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556a a year in

"556a a year in"

Verified Owner Comments: I have other watches, but this one always finds its way on my wrist. It's the definition of a daily driver.

Worth every penny

"Worth every penny"

Verified Owner Comments: One amazing thing from buying from watchbuys is I got this baby the next day at no extra charge, love the feel of the bracelet, the crown is buttery smooth and it's keeping time at about 1.2 seconds per day.

The Quintessential Aviator's Watch

"The Quintessential Aviator's Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: As a professional pilot, I've found the 556A to be the quintessential pilot's watch: accurate, legible, reliable. It operates well within chronometer specs, rarely off by more than about a second per day placing it either dial-up or crown-up at night allows a degree of simple regulation, too.

The spartan face offers only the information I need, time and date, in perfectly contrasting black & white. The flat dial of the 556A offers absolutely no reflections and the date, though smaller than the 556I's, is highly legible. (Farsighted, I'd been concerned about the date, but I found it sufficiently legible when holding my wrist out with the low-power readers I fly with, it's perfectly legible.) The small, deep date window makes for a pleasantly symmetrical dial, while adding to the watch's utilitarian character.

When duty calls, the 20 ATM water resistance permits wearing it in driving rain without concern. Finally, my 556A is on the steel H bracelet, which balances the watch nicely, compliments the dial, adds the ease of a deployant clasp and adjusts perfectly to my small wrist. In summary, the 556A is everything I need and nothing I don't. It is an understated, no-nonsense tool that doesn't scream for attention it's the sort of thing a professional wears.

It performs every bit as well, if not better than, an IWC and others, at a fraction of the cost to acquire and, when eventually necessary, maintain. That it lacks a copper sulfate capsule is a plus for me simple is best. And while it's not scratch-proof, the modest signs of wear it's acquired only add character and serve as a reminder of missions flown and challenges met.

Watches don't come any better.

Astounded at this tool watch

"Astounded at this tool watch"

Verified Owner Comments: right out of the box, it is all the hype and support behind. solid out of the box, attractive build, screams tool watch. immediately became one of my favorites.

Top notch watch and top notch customer service!

"Top notch watch and top notch customer service!"

Verified Owner Comments: I’ve been interested in the Sinn 556A ever since I first saw a picture of it. Once I read the specs and reviews I knew I had to have it.

The ordering experience through WatchBuys was flawless and they answered every question I had. Once I placed the order my watch was delivered to me the next day.

Getting the watch in person has exceeded all my expectations and is now my only watch in the collection. The build quality is superb and the top grade movement is extremely accurate and beautiful to look at. I highly recommend this watch even if you just like the looks. It will be even better in person.

The guys at WatchBuys will take care of you and provide the best customer service experience you can find.



Verified Owner Comments: Product highly exceded my expectations as did the professionalism of Watchbuy. Will definitely be a repeat customer and highly recommend the vendor.



Verified Owner Comments: Professional merchant processed my order with without delay and care. 556A is an extremely comfortable and well crafted workhorse watch. Craftmanship is in line with my watches costing 5-6 times the price. The 38.5 mm wears like a 40 mm.

Will shop WatchBuy again and Sinn as well.

Great value

"Great value"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch does not seem like a bottom of the range model. Bracelet is top quality, easy to adjust and designed to hold up well and fight annoying sagging over time. If you are on the fence the leather strap or the bracelet, go metal and you won't be disappointed.

The watch is mega legible. Tiny date window is tiny and subtle. If you wear reading glasses it is tough to see. Think of it as a date window for those that don't like date windows. You see it if you REALLY want to, otherwise it's just a beautifully functional flat black dial. Watch size at 38.5 sounds small. But the big black dial makes is look and feel more like 40mm.

If you are worried about the smaller size, it does not seem small on the the wrist. I have a basic medium sized 7.5 wrist and it looks and sits well. Slides on dress shirt cuffs nicely. I am not sure what Sinn does to the ETA 2824, but it is keeping great time. Over the the 18 weeks I've had it has averaged +/- 4 seconds per day. And over the last 6 weeks it is within +/- 1.5 seconds per day. I've had this same ETA movement in several other watches and they've been good and reliable, but closer to +/- 10 seconds per day. Anyhow, so far this watch is keeping great time.

I realize Watchbuys is the only authorized web dealer for these in the USA. They run a great operation and somehow give you amazing personal service in the internet age. Friendly phone calls to answer any questions are cheerfully welcomed to help you decide. A++ service.

Never happier to be a Sinner!

"Never happier to be a Sinner!"

