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Excellent service and a stellar watch

"Excellent service and a stellar watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: You’re probably not stumbling upon the U1-T by accident, you likely already know its track record as a tool watch that takes durability to extremes.

What you do need to know, is that Trey and rest of the team at watchbuys definitely do a brand like Sinn justice as their US authorized dealer. After ordering, I received a courtesy call to talk about the watch, discuss return policies, and cover any other questions I may have had about the shipment. Everything went smooth from start to finish, so I’m pleased on all fronts.

First Purchase

"First Purchase"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The buying experience was excellent. I recieved the watch in good order and on time. I liked the Sinn watch so much I ordered another one. Not too sure when it will show up but I took the plunge for another U1.

U1 Tegimented

"U1 Tegimented"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Awesome watch. Easily adjustable bracelet.

Scratch resistant. Accurate. Looks good.

No More Scratches

"No More Scratches"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is one sturdy watch. Purchased it for the hardness of the tegimented steel because all my watches get scratched. I've worn the watch day in and day out swimming, snowboarding, gardening, setting/nicking hard rock or other surfaces..... not a single on the clasp or bracelet.

Beyond value for money

"Beyond value for money"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I researched the many points to my watch needs. I wanted a watch with unique characteristics that offered value far surpassing its price. I decided on the Sinn U1 fully tegumented.

The folks at WatchBuys answered all my questions and took the time to educate me. I recommend watch buys and Sinn. Very very happy customer.

Excellent quality watch

"Excellent quality watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is a solid, well made watch. You can tell the quality as soon as you pick it up. 44 mm is the best size for me and once I sized the bracelet, it fit perfectly.

Customer service was also top notch. They go above and beyond to answer all your questions. My new U1’s fit and finish will stand toe to toe with my Breitlings, IWC’s, and Omegas any day.

New sinn u1

"New sinn u1"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: First German made watch,fantastic quality. Solid heavy watch. Have worn for roughly 3 weeks and not a mark on it. Color is very pronounced. Will be ordering another model.

Personal at watchbuys were very professional, polite and couldn't do enough for me. Awesome experience. Thank you Bruce.

solid performer

"solid performer"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have owned this watch now for a good two months and have generally been very pleased with this purchase. Fit and finish are great as you would expect from Sinn. Movement consistently runs just under 4sec/day slow.

What I especially appreciate is the excellent readability due to the uncluttered dial and great contrast. Lume is fairly good and lasts through the night. The only gripe I have is about the bracelet. Since this is quite a weighty watch it is important to find the right fit. This could be further improved if Sinn would supply half links to the bracelet.

Under the radar

"Under the radar"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I was lucky to stumble upon the U1. I was leaning towards getting a pre-owned watch maybe Omega Speedmaster or Bretling. I saw this watch featured on Urban Gentry youtube channel.

The U1 is unlike anything else out there and I've never seen anyone wearing it. Even my friend who has Bretling, Panerai and other watches immediately was drawn to my watch. Next time I see him he might be wearing one maybe even a U2, U50 or UX which wouldn't surprise me. One comment from various review even on other watch forums that stuck out was many people wishing they got the fully tegmented version on a bracelet.

If you like the rubber strap that is cool too but I didn't want to have the same remorse as those owners. The pics don't do it justice as the tegimented is a darker gray and the watch has the best visibility out of any automatic watch I own.

While I've seen some pre-owned versions on e-bay many of them weren't fully tegimented and didn't have the advantages of ordering through Watchbuys. Such as no hidden foreign import fees, no headaches like having to send the watch directly to Sinn if maintenance is required. Plus watch point rewards that go towards future purchases. Excellent customer service from Kevin @ Watchbuys. I received a call to confirm the shipping address and answer any questions I might have.

great experience

"great experience"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: very pleased with this purchase. A high quality watch that fits my wrist very well. Thank you Jimmy

Great watch!

