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Sinn T1

"Sinn T1"

Verified Owner Comments: Very happy with my purchase.

Customer service was impeccable, and shipment was very quick. Would not hesitate to use this company again.

T1-Light as a feather

"T1-Light as a feather"

Verified Owner Comments: I recently purchased my T1 and love it.

Initially, I was hesitant of making the purchase because of my 7" wrist. I saw where the T1 was about the same size as a U1, which I have, so I made the purchase. I'm glad I did. It fits great.

No overhang off the wrist, it's light as a feather, the dial is easy to read and the red and white second hand grabs your attention for easy timing, if needed.

As with all Sinn watches, the bracelet is extremely easy to adjust with the included allen wrenches. Sinn and their technology have done it again.

Don't hesitate, just get one, you won't regret it.

Sinn T1 with Titanium Bracelet

"Sinn T1 with Titanium Bracelet"

Verified Owner Comments: The titanium does make the watch very comfortable to wear daily.

I was initially concerned the 45 mm diameter would be too large for my 6.75 inch wrist but after 1 month I'm quite happy with its size.

An all tegimented version would be nice, but the titanium grade 5 is already quite hard.