Sinn UX EZM 2 B GSG9 on Strap

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SKU: SI-177

Watch Brand: Sinn

Sinn North America

Diver's watch with quartz movement and oil filled case
• Case diameter (mm): 44.0
• Case thickness (mm): 13.3
• Case lug width (mm): 22
• Lug to lug (mm): 50.5
• Weight - head only (grams): 105
• Water resistance: 5,000 meters
• Case back: Solid
• Case finish: Matte
• Case metal: Submarine steel
• Dial color: Black
• Front crystal: Sapphire
• Tegimented: Bezel only
• Movement: Quartz oil filled
• Manufacturer's limited warranty: 3 years
• Strap or bracelet: Strap
• Warranty service: Sinn Germany

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Sinn UX EZM 2 B GSG9 on Strap
Sinn UX EZM 2 B GSG9 on Strap

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Product Details

This is a special release of the Sinn UX, and is designed for the elite German Grenzschutzgruppe (GSG9) special forces unit in underwater tactical operations. Notice the dial design and the crown placement on the left side of the watch.

The Sinn UX pushes watch technology to the limits. Like the Sinn U1 and U2 watches, the Sinn UX GSG9 features a case made from the same submarine steel that is being used to build the latest generation of German military submarines.

The steel was procured by Sinn from a steel supplier to Emden GmbH, one of Germanys North Sea shipbuilding yards who construct submarines from the very same steel. This special steel is also amagnetic which means that is does not have magnetic properties and cannot itself become magnetized. The watch movement itself is protected from magnetic fields up to 4,800 A/m.

Unlike the Sinn U1 and Sinn U2, the Sinn UX GSG9 features a quartz movement rather than a mechanical movement.

By using this type of movement, Sinn is able to fill the watch with oil, which has the double affect of greatly enhancing the readability of the dial and time from any angle (including under water), and increasing the water resistance of the watch even at great depths. The special battery used to power the movement has an expected life of seven years before needing to be replaced.

The Sinn UX GSG9 is covered with a thick sapphire crystal for extreme protection. This sapphire crystal features a special anti-reflective coating that is scratch resistant - the coating itself has been hardened to 1,800 HV.

The uni-directional ratchet operated rotating bezel is also milled from this submarine steel. The indices are machined directly into the bezel without the use of bezel inserts, which can corrode or come loose at deep depths. The bezel features Sinn's Tegiment technology.

This watch is designed for operation in extreme temperature variations - it operates in temperatures between -20 Celsius to +60 Celsius. The movement is water resistant to 5,000 meters, and the case is pressure tested to a diving depth of 12,000 meters as certified by Germanischer Lloyd in Hamburg.

Matte black dial with date at 3, Super Luminova on hands and markers, and striking red seconds hand complete the design. Other features include sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. Strap is silicone rubber with double push deployant buckle and fliplock safety clasp.

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You are responsible for paying the shipping charges to Sinn, and all repairs that Sinn approves under its warranty are at no charge. Sinn will also pay the return shipping charges to the address you specify.

The Sinn manufacturer's limited warranty period is as follows:
  • Watches in the EZM Series: 3 years
  • Watches marked AR containing inert gas: 3 years
  • Watches in the DIAPAL Series: 5 years
  • All other Sinn models: 2 years

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Please note that you are responsible for paying shipping and insurance charges for sending your watch to RGM. Once they reach your watch in the service queue they will determine which repairs are covered under Sinn's warranty.

It is important to note that oil-filled quartz Sinn watches must be repaired in Germany (EZM 2, Hydro and UX series). If your watch meets one of these conditions and requires service under warranty, please contact us and we'll provide instructions for shipping the watch to Sinn in Germany.

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Watch Reviews From Verified WatchBuys Buyers
100% • Verified Buyer Reviews100% • Verified Buyer Reviews (7 reviews)

A Flieger Watch in Disguise?

"A Flieger Watch in Disguise?"

Verified Owner Comments: First comment: when the watch arrives and you take it out of the box, does it cast the same spell over you at that moment as it did when you saw it at the website?

Second comment: A week later, in spare moments, do you still find yourself staring at this beautiful piece of craftsmanship and grinning uncontrollably?

Third comment: After a month, does a glance at this beautiful piece of craftsmanship still bring a smile to your lips? If so, odds are, you purchased a Sinn UX EZM 2 B GSG9 from WatchBuys.

Oh...about the Flieger reference? Flieger watches are my preference, but over the years, I noticed that most seem designed in the black background-light colored numbers style on the rotating bezel. In contrast, similar divers-style watches use the darker numbers on a lighter background approach and to me this keeps the information on the bezel from distracting from the beauty of the dial work. Just personal preference.

Global Traveler

"Global Traveler"

Verified Owner Comments: After a visit to Sinn factory in Frankfurt last year, I had to have this watch.

Great for one-up when comparing seck diver watches, but not something I'd dive with. After all, who needs a watch that will work at 5,000 meters anyway?

You won't be disappointed

"You won't be disappointed"

Verified Owner Comments: Tough solidity, super accuracy, excellent readability and practicality - the main essential features of a good diver's watch.

Sinn UX GSG9 truly delivers or to certain extend exceeding. Not only you get this fine timepiece at a very reasonable price, you will also get superb CS from WatchBuys.

This is hard to beat.

So strong

"So strong"

Verified Owner Comments: This is the strongest watch I ever had.

So reliable and so strong, it's amazing,... I have been looking for this type of watch for a long time.


Stylish, rugged, unique

"Stylish, rugged, unique"

Verified Owner Comments: Although it has a relatively large case compared to many other upscale watches, this watch is not quite as flashy. Yet, its appearance is sophisticated and very well-rounded. Nothing appears to be out of place on this timepiece.

It has a very solid appearance and very high level of build quality. It is the most accurate timekeeping device I know of besides something consistently in sync with a time server/atomic signal.



Verified Owner Comments: Totally in love the EZM series, and the UX GSG9 version is simply a must have.

The next logical step to the EZM2 GSG9 version.

SINN UX (GSG9) Rubber Strap

"SINN UX (GSG9) Rubber Strap"

Verified Owner Comments: This is one of the most impressive timepiece i have in my collection so far in terms of technology.

Built quality is first class. Very solid. This is the only quartz movement i have in my collections (2 APRO, 3 APROO, PP, GP, 2 ROLEX GMT, EXP I, EXP II, YMaster, Datejust, 2 DayDate and etc)..

At this price, this is for sure one of the best buy. I highly recommend it!

Please note that because this watch is oil filled using proprietary Sinn technology, all service must be done by Sinn in Frankfurt, Germany.

This requirement extends to both service under warranty and after warranty.

The battery in this watch has an estimated useful life of seven years after which time the watch must be sent to Sinn for a new battery, flushing of the case, cleaning of the movement, filling with new oil, new seals and pressure testing.

There are no watchmakers or service centers anywhere in the world other than at Sinn in Frankfurt who can service Sinn oil-filled quartz watches (EZM 2, UX Series, Hydro Series).

Any attempt to service this watch, change the battery or open the case by someone other than Sinn will lead to permanent damage and should not be attempted under any circumstances.

Please click here for instructions on sending this watch to Sinn in Germany for service.