"Great watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Great customer service from the website! I wasn’t expecting a call from, they did call me up to let me know when is the watch shipping out.

The watch looks great, love it!

great tool/everyday watch

"great tool/everyday watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Don't let the 44 mm case deter you from getting this watch, it wears well on even thinner wrists. The fully tegimented is no joke, so far got zero scratches on the case. The only downside is perhaps Sinn's refusal to make half links for the bracelet after so many years, limiting perfect bracelet adjustment to some of us.

Buy with confidence

"Buy with confidence"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Spoke on the phone with customer service multiple times before my purchase and they were very helpful with any questions and concerns I had. Watch was shipped same day. Overall very happy.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have been eyeing this watch for some time. And finally treated myself. The watch is impressive from it's weight to it's bead blast look. it is exactly what I want in a tool watch. I have small wrists and yet this watch as others have commented wears small.

The watch came to me with a small spec under the crystal face. It didn't seem like a big deal but I sent an email to to watchbuys about the spec. They contacted me immediately and offered to take the watch back and replace it. This was the tiniest of specs so small I didn't notice it until I had been wearing the watch in the sun light.

The guys at watchbuys bent over backwards to make things right and have certainly earned my loyalty in the future. Amazing watch and equally amazing customer service.

Sinn U1-T

"Sinn U1-T"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is my first Sinn and I'm very happy with this watch.The fit and finish are very high and this is coming from someone who owns 2 Rolexes. This is my first Sinn butr it won't be my last.

Fantastic time piece

"Fantastic time piece"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Amazing build quality and the fully tegimented case and bracelet have a great color and finish and is much better in person compared to the photos. Additionally, the watch wears much smaller that one would think based on the dimensions. Overall, I am really happy wit the design, quality and appearance of the it keeps good time (+/- 3 sec per day).

Watchbuys was a pleasure to deal with and I will be back for more.

Sinn’s U1 is a winner!

"Sinn’s U1 is a winner!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have been a wristwatch afficianado all of my life, though never a "serious” collector. The watches that grab my attention hard are tool watches. My criteria are: robust, accurate, easy to read, simple to operate, reasonably priced.

The U1 hit every one of my criteria and more. I have thin wrists but this watch looks great on the bracelet and does not "wear” big at all. I find it very comfortable and eye catching. I have had many comments on this watch from "watch people” as well as normal people. I have the fully tegimented version which I have worn every day and night since purchase, in the field, in the office, in the boardroom, doing yard work and housework and it looks as good and mark-free as the day it arrived.

The service from Watchbuys was fantastic and I could not ask for a more pleasant experience. I will be buying more Sinn products in the future.

Fantastic watch!

"Fantastic watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is my first Sinn I am very pleased with the quality and engineering in this piece. The other reviews are full of detail I agree with them.

I have been very impressed with Watchbuys throughout this purchase and particularly for John's assistance in coordinating shipment. A very satisfied customer.

Great Buy Would do it again!!!

"Great Buy Would do it again!!!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Great Watch! I have owned many high end watches and this is built better than most of those out there. It also, is very unique styling and design make it a must have.

Sinn U1-T

"Sinn U1-T"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I've had this watch for almost a year, and it's a beast. It has a great heft to it, but the weight is hardly noticeable once it's on the wrist. Also, it's a big watch but it sits just fine on my 6.75-inch wrist, thanks to its short, curved lugs. As far as features it's fairly basic, as Sinn watches go. Fully Tegimented submarine steel is all I needed to hear, when choosing this one.

The scratch & corrosion resistance and magnetism protection that comes with that means peace of mind when wearing it. The unidirectional, screwed, ratcheting bezel is something I use daily at work for timing various things, it's never let me down. I thought that the Lego-block style of the hands and indices might wear out its welcome with time, but the dial is really a joy to look at - it's unique and functional all at once.

