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First Sinn

"First Sinn"

Verified Owner Comments: This is my first Sinn. Haven’t had it long but really like it so far! Watch fits well on my wrist and is solid, don’t feel like I have to baby it. Clean look and works well with other straps I have for it.

I looked around about where to get a Sinn and came across Watchbuys and glad I did. Got a call after the order was placed to make sure everything was what I wanted then shipped quickly. Hopefully I can add another soon. Thanks Watchbuys!

practical and elegant

"practical and elegant"

Verified Owner Comments: I love the aesthetics. A handsome and weighty watch. Having the full set of numbers is nice since the date box is small, it's the same color as the face, and it's position 4 and 5. Simple and elegant.

Since putting this on my wrist, my Stowa 1938 has been playing the role of a paper weight on my desk. At some point I'll share the love.

Your one and only watch

"Your one and only watch"

Verified Owner Comments: After owning Tudors, Omegas, Seikos etc... I think I have finally found my One Watch.

This watch is the epitome of quality, accuracy, ruggedness and time telling.

You hear a lot of people describe some watches as go anywhere, do anything. This truly is that watch.

Sinn 556A

"Sinn 556A"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch is solid and simple through and through,l really like it !

FIRST-time buyer.....GREAT watch!

"FIRST-time buyer.....GREAT watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: I recently purchased this watch after much consideration. I have been greatly impressed with its quality and wearability. Classic GERMAN minimalism with its own style!

I have also been pleasantly surprised with WatchBuys' attention to detail and customer service. A GREAT combination! Thank you!!



Verified Owner Comments: This is the second 556 I've bought from Watchbuys. The first one was a 556i with an ETA movement. This 556a with the Sellita movement runs just as well. Love the numerals.



Verified Owner Comments: This is a straightforward review for a straightforward watch. I’ve owned this watch for about a year and feel like I can give a high level review after that amount of time. I selected the 556A for a few specific reasons: the dial that resembles an airplane instrument, its compact size, its durable case construction, and its Swiss movement. I have been very pleased on all fronts.

The dial and case work with a variety of straps and I simply love the Arabic numerals. I can wear this watch to the office during the week on a leather strap, then swap the leather for a canvas strap for weekend activities. The watch shows little sign of wear even though it’s on wrist more than most of the other pieces in my collection.

As for time keeping, the watch is simply superb and runs about +2 seconds/day. Overall, the watch has been outstanding. I do have a few small nitpicks: every now and then the crown doesn’t fully "pop” when I unscrew it. This isn’t a big deal and is resolved by gently moving the crown back and forth until it fully disengages. Second, the AR coating on the topside of the crystal is a smudge magnet, but for me, this is a small price to pay for having the crystal simply disappear when clean.

To conclude, I am very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend the watch. The WatchBuys service is great and delivery is prompt.

Sinn 556A

"Sinn 556A"

Verified Owner Comments: The entire experience has been excellent.

I had several questions prior to purchase that the staff happily answered. My Sinn 556A took no time at all to arrive and I am thrilled with its quality of build and precision.

I plan on making future purchases from Watch Buys.

What a great experience!

"What a great experience!"

Verified Owner Comments: I have wanted a 556a since I started collecting. I didn't want to purchase used especially going through eBay or C24 so I found Watchbuys. It was a pretty straightforward transaction with a very professional follow up call after my order to ensure its accuracy and to ask if I had any questions.

To place an order at 11 CST and receive it in less than 24 hours was just great! The watch itself came in Pristine packaging from Watchbuys and the watch was in perfect shape. The watch is an absolute gem. It's keeping amazing time a little over +2.0 s/d after a couple of weeks. It wears beautifully on the wrist and is a strap monster.

I ditched the leather immediately and put it on a Barton Bands Elite Silicone strap and it goes with about anything I wear. It's such a great watch and checked off so many boxes including my first attainable grail purchase. Thank you!



Verified Owner Comments: This watch is exactly what I hoped it would be. The design speaks for itself. Clean and straight-forward, but executed flawlessly. It's been extremely accurate for me this first week, losing only about 1 second per day. The fit and look is perfect for my 6.5 wrist.

