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Wait was worth it

"Wait was worth it"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: I waited quite awhile before this watch was available for purchase. As the title states, the wait was worth it. Sinn makes an amazing "tool” watch. It goes beyond that, however, as I have received three compliments on the looks of this watch since I received it.

Other than another Sinn that I have, I have never been complimented on a watch, and that includes some serious Swiss luxury brands. Functionally, this watch check ALL the boxes for me as a professional pilot. The weight is light, the looks are amazing and the technology built into this timepiece is seriously impressive. It is my #1 work watch (among a rotation of four). I also own a 103 Ti Ar and, while it is very similar to this watch, and possibly too similar to own both, I am struggling to sell it.

Sinn makes one hell of a wristwatch.

Tool time

"Tool time"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: This is my third Sinn , The first was a 757 which after years of service is still ticking at about + 1 sec a day. I bought the 104 it’s been great! I bought this Diapal to try out that Technology and in hopes it would make it thru when the SHTF 🧐. I’ve been pleased with the watch head but the band is a little disappointing the clasp is not up the quality of the watch . It is stamped which doesn’t bother me as much as the fit for the divers extension it pops open while your wearing it .

The guys at watch buys went out of there way to fix the issue now all is well . My buying experience from Watch buys is top shelf there prices are fair lower than most and the staff is very knowledgeable and Courteous .

103 Ti DIPAL

"103 Ti DIPAL"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Great looking watch and the titanium makes it super light. Easy to learn to set all the features and second time zone. Very cool technology in the Sinn watches. The bracelet clasp is a little loose but hasn’t come open inadvertently.

Great buying experience, quick shipping , great seller

Great Watch

"Great Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: Great Watch. Replaced my 20 year-old Reveue Thommen Airspeed Automatic Chronograph with the Sinn 103 Ti DIAPAL. Excellent fit and finish. The titanium band and case really make for a light manageable piece. The face of the watch does look much better in person than in pictures.

Numbers and hands have excellent visibility, and are nearly as readable in the dark as in the light. Classy but not overstated, stealthy and only a real watch person will notice it, but that just makes it all the better.

Solid, affordable watch

"Solid, affordable watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: My first nice mechanical watch. Have owned now for 3 years. Solid, good looking and very affordable.

Wonderful affordable tool watch

"Wonderful affordable tool watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: What makes this watch special is the DIAPAL feature.

The 103 line are all great watches, but the DIAPAL modification makes this model more horologically interesting.

I also look forward to many years of accurate service in a titanium package. It's a good looking piece without being "blingy".

It's just a well made, reliable tool that can take a beating if it must. Just what I was looking for.

Impressive Pilot Watch

"Impressive Pilot Watch"

Verified Watch Owner Comments: The 103 TI Diapal is much more impressive in person than the pictures would indicate.

A home run for Sinn and anyone who owns this watch.