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856 tegimented

"856 tegimented"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is my third Sinn watch purchase from Watchbuys, I still own a 104 and I sold a 556ir. The 856 is such a solid feeling watch, the first thing I noticed was the weight. It’s heavy, but also very comfortable on the wrist.

The 40mm diameter fits perfectly on my 7’ inch wrist. The tegimented grey color is beautiful as well, it almost looks like titanium. It’s my most legible watch and it really feels bombproof. So far it’s running close to perfect, -1 spd. If I could only keep one watch in my collection it would be this one.

Also, Watchbuys is great doing business with, very responsive and always nice on the phone.

Sinn 856 on bracelet

"Sinn 856 on bracelet"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: It was worth the year and a half wait! My only other watch was a Rolex Datejust that I wore for more than 20 years until I was no longer able to see the hands without reading glasses so that will be my basis of evaluation.

The Sinn 856 seems a bit thicker and heavier, but I did choose a larger sized model. I am able to tell the time on the Sinn without glasses in any conditions. The bracelet is very nice and I feel that the clasp is more secure than the Rolex. I feel that the Sinn is very accurate but I have only had it 3 weeks. The date is unusable for me but I would be fine if they left it off. I feel that this will be my last watch.

856A tegimented

"856A tegimented"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Super legible, really scratch resistant, and — as someone who has had other watches become magnetized — the magnetic resistance adds peace of mind. This specimen is pretty accurate too: plus 7spd, with negligible positional error.

Wrist Companionship

"Wrist Companionship"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I beat the hell out of my watches, and this one is no exception. The tegimented surfaces has a couple very small "dings” from smashing this bad boy agains rocks while backpacking.

It’s bullet proof. The dial is very clear and easy to read the time, paired with a anti reflective coated crystal is amazing. At night the lume is very bright and is still legible in the early morning hours.

Truly a beautiful timepiece that I will cherish for a lifetime.

Very nice

"Very nice"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: First, props to WatchBuys for great service. The one I wanted required replacing the leather bracelet with the steel one, which they did for me. All my questions were asked.

The watch itself is very good. Size is great, not too small, not too big for a 6 foot tall man with moderate thickness wrists. So far it's been quite accurate. It exudes quality without being too noticeable and loud. My only wish is for somewhat brighter lume. I can't see the numbers well by 5 am or so, although my eyesight is not that great so maybe it's just my eyes.

Overall, understated elegance of this watch works great for me.

Professional Tool Watch

"Professional Tool Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I bought the 856A for daily wear in my job as a pilot. It more than fits the bill great esthetics and exceptional build quality. Very pleased with the Watchbuy experience, I highly recommend them.

Great Purchase!

"Great Purchase!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: My husband has been eying this watch for almost a year so I decided to surprise him with it. The watch itself is great, and again my husband did a lot of research on this so we knew what we were getting. He really loved the 856 over the 556.

The finish is really nice.

The best part about watch buys was customer service, I was hesitant to make such a large purchase on here but I will definitely use them again. They have excellent customer service and are incredibly helpful with any and all questions!

Love my new 856

"Love my new 856"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Had my 856 for about 2 weeks now. It was easy to get the bracelet adjusted, runs well at just about +5/6 sec/day. I expect the tegiment treatment to keep the watch looking great for a long time and like the toned-down, utilitarian look of the watch.

The high contrast matte dial is easy to read in all light and the watch goes well in almost any situation.

Sinn 856

"Sinn 856"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I recently purchased a Sinn 856 from WatchBuys, and I couldn't be happier.

The customer service at time of purchase and a follow-up phone call at time of shipping was very much appreciated. The watch is beautiful, and runs great.

I'm a very happy WatchBuys customer.

On the fence

"On the fence"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: First, let me say that Watchbuys was fantastic to work with. I've never experienced customer service to this level before. Outstanding!

As far as the watch is concerned, I'm still on the fence. First off, if you're concerned that the 40mm case might be a little small, then it probably will be. It's not noticeably small on my 7.25 inch wrist, but i think 41 or 42 would do better. So far, over the last eight days, it consistently has gained 6-7 seconds a day. Hopefully it will settle in eventually. The luminescence of the face is pretty much non existent. After most of the day out in the sunlight, it is unreadable at bed time. Lastly, the tegimented finish, while apparently very tough, is also very dark. Not unattractive, but certainly even darker than I was expecting. I'm totally willing to give it plenty of time to settle in and get used to it, but after the first week, I'm not totally sold on it.

Uniquely beautiful and useful

"Uniquely beautiful and useful"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is a great watch and I got great service. A fine addition to anyone's collection.

Good, But Not Great

"Good, But Not Great"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: After wearing my Sinn 856 every day for over a month, I have decided to issue a report card. Possible grades are A, B, C, D or F.

Accuracy (A-) Accuracy is very good. My watch gains 3-4 seconds per day.

Bracelet and clasp (C+) Expect the bracelet to rattle and do some occasional hair pulling. Sinn should study the Omega Seamaster bracelet and clasp and produce something similar. The Seamaster bracelet is superior in every way.

Design (A) Simple and classy. Well done.

Legibility (A) The 856 is easy to read in all conditions.

Wearing comfort (B) The large crown has sharp ridges that make setting the time very easy. Unfortunately, those ridges can cause some discomfort depending on the position of the watch on your wrist.