Service and shipping were top-notch. I would not hesitate to make another purchase through WatchBuys.

Amazing watch and service

"Amazing watch and service"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch is stunningly simple. The dial is beautiful and is more legible than all the other watches I’ve owned combined.

WatchBuys was really great helping me when I had trouble initially getting my credit card through. Delivery was stellar.

Loved for a reason

"Loved for a reason"

Verified Owner Comments: I used to own a 656 many years ago. Regretting selling it. To me the 556 is better because of the the satinized finish. It can be worn in just about any occasion. I chose to buy the fine link bracelet with the watch and it extended the wearability in both style and comfort. Forget price, prestige, value for money, etc... this is simply a well designed, built and iconic watch design that will last for a lifetime.

A note about the wonderful customer service from watchbuys. I had minor problem with a screw and half link on the bracelet upon arrival. Watchbuys took care of the issue immediately without question. Truly great customer service and cannot recommend them enough.

Awesome Watch

"Awesome Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This was my first Sinn and first purchase from Watchbuys. Customer service was great! I appreciate the call I received from Watchbuys the next day after placing my order to confirm my shipping address. They made the whole process easy.

The watch is well built and the finishing is amazing! I love the size and proportion of the hands, dial, and date window at the 4:30 position. Legibility is great due to the high contrast of the dial/hands and the anti-reflective coating on both sides of the crystal. It’s keeping excellent time at around +3 seconds a day.



Verified Owner Comments: Love the watch, and the advice, shipping, and overall experience with WatchBuys was top notch. The dial and hands are so unique, and so well executed, that the watch can be read from any angle and in virtually any light. The date I can only read with my glasses on, but I can't complain, because the face is so beautifully symmetrical and clean that a larger date window would likely ruin the look.

The fit and finish of the watch is perfect for what it is, the sheen of the case material exceeded my expectations, and the case diameter is perfect on my smaller wrist. I love this watch!

Excellent Quality and Value

"Excellent Quality and Value"

Verified Owner Comments: I have been following Sinn for some time now and had the pleasure of visiting their Frankfurt facility in July 2018. I decided on the 556A due to its simplicity, versatility and perfect proportions.

This watch is superb in every way and punches way above its weight class. I own 3 Rolex sport watches, a GP WWTC, an IWC Mark XVI, a vintage Longines and a 1970 Omega Speedmaster. This watch is no slacker and is in my weekly rotation. Quite simply, it puts a smile on my face every time I wear it. If you are into watches, your collection should include a SInn any one of them!

And at these prices, I believe they are the very best quality and value one can find.



Verified Owner Comments: Beautiful watch working well so far seems to keep time within 1 minute but hard to say have swapped time zones multiple times

Excellent for active lifestyles

"Excellent for active lifestyles"

Verified Owner Comments: I have been on the hunt for a good everyday watch that works well in any informal situation (casual attire/yard work/exercise). I am also a career pilot so having an aviation pedigree was desirable. Often 'pilot watches' that I come across are either too gimmicky or too fragile to fit this purpose.

That is where the Sinn 556A hits a sweet spot. The dial design will be familiar to anyone who has done flight training. The sword hands, numeral design, and color selection is straight out of the cockpit. The design is no nonsense and omits anything extraneous. I have 8 inch wrists and an average body composition I am very happy with the 38.5mm case size. With the dial having such sharp contrast and minimal detail, the size is well suited to the design.

I feel that were it to be much larger it would begin to resemble a wall clock more than a wristwatch. The double sided anti reflective coating is as welcome as you can view this watch from any angle and clearly see the time. When cleaned it almost appears as if there is no crystal at all and I have received commentary from others asking if it was missing the glass. However it is unfortunate that the 556 doesn't have the other technologies like tegimented steel or a copper sulphate capsule. Forgoing those goodies however does keep the price and size very reasonable.

