Sinn Price Increase

Sinn North America

Sinn Watches Official North American Distributor

Sinn implemented a worldwide price increase effective September 1, 2022.

This price increase is the result of inflationary pressures on Sinn's costs of manufacturing, labor, parts, and components.

WatchBuys decided not to implement Sinn's price increase but instead will delay any increase.

The reason we are delaying the increase has to do with a number of factors affecting our operating and purchasing costs in opposite ways.

Increased Costs

Our import costs, logistics costs, operating costs, and financial processing costs have all increased over the past year, some considerably.

Sinn's latest price change further increases our purchasing costs.

Offset to Increased Costs

At the same time as most of our costs have increased, exchange rates have recently favored a stronger US dollar to the Euro which offsets many of these higher costs.

So for now, the Sinn prices you see on WatchBuys for watches, straps, and bracelets will stay the same as last year's prices with no increases, and will remain this way as long as we can use the stronger US dollar to offset our other increased costs.

We will be carefully watching the US dollar to Euro exchange rates over the next months, and should we see a sustained pattern of an increasingly stronger Euro to the US dollar (which will directly increase our Sinn purchasing costs), we will need to implement a price increase at that time.

If you have additional questions about Sinn's price increase and our decision not to raise prices, please call 888.333.4895 and we will be happy to answer those questions.