Overall grade (B) The 856 is a well made watch with some room for improvement in the bracelet.

Sinn 856 fully tegimented on bracelet

"Sinn 856 fully tegimented on bracelet"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I'm a watch guy. I wanted a quality mechanical tool watch to wear for every day use and not have to worry about it. 

This watch is it! 

No nonsense watch with quality movement, solid and handsome . Comfortable and perfect size. Love it

Sinn 856 Tegimented on bracelet

"Sinn 856 Tegimented on bracelet"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I am rough on watches - my Rolex Sea Dweller and Explorer are good watches but they scratch up easily.

I wear a fully Tegimented Sinn - it's great and cannot seem to scratch.  It is also easy to read and I like it better, seems just as accurate.

An Elegant Simple Timepiece

"An Elegant Simple Timepiece"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have had the watch for over a month now and have fallen more in love with it everyday.

I live in a fairly humid environment and the Argon inert gas dehumidifier works very well. The watch is lightweight and hasn't started to show any signs of wear or scratching. I am very hard on watches and frequently have to replace the crystal.

However, the Sinn rugged design has proved to be the perfect fit for me. I highly recommend the Sinn name to anyone that asks me about the watch.

Best Watch I have ever owned.

"Best Watch I have ever owned."

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is my second Sinn, I bought the 556i and loved it so much I had to get it's big brother the 856 non-UTC.

The watch is superb, fit and finish as good as a Rolex, just without the shiny bling. The tegimented steel is a nice gun metal grayish color, satin finish and feels buttery to the touch. Bracelet adjusts easy and fits well and is extremely comfortable. Out of the box the watch was running +5 seconds a day, and now it has slowed down to +3, that's Chronometer range.

I can't think of any of my other watches, Rolex, Omega, Tag, Tissot, Grand Seiko, Citizens that are even close to having the quality bang for your buck that these Sinn do.

Quality product

"Quality product"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I chose this watch because I wanted a tough automatic for every day wear. I wanted good lume, a date function, and an easy-to-read dial. This watch delivers and then some. 

It's more attractive than I expected and the finish is impeccable. It's the perfect size as it is feels smaller than its 40mm size but doesn't look undersized on my wrist. Accuracy is good at about +5 sec per day, and it's still new. 

My experience with WatchBuys was first rate and I highly recommend them. The bracelet tapers a bit more than I realized so I ended up switching it for an aftermarket leather band and I couldn't be happier.

856 Non-UTC

"856 Non-UTC"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Since first receiving the watch it has rarely left the wrist and I own a number of watches.

Timing is gradually becoming more accurate, approximately 6+ sec. per day after a week. The tegimented case and bracelet have a unique, appealing appearance and the watch fits very comfortably on my 7 1/4" wrist. The dial is everything it's written up to be: strikingly visible at all angles with a good lume application.

My only critique is with the bracelet clasp as I would like to see the ends more contoured to fit flush against the bracelet. This is a minor issue and should not deter anyone from purchasing this model.

Great watch

"Great watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Tegimented steel is more flattering in person and less "dull" than I imagined. So far (3 months) it has taken a real beating - bracelet, crystal and all. I can't find one scratch or dent.

I am an anesthesiologist and wear this daily - so far it has proven slightly more resilient than expected. The bracelet is very easy to resize with included tool. Date is easily viewable. So far it seems to run slightly fast such that I notice its 30s-1m off at end of the week. overall very happy with purchase, very happy with look of watch and decision to choose this as my primary watch

Sinn 856 Non-UTC

"Sinn 856 Non-UTC"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I bought a Sinn 656 about a year ago. It is a great watch but I wanted something a little bigger. I also managed to scratch the 656 case so I also wanted a watch with a more durable case. The 856 non-utc was the perfect next watch for me.

I had the pleasure of attending the Chicago Road Show last month so I was able to look at the watch before I bought it. The road show was a blast. I learned so much. It is nice looking at pictures on the internet but there is nothing like seeing the watches in person while being able to ask experts questions. I highly recommend the road shows.

The 856 non-utc is a simple, elegant watch that goes with everything. It is easy to read and feels just right on my wrist. The 856 has a slightly darker finish than the 656 due to the tegimented case and bracelet. I like the darker look and the tegimented steel make this a very tuff watch. I also like the larger date window on the 856. I have read that some folks do not like the placement of the date window but I think it looks balanced and is easy to read. The copper sulphate capsule and upgraded movement is icing on the cake.

I personally find that the fourth hand and sub-dail on the 856 utc clutters the dial and takes away from the clean look of the 856. Out of all the Sinn's offerings, the 856 non-utc is my favorite (at least for now).

Must be seen and held to be appreciated!

"Must be seen and held to be appreciated!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The fit and finish of this watch are excellent. I have had it for just over a week and have worn it daily.

The 856 is not too heavy and relatively thin for an automatic, so it wears comfortably (on the steel bracelet). Even as a "simple" pilots watch, others have noticed it, and commented on the watch. The dial is clean and easily read, the Tegimented steel has a brushed look to it that is definitely unique. As expected with the Sinn dual coated crystal, when clean, it is almost like nothing is covering the watch face.

Well executed, classic design that has been over-engineered (tegimented steel, antimagnetic, copper sulfate capsule for moisture control and monitoring) by Sinn into a great timepiece.