The leather strap from Sinn is a very high quality with padding on the top sides of the wrist and beautiful stitching. With such soft leather however it also begins to show signs of wear rather quickly after multiple pulls through the tang buckle. If you are into changing straps you will be happy with the drilled lug holes and 20mm lug width. The 556A looks superb on a variety of NATOs. I also picked up a Bonetto Cinturini silicone strap from Holbens which is a gorgeous strap, but is a little too thick for the 556A in my opinion. I would like to compare it with Sinn's own silicone strap and see how it wears. As for the movement, the watch has a nice high rate and second hand sweep at 8 beats per second.

The display back is a treat to admire the Geneva striping on the gold rotor and simple but elegant detailing. In conclusion I am very happy with the Sinn 556A as a grown-up, simple, aviation inspired, tool watch. It is priced exactly in line with what you receive, neither too expensive nor cheap. If these are the attributes you are seeking in your next timepiece you will not be disappointed.



Verified Owner Comments: Absolutely gorgeous watch, perfect size and the 20mm lug width gives you so many options for different straps. Unbelievable quality at this price range.

WATCHBUYS has one of the best customer service I've ever encountered.

great watch!

"great watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: The watch design I keep coming back to. I have owned the predecessor 656 before and wanted to revisit Sinn with the 556. Clean dial, display back, understated style, checks all the boxes for me.

Watchbuys makes it easy to get the watch you want next day.

556-a on strap

"556-a on strap"

Verified Owner Comments: I have been wearing my Sinn everyday since I received it. I really like the 38.5mm size, and the legibility in all sorts of lighting. The watch has only gained several seconds in the weeks that I have owned it. Overall, I could not be any more satisfied.

Watchbuys was very professional in every way possible. If I ever decide to buy another quality German watch, I will be sure to buy from Watchbuys.

Very Pleased

"Very Pleased"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a great watch and I wish I'd purchased one earlier. A rugged masculine design. Perfect size, very accurate and a nicely finished mechanism.

The staff at Watchbuys were exceptionally professional and the packing was perfect.

Sinn 556a...very nice!

"Sinn 556a...very nice!"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a high quality, no-nonsense watch and is exactly what I expected when I received it. Sinn makes a great watch and Watchbuys was helpful on the phone and the watch was shipped and received promptly. I have a small wrist and this is the maximum size that I thought would work for me, and it looks great.

Sinn 556A - Very Nice

"Sinn 556A - Very Nice"

Verified Owner Comments: I'm very pleased with this purchase, to date. The watch lives up to on-line feedback I had seen prior to purchase. Simple, elegant, and rugged. The 38.5mm case size is a refreshing departure from the trend of much larger diameter watches. The ETA 2824 movement is keeping very good time at about +3 seconds/day.

WATCHBUYS fulfilled my order quickly and a nice customer service touch - they had set the watch to my correct date and time and it arrived set to within a couple of seconds of the naval observatories atomic clock.

I will consider adding additional Sinn watches to my collection in the future and will definitely purchase from WATCHBUYS again if I do!

Sinn 556A

"Sinn 556A"

Verified Owner Comments: I did a lot of research before buying this watch. All I can say is it lived up to every expectation. The finishing and detail are excellent. The strap is nice and comfortable after breaking it in. The 2824-2 is running great at about +4s/day.

I also had a great experience with WatchBuys. They had the watch delivered to me in Canada the next day. I will definitely buy from them again.

Finally got it

"Finally got it"

Verified Owner Comments: I own many watches and this one has been on the radar for a few years. I finally bought one and am NOT disappointed. A classic watch that is built to last. Nothing not to like.

Good company to do business with

"Good company to do business with"

Verified Owner Comments: Bought my Sinn 556 on a strap in April 2017 from Watchbuys. Gorgeous dial and looks awesome on a new Grey/Black NATO that I swapped out for the Sinn leather strap. After I placed my order online, they called me before shipping to check in and confirm details.

This company is very pleasant to deal with and they accommodated some requests on my part that were a bit out of the ordinary (Thanks Kevin and Matt). They pick up the phone, return calls and are reasonable and accommodating. I'm already planning my next purchase - probably a dive watch. Look forward to doing business with them again. Just wish that Sinn provided them more stock :)

This one hits everything just right!

