Sinn Special German Models


Sinn Special German Watches


These four Sinn models are all limited edition pieces and were originally designed for distribution only in the Sinn German market.

We were very fortunate (after a bit of pleading) that Sinn made a small quantity available for our clients in the US and Canada, but the number of pieces is quite limited.

If you're looking for a very special Sinn watch with limited availability, take a view minutes to view this collection.

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Price: $3,970.00
SKU: SI-0005

Limited Edition 300 Pieces

Automatic chronograph with 12 hour ceramic bezel insert

In Stock - Ships Immediately

Price: $2,240.00
SKU: SI-0006

Limited Edition 100 Pieces

Designed for the Loewen Frankfurt hockey team

In Stock - Ships Immediately

Price: $2,580.00
SKU: SI-0001

Limited Edition 125 Pieces

Created in partnership with the leading German hunting magazine

In Stock - Ships Immediately

Price: $5,380.00
SKU: SI-0004

Limited Edition 500 Pieces

Designed in partnership with Eintracht Frankfurt football club

In Stock - Ships Immediately