Sinn Watches on Deposit

Sinn North America

Sinn Watches Official North American Distributor

If you have placed an order for a limited edition Sinn watch with a non-refundable deposit, this page will provide updates on the status of your delivery.

When you originally checked out, we provided an estimate on the detailed Terms page for that deposit, and we will only contact you if the original estimates we provided have changed.

In other words, if you do not hear from us after placing your deposit, the original estimates are still valid so there is no need to contact us for an update.

In case you do not remember the original estimates that we displayed during checkout, we have listed them below by Sinn model.

We are unable to provide more detailed estimates other than what we show below as we are dependent upon Sinn's production and shipping schedule to receive these watches.

Once your watch arrives, we will contact you by email with a link to pay the remaining amount due.  You may specify your preferred shipping address at that time as well as your payment method (since we do not store your original payment method for your protection).

  • Sinn EZM 1.1 S Limited Edition

    Shipments began in June and will continue through this winter.