The minute and second hands both extend to the indices, and there's high contrast with the black background so readability is never an issue. Even with the uniqueness of the dial it's not conspicuous from a distance - no one has ever remarked upon my watch, as much as I'd like the opportunity to show it off.

All in all, this is a great watch - reliable and accurate (-2 seconds/day). I'm very happy to have it in my collection.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: Awesome watch. I polished case and bracelet to satin finish. The SINN really pops now.

More than I hoped for

"More than I hoped for"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: You worry about what it will look like and wear like because you only see it on-line. It was better than I thought. I love the watch more everyday. I was expecting the tegimented bracelet to be scratch proof, but that was not the case. The clasp is easy to scratch. I got over it quick because the watch excels every other expectations. It looks great on my 6.5 inch wrist and the watch steel color is an awesome blue-ish gray.

It looks and feels well built and super strong. That's what I wanted.

My 1st Sinn!

"My 1st Sinn!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: What a simple masterpiece. Stunning finishing levels. Singular dial and hands/markers. The industrial grey colour with the blasted finish look is very very cool. It's a keeper.

And as this was my 1st transaction with WatchBuys, went perfectly including the importation requirements into Canada. Won't be my last Sinn.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: I can’t say enough things about his watch... I have never been a major fan of popular brands such as Rolex, Breitling, etc. I’m more of a fan of the not so well known brands producing quality pieces. I cannot tell you how much attention this watch has received by others.

The guys who I dealt with at WatchBuys were all amazing, god knows I asked a ton of questions and they were always polite and willing to help! This is easily my favorite piece and only saw the watch winder to go to work, as I was afraid to damage it. Not sure why, I just like to take care of my nice toys, the TEGIMENT is amazing! Had a couple close calls where I thought I was going to look down and find a scratch or scuff, not a single mark!!!

This is a serious watch that keeps great time (I’ll update with the +/- when I wear it for about a month. Overall, I could not be happier!!



Verified Watch Owner Comments: I've wanted one of these for years when I finally pulled the trigger, and it arrived at my door, I was moderately pleased to see that it was keeping a consistent +5sec/day (which is pretty good for a mechanical movement). That was about a month ago.

Since then, it's settled down into just over 1sec/day (measured across the last 2 weeks). Absolutely phenomenal.

Sinn U1 fully tegimented version

"Sinn U1 fully tegimented version"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is my second Sinn. I recently wrote a review about the 857 UTC limited edition Lufthansa. Its fully tegimented case sold me on the iconic U1. I also loved the YouTube review by Properly Wound. The Sinn U1T is quite the watch. I have a 7.0 wrist and the watch has quite the presence and weight. At just over 14 mm thickness, it rides high but thankfully the tegimented steel is virtually indestructible.

I have banged it into my mailbox, a door frame, a car door, my work office, and a file cabinet. So far, there are absolutely no signs of wear! I highly recommend Sinn's tegimented steel products. I have also been asked several times about my watch while at the bank, in the office, and at the grocery store. There is a small detail which is nice. The dial is a flat black, When you angle the watch just right, you will see Made in Germany near the 6 o'clock marker in glossy lettering. I also purchased the U1 and 857 because they have the same 22mm strap width. So far I have not had a reason to switch straps.

Sinn U1

"Sinn U1"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I love everything about the watch. watch is -3+3 seconds a day I'm impressed with that. I can't take it off on my wrist. Satisfied.

I'll definitely buy again to watchbuys just continue the great customer service. Thumbs up!.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: First, I'd like to thank the great customer service at Watchbuys!

The Sinn U1-T is built like a Panzer tank! Great watch!!! Exceptional quality and great German engineering! I could not be happier!

Awesome Watch!

"Awesome Watch!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Watch is very nice looking. Very comfortable to wear. I really like the offset crown. Have several watches with the crown on the center and they really dig into my wrist. With the silicone strap it is not heavy at all. Definitely a watch that I will wear everyday.