"This one hits everything just right!"

Verified Owner Comments: I recently bought a popular retro diver that was about 3x this price and while it was a nice watch, it just never quite felt right. Too big, too blingy, and just too much.

I decided to sell it and finally try a Sinn for the first time after always eyeing the 556. I selected the 556A because I like the unique and small date window placement and the matte finish dial.

I wasn't sure I loved the numerals in pictures but after getting it on my wrist I absolutely love them and am very glad I selected this version. This watch just hits everything right. The 38.5mm size is perfect even on my 7.5 wrist.

After one day of wearing it it doesn't feel even the slightest bit small and is way more comfortable than the 42mm I was wearing before. Legibility is excellent and the fit/finish of the case, dial, hands is just perfect.

The case may be one of my favorite parts of this watch as everything just seems perfectly sized, proportioned, and designed for functionality. It feels like a tough watch with the good sized crown and stout crown guards. Crown screw down smooth and feels sturdy yet refined at the same time. The movement is well finished and looks nice behind the sapphire back.

Finally time keeping. This is where I've been really impressed. A 2824 is a good movement and I know they can consistently be well regulated to COSC specs. I was hoping for that but knowing it wasn't a COSC certified watch I was willing to accept slightly worse performance than that...but I may not have been thrilled by it.

Instead this watch and movement really wowed me. First, it was clear that before shipping they set this watch to or some other source as it arrived running +1 second, set to my local time and with the date correct (nice touch Watch Buys!). It then proceeded to run +2 spd for the next couple days and now, wearing it for about 15 hours each day and then resting it crown up at night I get a consistent +1 spd.

This is officially the most accurate watch I've ever owned, beating out numerous more expensive watches. Couldn't be happier with this purchase and the performance of my new watch. Only wish I hadn't waited so long to try the 556 as I could have saved a lot of money.

Sinn 556A - Unbeatable Value!

"Sinn 556A - Unbeatable Value!"

Verified Owner Comments: Beautifully designed and executed watch - case is stunning, with clean lines and finishings. The dial is a modern classic - easy to read with a pilot/sporty look. ETA 2824-2 movement is a time tested and proven engine. Overall, excellent value.

This watch has become my daily wear. Looks great with leather strap, NATO strap, or steel bracelet.

WATCHBUYS was easy to work with. Watch delivered as advertised and on time. Extremely satisfied customer.

Sinn 556 A

"Sinn 556 A"

Verified Owner Comments: Fantastic watch. Great customer service.

I called twice with questions and they were nothing but awesome! Will buy again soon.

Nice little watch

"Nice little watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a great all around watch. 

It was my first mechanical watch and am very happy with it. It has gotten multiple compliments with its clean features and dial. 

The crystal seems to disappear at certain angles. I had purchased it with the leather strap and will likely pick up the bracelet at some point. 

My wrist is about 7" and this is a good size as it seems to wear a bit bigger than its 38.5mm diameter would suggest. 

The 556A keeps good time and is a great watch to start a collection with.



Verified Owner Comments: I've had my 556 for about a month now and couldn't be happier.

Really classy and versatile watch. Elegant looking with the leather strap or tough with a nato. I enjoy the simple, uncluttered look of the face and the beautiful open back.

This watch can be dressed up or down for any occasion and is built to last a lifetime.

Oh my! I gave it away. Sinn 556A

"Oh my! I gave it away. Sinn 556A"

Verified Owner Comments: The perfect replacement for the 45 year old Rolex Sub I gave to my son ( you never really own ...)

The Rolex cost $175 MSRP in 1969. That's approximately $1,000 now. What a 556A cost.

And they both are very code to doing what it is they are supposed to do. For me WR to 200 Meters, same as the Sub. Truth is I replaced the Sub with a Mid Size Omega Seamaster. James Bond had a lot to do with why I bought the Sub to begin with.

But anyway. What's with the second crown Helium? And the bezel only rotates in one direction. How will I time a steak on the grill? Yeah the Sinn 556A. Not too fancy.