Verified Owner Comments: I received my 556 A a few weeks ago and could be happier with my purchase and experience with Watchbuys! I got it with the bracelet and it is top notch quality! I highly recommend this watch to anyone who is thinking of making the leap into Sinn watches.

Also a huge thanks to Watchbuys for a smooth and fast transaction!

Exactly what I expected

"Exactly what I expected"

Verified Owner Comments: I expected this to be an excellent, straightforward watch and that's exactly what I got. I'm glad I went with the numeral version, for me it's more interesting visually and I love the balance of the dial with the date so easily ignored (until you want to see it).

Great Experience

"Great Experience"

Verified Owner Comments: I am very pleased with the transaction.

Very professional service staff on the phone. Watch arrived the next day. Great communication by email throughout including the tracking. Very happy with the watch itself.

Packed thoroughly and in perfect condition. Recommended.

Ultimate Everyday Tool Watch

"Ultimate Everyday Tool Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This is probably the most most iconic watch you can by new for under $2,000. It's from a well respected brand in Sinn and the model itself is a distilled version of the brand's famous design aesthetic and really gives you one of THE quintessential modern German sports watches for an extremely affordable price tag.

My 556 A - 5 year report

"My 556 A - 5 year report"

Verified Owner Comments: Love it. I've been wearing my 556 A daily for 5 years now. It still keeps great time and is due for a service but has never had one so far. I wear it for all occasions, including outdoor work and other activities. It's suffered some dings over the years, but that just proves it's a very capable and durable timepiece.

It really is a solid choice if you don't care for the bead blasted case or the other advanced features - or if you just want to go the economical route as opposed to getting the also very capable and slightly more expensive 856.

Fantastic Watch

"Fantastic Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch is great quality and the legibility is top notch. Being someone is is near sighted and uses glasses, I can read the time on this watch without my glasses, compared to my other watches that I either need them for or need to bring the watch closer. The watch design is very simple yet elegant.

The movement is something to admire, I find myself starting at it constantly.

Sinn 556A

"Sinn 556A"

Verified Owner Comments: I've been wearing my new 556A for 4 weeks straight now and can't speak highly enough about it. The case finishing and overall feel is fantastic. I think that the legibility of the A version makes it an easy choice over the I, but makes it less dressy (though I think that this makes it look better on the bracelet).

It has been very accurate at about +6 to +7 seconds per day, but this improves to +3 or +4 if I store it with the crown side up.

Lives up to everything you've read on the forums

"Lives up to everything you've read on the forums"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my first 'real' watch and I couldn't be happier. I was a bit nervous about spending so much on a watch I'd never seen in person but when it arrived it surpassed my expectations.

It's hard to describe but it just feels well made when you hold it - the weight, the fine machining of the case, movement decoration. It all comes together in a really nice package. It's the perfect size for my 6.7" wrist and dresses up and down very well. Accuracy has been excellent, about +2 or 3 seconds a day - within COSC standards. Not too shabby for a 'Top Grade' movement.

I couldn't be happier with the staff at Watchbuys either. Very prompt and friendly. They even threw in a Sinn branded thumbnail clasp to use with an aftermarket strap, which is a very nice detail. My watch came with a very minor cosmetic flaw on the (hand painted) second hand, most people might not have even noticed it but they were very accommodating, getting a replacement hand under warranty.

Great people. When I have the money for the Nomos Metro I know where I'll be buying it.

556a / WatchBuys

"556a / WatchBuys"

Verified Owner Comments: This is an extremely versatile watch which it can be used everyday watch to dressy. Have several bands I'm considering purchasing so I can change it up whenever I feel the need. 

WatchBuys staff is first rate. From pre-purchase to post-purchase questions they have provided on of the best service I've encountered. Thanks!

556 A

"556 A"

Verified Owner Comments: I wanted a quality daily wear watch that was attractive yet low key. This Sinn fits the bill quite nicely.

The movement is extremely accurate; I check it against my computer at work and it has rarely been off more than a second. The numerals and the anti reflective coating make it very readable. This is at the bottom of the Sinn line, but the downsides are minimal. The size is small by today's standards, but is classic and still wears well.

The case is not tegimented so it will incur some scratches over time. If you can afford the extra expense of the 856 (including servicing) it would be a better choice, but the 556 A remains an excellent watch for the money.

Simply awesome

"Simply awesome"

Verified Owner Comments: Can think of a more utilitarian watch. It tells the time at a glance and does that VERY well.

Incredibly accurate with the top grade movement. Looks great for all occasions and can also take just about any strap you put on it. Can be dressed down or up easily.