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Dornblueth & Sohn Calibre 99.1

"Dornblueth & Sohn Calibre 99.1"

Verified Owner Comments: Exceeded my every expectation.

After a lot of research, I had high (likely unrealistic) expectations for this watch, and I am glad to report it exceeded all of them and more.

The size is accurate on the site, it is a little large, BUT the case fits the movement, meaning there is no wasted space.  As a result, you appreciate the size for being function over form.  It is very comfortable (no sharp edges, crown does not dig into your wrist).

The case if beautifully made, with a mixture of brushed and polished surfaces.  The crown is really well designed, and makes winding a joy.

The dial is absolutely spectacular!  Beautiful iridescent silver finish, discreet name and Made in Germany text, and perfect railroad chapter rings.  The numerals are applied (not printed on the dial) and the hands are beautifully blued and have a nice shape.  Lots of little details that add up to something special.

The strap is very nice.  Black alligator with a standard buckle (not a deployant).  I will personally switch it out for something less-formal (dark brown leather or similar), but you can immediately wear and enjoy it as-is with no issues.

Last but not least - the movement.  W...O...W...  It looks as great in person as it does in pictures.  If you have ever had the chance to see the movement in a Lange, it is the same feeling here.  I simply cannot believe how amazing it looks.

Bonus - I will not talk about the 'box' that watch comes in, I will let it be the special surprise when you receive it.  You can probably infer I was impressed.

I'll close by saying this company only makes a small handful of watches.  The quality for the price betrays the size of the operation.  It is nice knowing by purchasing this watch, I actually made a difference to the people who made this piece (feels like you purchased a piece of art directly from the artist, not just a product made in a factory by a billion dollar watch firm).  I'm blown away and totally love this watch.  I only wish I bought one sooner!



Verified Owner Comments: This is a very special time piece.

You can see the beauty in it simplicity and craftsmanship. Knowing that the pieces are done by hand also adds to its amazing character. I have removed the black strap that came with it, and I opted for a Greg S strap that I was able to customize to the leather and stitching that I wanted.

I could not be happier with this watch or the service I received during my purchase.

Great watch

"Great watch"

Verified Owner Comments: I considered a Dornbluth watch for several years and decided to order one from WatchBuys. The watch is great, with beautiful hand finishing and a classic look and feel. 

I ordered on line and received the watch within two days. Great service!