The staff at Watchbuys is very knowledgeable and the service is really great!

Sinn U-1 Tegimented

"Sinn U-1 Tegimented"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I was a little worried when I ordered this watch that it might be too large for me, as I had not seen one in person. I loved the looks in pictures, and had heard people say it wears small for a 44 mm watch. All of my favorite watches are 39 and 42mm cases. This watch fits my 6.5" wrist very well.

I liked the watch more in person than I did in the pictures. I was a little worried about the beadblasted finish on the bracelet, as I have many beadblasted tools and the finish never seems to stay looking good for long. I tend to get a lot of scratches on the underside of bracelets, specifically on the clasp, as I sit at a desk most of the day working on a computer. So far after wearing literally every day for the last 3 weeks or so, no hint of a scratch. The watch looks like new.

The watch came with some tools to size and change the bracelet, and both of these were easy to do. The watch is heavy, and feels very substantial on the wrist. I like that, some may not. I have many watches that cost more than this watch, and some that may have nicer finishing, but I can't see how this watch could be made any better. It is a great "tool" watch.

I have a 16 year old citizen that I usually use as my beater watch, but the way this watch is holding up I would not be scared to wear it while engaging in rough activities. I love this watch.

In fact I noticed there are different versions of this watch with different color schemes, and am now considering buying more of them. Dealing with WatchBuys was a great experience. I highly recommend the seller and the product.

Never leaves the wrist

"Never leaves the wrist"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: After some research, I decided to buy a Sinn U1. So far, it has been an excellent watch for work, home, and play. I never have to worry about scratching the bezel or bracelet, and it wears very comfortably.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this watch to anyone!

Best Watch money can buy in this budget

"Best Watch money can buy in this budget"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Buying from watchbuys website was like shopping from amazon with 5 star customer service.

Now, about the watch, this is the best entry level luxury watch that your money can buy. I researched a lot of watches swiss, japan, us and everyone was either selling stainless steel quartz or ugly looking watches. I did research on numerous website which led me to Sinn. They are a quality watch maker and their components and materials used in their watch is very high quality. They make one of the worlds best diving watch.

The best part of the U1 -T watch is their tegmented steel which sets it apart from all the other watches. the color of the steel is not like regular steel and people do look at your watch. This watch is very comfortable and keeps time very well. usually within seconds loss in a month which is really good for the price.

I wear this to work and all casual outdoor events and looks good on all occasions. I really love this watch. this is my first luxury buy and I'm totally blown away by Sinn's quality and watchbuys service.

Sinn U1 Fully tegimented on Bracelet

"Sinn U1 Fully tegimented on Bracelet"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: An extremely well engineered watch. simple in concept and a pleasure to wear. Very pleased to have acquired it. The tegimented bezel has a lovely soft touch. It is a bit of a standout compared with anything else with it's "Lego " face format. Which I must say does draw attention.Yes it has that "different"quality about it which appeals to me.

Great Watch; even cooler in person

"Great Watch; even cooler in person"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is a great watch.

It is built like a tank but even at 44 mm is not too big. If anything it wears smaller than the size. Removing links from the band is quite easy. Looks great and even better in person. Somehow, the simplicity of the watch face and the durability of the case and bracelet make this a very pleasant everyday watch. Also, the all tegimented version due to the unique look that you don't see a many other watches.

One Fantastic Watch

"One Fantastic Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I love this this watch.

It's my go to watch when I need a grab and go. It's also one of my daily wearers for work.

Since it's fully tegimented, I don't worry about accidentally bumping it. It's easy to read and has a no non-sense dial. This is my fifth U1-T. I sell them but just can't live without one. It's the one Sinn watch that any Sinn owner should have in their collection.

NOT built like a tank... please read on!

"NOT built like a tank... please read on!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I have heard the phrase "Built like a Tank" brandished by some in other watch reviews.

