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Great Everyday Watch

"Great Everyday Watch"

Verified Owner Comments: This is a great everyday watch with the features a firefighter would be specifically interested in. The dual time is an extra complication that just adds to the overall Sinn quality. Nice bright lume. Date at the 4 o'clock. 60 positive clicks on the bezel for easy setting.

Sinn EZM 7

"Sinn EZM 7"

Verified Owner Comments: This is indeed a beautiful watch. I wanted a timepiece that would withstand the moderate but still substantial hazards posed by my workplace, and have enough worthwhile features to make it useful beyond telling the time.

The watch is highly legible, for starters. the anti-reflective coatings and the white hands/indices on black background, I've never had a problem reading the time even in low light. The lume lasts at least 8 hours, more than long enough for my purposes. I'm careful not to bang the watch around, but its resistance to shock and scratches bring peace of mind in case the inevitable should happen. Features like the magnetism resistance, copper sulphate capsule and inert gas filled case are just icing on the cake - I may never need them but it's nice to know they're there.

I routinely time actions for 20 minutes at work so the coloring on the bezel is perfect for me, but of course it's useful for timing longer intervals. The colors on the bezel and dial don't overwhelm the design - they are understated yet prominent enough for use. The date window blends in enough with the dial to make it unobtrusive but it's also easy enough to read when needed. I tend to keep the second timezone hand set to 24 hour time, as that's also something I use for work.

Additionally, the bracelet is very comfortable and easy to adjust. The weight of the bracelet and the case give the watch a nice heft without making it too heavy. It you'd told me even 6 months ago that I'd spend this much on a watch I wouldn't have believed you. This wasn't a small sum for me. But it's worth every penny and I haven't regretted the purchase for a moment.

Sinn EZM 7

"Sinn EZM 7"

Verified Owner Comments: Whether it provides you with confidence that this watch was indeed designed as a tool for German firefighters or not, you are flying the Jamaican or Ghanaian colors and that certainly brightens-up my day!

I have been looking to acquire this watch since it first came out, but was hesitant. Last year i bought the blue U200 limited edition (bracelet) and while I was instantaneously convinced of the feel of the metal and weight, the smaller face was not quite for me (very nice and unusual dress watch nonetheless).

The EZM7 has a very different feel; the 43mm case is solid. It gives you the sense of wearing a proper timepiece. The colors (while they provide me joy in particular during the World Cup) are rather understated - so don't fear a shiny bright poser watch ... When you look at it, it is a rather busy sight at first, though the main dials are very factual and clear, almost calming. The second timezone (24 hours) is very important to me, as I hop across oceans regularly.

I like to leave the second timezone on home time, which makes the change easy. The lack of the date function is not an issue for me. The gadgety colors designed to keep track of certain exposure times in danger zones, heat or gas exposure are entirely irrelevant to me. If you are the kind of persons who feels good with a straight six air-cooled boxer engine in your back or a V8 block in front of you, this could be a timekeeper that gives you pleasure.