But it does what it ought to do. For a lost less than the Rolex Sub's current $7,000 price.

A Watch that says it all. Distinctive and Sporty

"A Watch that says it all. Distinctive and Sporty"

Verified Owner Comments: In my collection- of Omega's and Oris. This watch undoubtedly has the features that make this is one with distinction and sportiness to accompany any occasion. 

Clear, professional yet elegantly clean. A must for any Swiss watch owner- German watches are comparable.

556 A Follow-up

"556 A Follow-up"

Verified Owner Comments: 13 days since delivery......+19 secs! OUTSTANDING!



Verified Owner Comments: One week with 556A. Has been worn, rested on night stand or maintained on winder. Currently it is running +5 sec over a 6 day period! How amazing for the little engine that could! (Top Grade 2824-2)

Everything else about watch is outstanding. 38.5mm dia is my sweet spot. Fit/finish excellent. Most notably, the legibility is the BEST of my collection of approx 30 timepieces. Thanks to Tim for his advise. This will not be my only Sinn!

Love my 556A

"Love my 556A"

Verified Owner Comments: I love almost everything about this watch. I wear it with a red carbon fiber band with the Sinn deployment buckle and it looks great.

Always wondered why, unlike the other Sinn watches, this one does NOT say "Automatik" in the lower half of the dial. Also, I agree with other Sinn watch lovers that the satinized finish does scratch rather easily. If I had a choice, I'd opt for a regular polished stainless steel look. One last thing, mine is running a bit slow - sure an adjustment can take care of this.

Overall, a great watch for the price.

First Sinn Watch

"First Sinn Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: Excellent craftsmanship.

First watch I've purchased in this price category and I am very happy with WatchBuys service and my Sinn watch.

Fantastic Piece!

"Fantastic Piece!"

Verified Owner Comments: I already own many Sinn watches including the 556I and so I knew what to expect with the 556A.

The 556A has the classic Sinn pilot dial which I love so much. The time is instantly legible, the lume is excellent and this is the only model sporting that lovely dial that comes in a satin finished case. The fit and finish is absolutely top notch as in every Sinn watch.

This series has a smaller case size than I have worn in the past few years but on a Maratac Zulu strap it feels a bit larger and is extremely comfortable. I can't say enough good things about this watch and also the sister model, the 556I. I switch back and forth with these two every day.

Very simple but elegant timepiece

"Very simple but elegant timepiece"

Verified Owner Comments: I ordered this watch after debating a series of slightly more and slightly less expensive timepieces. I had it in mind to buy a watch that "watch people" would know and like but "non watch people" would never have heard of.

I wanted a classic look watch without a lot of hoopla or more than 40mm, that I could wear to work or out to a formal affair. I have been extremely pleased with the Sinn so far. I have two minor issues: one is that the power reserve seems fairly small to me it really needs regular winding or wearing and two, the seconds hand ticking isn't as smooth as I'd hoped. But it nailed what I was looking for in a daily wear watch.

Crazy about this watch

"Crazy about this watch"

Verified Owner Comments: After much looking at other German watches like Damasko and Glasshutte, I chose this model to replace my Breitling Chronospace.

What is it about this watch?

"What is it about this watch?"

Verified Owner Comments: Balance and Proportion that's what. It seems that watch devotees, including me, are obsessed with this watch (or its cousins 656, and 856). Everything is in perfect balance. The size and shape of the numbers, the way the hour and minute hands are in proportion and tapered just right.

By contrast, take a look at the current Bell & Ross 123 or 126. Those large, skinny numerals look awful. I have an IWC Pilot Mark XVI, a Rolex Explorer II, a Fortis Cosmonaut and a Muhle Glashutte SAR; but the 556A is the watch I wear. I hardly even look at my other watches.

Nice watch!

"Nice watch!"

Verified Owner Comments: Great look and feel. Had been debating between several pilot style watches, but didn't want something over 41mm. Went with this over the IWC and I am very happy with my choice.

Unique and well made. Keeps very good time. Word of warning the case does scratch easily.



Verified Owner Comments: Nice watch.