced. The titanium case and band are very scratch resistant, the sapphire bezel is highly readable and also scratch resistant, and the central minute hand makes this the most legible chrono available.

First purchase from WatchBuys

"First purchase from WatchBuys"

Verified Owner Comments: A perfect work watch.

As large as it is, it comes in at only 117 grams. That is as light as my Rolex GMT master which is less than 1/2 the size.

The best thing about the purchase was the great customer service and how easy it is to get a knowledgeable person on the phone before and after making the purchase.

This company Rocks!

Sinn EZM 10

"Sinn EZM 10"

Verified Owner Comments: It's been a pleasure doing business with WatchBuys - customer service is outstanding.

As for the watch, I like it a lot. Has the in your face look that got my attention. Plus the Sinn quality. Having said that, I do think that the watch is over priced. For that kind of money it should have included the bracelet. All and all I'm happy with the watch, it's all that you would expect from the Sinn line up.

My First Sinn

"My First Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: This is one great looking watch!

It's imposing, but surprisingly light thanks to the Titanium construction. The black leather band with the orange stitching is very sturdy and makes this watch pop even more. The regular size for the wristband was too small, but WatchBuys had a long version readily available and that fit perfectly.

The Superwatch

"The Superwatch"

Verified Owner Comments: Sticker shock! 

That's the first thing you'll feel when you encounter this timepiece. You'll realize that you're getting into Omega territory, and may even be tempted to go there. Don't go there! There is nothing else like it, and its well worth the price. 

Why? This chronograph is the most legible, usable timer I have ever owned. 

The centrally mounted orange second and minute hands make reading the chronograph as easy as telling the time. Moreover, everything on this watch is color coded; orange for chronograph, white for time. Make no mistake, this is a real chronograph, not just a sporty adornment you'll never use. It may look complicated, but it's really simple, and within a day it will feel like an extension of your mind.  The titanium case is perfectly tapered, and very light relative to the size of the watch, making it extremely comfortable and easy to wear. 

Granted, with a watch like this, you'll know you have it on. But it feels great. The crown is easy to grip and turn, and the integrated chronograph pushers wear comfortably and are simple to activate. Quality: It's exquisitely crafted. The case is beautifully machined and an unusual, attractive light graphite color. I can't even really describe it. You have to see it in person. The chronograph is extremely responsive. The hands snap back to zero at the touch of the pusher. 

The bezel clicks are absolutely precise. The SZ01 DIAPAL is as accurate as my certified chronometers. In the week I have owned this watch, it has only gained about 10 seconds. And this is new - it will improve as I "break in" the watch.  From my experience with other Tegiment Sinn watches, I can tell you it will be virtually indestructible. You can wear it almost anywhere, doing almost anything, and it will maintain a near factory finish. 

It's the beater that won't get beat. 

As technical as it is, the EZM 10 maintains enough of the classic fleiger design elements to be tasteful with jeans and a T-Shirt all the way up to business casual. It is eye catching without being overwhelming. And it fits under a cuff. 

I work in an industry where every other watch is either a Submariner or a Navitimer. No one has this. "What is that?" Is a question I hear a lot. You'll also see a lot of jaws drop. This is truly an amazing watch, worth every penny and then some. If you are thinking about itdo it! You will be blown away.