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New Sinn 900 all BLACK

"New Sinn 900 all BLACK"

Verified Owner Comments: Its been several weeks now the watch has been on my wrist. When I look at the time and watch, all I can say is that I made the right decision and I should have gotten it sooner.

The fit ,feel and weight of the watch is good for me. I my line of work, im constantly timing products. The second hands are really easy to read . I also use the elapse time inner rotating bezel. The adjustment hand at 10 oclock position is easy to use and smooth to adjusting.

I also wake up at nights to check the time for early conference calls and have no problems with the luminous dials. On the 900, the luminous markers are large and they jump out. Sinn, what is there to say. Its there always when you need a real watch.