The Sinn U1 is not built like a tank... it is built like a Jagdpanther. You see, this is the tank that hunted other tanks. This is the tank that laughed at your tank and it's puny little gun.

I know this analogy seems a bit argumentum ad absurdum, but bear with me... Not all tanks are created equal, and the same applies to "tool watches". The U1 is pleasingly heavy, deliberately solid.. In fact, the bracelet reminds me of a… tank track. If you want jewelry on your arm, look elsewhere.
I own Omega, Tag and others, and they are fine for their intended purpose. I bought this Sinn to use daily as a work watch that takes me from meetings to construction sites, and at times subjects a watch to some serious abuse. I don't have to worry about my U1.

It has a physical and visual weight that is reassuring- it is different with no apologies. After bangs and scrapes that would have sent my others in for a complete factory buff and polish, the Sinn Tegimented case and bracelet show minimal signs of wear- phenomenal!

This is not a watch to wear if you need something pretentious, but if you want something rock solid, accurate, and unique I can't think of anything better. The U1 has made a true Sinner out of me!

Sinn U-1T

"Sinn U-1T"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Couldn't be happier.

Excellent watch that met every expectation I had regarding construction and "wearability". Lighter than expected and wears smaller than a watch of this size.

Excellent service from WatchBuys and Sinn provided extra titanium spring bars at no charge after a simple email!

U1 T

"U1 T"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Loved my first u1 from Watchbuys so much, had to order the fully tegimented version and I'm not disappointed. 

This one is slightly darker in color, love it's looks. Keeping spot on timing, plus 2 seconds per day or less. 

I switch back snd forth between u1's and all my other timepieces just sit. This is also the only watch I've owned where I have received comments....about it's uniqueness and attractiveness. 

Bottom line, if you are on the fence regarding purchasing the U1, just do it. 

Forgot to add, exemplary service and follow up from Watchbuys.

Germanic Workhorse

"Germanic Workhorse"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The Sinn U1-T is all I hoped it would be: obvious build quality; well thought out design/features; German precision; an easy to use tool.

And it is several things I did not expect: very easy to wear for a 44mm, thick watch (I have average to smallish wrists yet it does not seem clunky or too heavy); and stylish in a manly way, sort of in a "so ugly it's beautiful" way. Let's face it, the dial is a face only a mother could love, and yet it makes the watch so distinctive, and so easy to read, it ends up capturing your heart.

Watchbuys throughout the purchase process demonstrated their commitment to customer SERVICE, too often these days a lost art.

Very happy to have the Sinn U1-T to add to my ancient Rolex, several Panarais and a Chronoswiss Ghost...all of which may now prove redundant as I wear the Sinn as my everyday watch.

Big Bang for your Buck

"Big Bang for your Buck"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I love this watch. It sits proudly with my collection of Rolex's, Patek's, AP's, etc. It is comfortable, heavy (210 grams with the steel bracelet), easy to read the time (The date is not so easy to see), and comfortable.

I have relatively small wrists but the watch looks great. It wears small for its size.

Best of all, it is built better than a brick s house. One watch I truly am not afraid to wear in the shower, ocean, or out on Saturday night.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: I must say I'm very impressed in this Sinn U1-T, especially considering it's relatively low price compared to some of the other watches I've owned.

It features great steel, crystal with AR coating, a great bracelet and a vey accurate movement.

I couldn't ask for more for the money!

Sinn Workhorse

"Sinn Workhorse"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The Sinn U1 is a classic 'tool' watch something for everyday use that you can thrash with relative impunity, yet that still manages to look clean and well designed. It has an uncomplicated and easily legible dial, albeit with the ugliest hands and indices in the known universe.

At 44x14mm it wears very comfortably, owing largely to the smooth and slightly concave back and 4:00 crown. I have a 6.75" wrist, and find neither the size nor the heft at all uncomfortable. It has a reassuringly solid feel, and the fit and finish are suitably Teutonic and very crisp. While the U1 won't win any beauty contests, I quite like the grey, satin finish of the case, particularly against the black dial.

