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It never felt so good to Sinn!

"It never felt so good to Sinn!"

Verified Owner Comments: Where to begin? Well after my first purchase of a Sinn 556 (from watchbuys) I was hooked on being a Sinner. I definitely knew I wanted another Sinn in my collection but wasn't sure which one. After a few months of YouTube reviews, and Facebook Forums and quite a few calls to watchbuys (Mark was always there to answer any questions I had and give me his honest opinion) I decided on the 358.

What can I say? Well I would definitely make the purchase again! This watch is amazingly built! It's definitely a top notch quality piece! The movement is beautifully decorated, and is just as enjoyable to look at as the rest of the watch. This is my largest watch purchase to date and I have no regrets. And as always watchbuys performance was perfect in this transaction!

Sinn 358 SA

"Sinn 358 SA"

Verified Owner Comments: Great watch. Classic look. Crown feels positive and easy to use. In daily use very accurate.