Another pleasing aspect of the austere design is that the watch looks equally good on a bracelet, NATO/Zulu, leather, or silicone strap. I currently have mine mounted on a Kain Heritage black leather strap with grey stitching, and it looks splendid. Sinn makes much of the HY-100 'u-bootstahl' from which the case of the U1 is forged. This is reputedly a very advanced grade of high strength low carbon steel that has considerable structural integrity.

For scratch resistance Sinn uses a proprietary heat treatment called 'Tegiment' that produces a very thin but extremely hard surface layer, under which the substrate remains relatively soft and tough. Since I tend to ride my watches hard and have an inordinately high Spaz Factor which causes me to bump into things with annoying regularity, I went for the version of the U1 with fully Tegimented case and bracelet.

Tegimenting is an expensive process and this adds considerably to the cost. However, given my proven ability to destroy all but the hardiest of things, this seemed a wise choice. The sapphire crystal adds reassuring robustitude, since the crystal is one of the most scratch-prone areas of a watch. One drawback is that the crystal has anti-reflective coating on the outside as well as the inside. Since the outside coating is easily smudged it is a minor annoyance; however, it will eventually wear off and cease to be annoying. I wish Sinn would limit the AR coating to the inside of the crystal.

With several weeks of almost daily use I find myself more enamored of the U1 as time goes on. It is precisely what I wanted a tough, uncomplicated, decent looking watch that keeps accurate time and that can take a licking and keep on ticking. Not cheap, but in my estimation, worth the shekels.

U1 T

"U1 T"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: My U1 T is a favorite in my collection.

To me, it is the iconic Sinn watch.

Great quality

"Great quality"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Really like this watch. Very high quality.

After wearing Panerai's my 356 felt a bit small. Sold it and purchased this.

Very happy with the U1 T.

Fantastic watch

"Fantastic watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The U1-T is just what I was expecting.

Super tough and it looks even better on the wrist than it does in pictures!

A Fit-for-Purpose Tool Diver

"A Fit-for-Purpose Tool Diver"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Sinn watches are about application of technology to achieve a functional goal. This watch is all about the surface hardness, corrosion resistance of its materials of construction with a clear, communicative dial.

The Sinn U1-T is a simple, rugged variant of a well regarded tool watch. The design of the U1 is a classic Bauhaus style watch with functional, fit-for-purpose diving features. For example, the chromatic red indices on the bezel will look gray due to wavelength filtration >15' (5 m) beneath the surface leaving the essential markings (last 15 minutes) in black to stand out.

My Sinn

"My Sinn"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I just like everything about this watch.

The fit, feel and overall look does it for me. It is extremely well built and can be used for casual or dressed occasions. I have had plenty of compliments on this watch and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Kudos to Sinn on this one!

Sincerely, Frank K.



Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is an amazing watch.

A little on the hefty side but that doesn't detract from its character. When you wear it you feel it and others generally notice it. If the calender were perpetual you could probably wear it until the end of time.

I encourage people to NOT buy the fully tegimented U1 to keep resale and collector value high.

Outstanding Instrument!

"Outstanding Instrument!"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I recently added the Sinn U1-T to my collection and could not be happier.

Initially I was unsure the Bauhaus inspired styling would be to my liking, but in short order it has grown on me. The metal work quality and fit and finish is outstanding; as good as any in my collection including my Rolex and Breitlings.

The service I received from WatchBuys was outstanding. The watch was in my hands in Calgary, Canada less than 18 hours after the order. I will certainly purchase from them in the future.

Best watch to date

"Best watch to date"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: All I can say is, Love it Love it Love it

Love the darker gray color and how everything matches, bracelet, bezel, case etc. They also have placed the Tegimented symbol on the case, case back, and clasp.

I would buy one ASAP before there all gone.