Sinn Military Type IV Limited Edition on Bracelet

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SKU: SI-497

Watch Brand: Sinn

Sinn North America

Final Call

Military chronograph on bracelet
• Watch diameter (mm): 41.0
• Watch height (mm): 15.5
• Lug width (mm): 20
• Lug to lug (mm): 46.5
• Weight - head only (grams): 74
• Water resistance: 200 meters
• Case back: Solid
• Case finish: Polished
• Case metal: Stainless steel
• Dial color: Black
• Front crystal: Acrylic
• Movement: Automatic mechanical
• Manufacturer's limited warranty: 2 years
• Strap or bracelet: Bracelet
• Warranty service: RGM or Sinn

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Sinn Military Type IV Limited Edition on Bracelet
Sinn Military Type IV Limited Edition on Bracelet

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Product Details

Final Pieces

This limited edition is now sold out by Sinn, and we have just received the final pieces.

This is your last chance to purchase this watch.

Limited Edition of 200 Pieces

This watch is a limited edition in two senses of the word "limited".

First, only 200 pieces in total will be made.  Next, this watch will only be sold in North America and Japan.

Based on Sinn's best selling 103 Acrylic Series, the Sinn Military Type IV Limited Edition features a number of changes from the standard Sinn 103 which give this watch its own identity.

As you can see from the name, this is the fourth watch in the Sinn Military Series, first spearheaded and introduced by Sinn's Japanese importer.  The Sinn Military Type I, Type II and Type III Series are all sold out, and have become quite collectible over the years.

Vintage Sinn Design
The design of the Sinn Military Type IV Limited Edition takes its inspiration from Sinn watches made in the 1960s.  Acrylic crystals and friction bezels were standard issue in almost all mechanical watches from that time.

The bright red chronograph hands and vintage-colored lume on the Arabic numerals are inspired by early Sinn chronographs including the Sinn 156 series.

The words "Military Type IV" are in bold and frame the date display in a charcoal color only slightly lighter than the black dial.

Legible and Practical

To minimize clutter and increase legibility, Sinn removed the chronograph hour subdial from the watch face.  One subdial is for constant seconds and the other measures chronograph minutes on a 30 minute scale.

The white hour and minute hands stand out against the black dial, and a syringe tip was added to the minute hand for a more accurate reading of the time.

The crown and chronograph pushers are located on the left side of the watch case.  Pilots and soldiers wearing gloves would not have access to the chronograph controls if they were conventionally placed, so Sinn chose a "destro" design for the crown and pushers. 

Features of this watch include:

  • Bi-directional rotating friction fit bezel
  • Acrylic crystal
  • Destro crown and chronograph pushers 
  • Limited to 200 pieces
  • Available in North America and Japan only
  • Low pressure resistant
  • Water resistant to 200 meters
  • SuperLuminova on the hands and hours (glows green)

This watch is fitted with a Sinn stainless steel H-link bracelet.

Please note that this watch is not numbered on the case back as XXX/200, but rather uses the standard sequential serial numbering system from Sinn's 103 Series.

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You are responsible for paying the shipping charges to Sinn, and all repairs that Sinn approves under its warranty are at no charge. Sinn will also pay the return shipping charges to the address you specify.

The Sinn manufacturer's limited warranty period is as follows:
  • Watches in the EZM Series: 3 years
  • Watches marked AR containing inert gas: 3 years
  • Watches in the DIAPAL Series: 5 years
  • All other Sinn models: 2 years

WatchBuys Advantage #2

As an added benefit to those who purchase Sinn watches from WatchBuys, you may choose to have your warranty repairs serviced through our US Sinn Authorized Service Center, RGM Watch Service located in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. This added benefit saves our clients the time and effort of returning their watches to Germany for repair. This service is transferable to subsequent owners who purchase directly from the original registered owner.

Please note that you are responsible for paying shipping and insurance charges for sending your watch to RGM. Once they reach your watch in the service queue they will determine which repairs are covered under Sinn's warranty.

It is important to note that oil-filled quartz Sinn watches must be repaired in Germany (EZM 2, Hydro and UX series). If your watch meets one of these conditions and requires service under warranty, please click here for instructions on returning your watch to Sinn in Germany.

WatchBuys Advantage #3

Your watch will be repaired at no cost to you other than shipping charges to either Sinn or RGM during the warranty period. Sinn watches purchased through the "grey market" (non-authorized sources) may carry no warranty from Sinn. Sinn watches purchased through authorized overseas retailers are governed by the warranty policies of those dealers and/or Sinn, and typically must be sent to either the overseas dealer or Germany for repair.

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Sinn watches feature a number of cutting edge technologies, many of which are unique to Sinn. Please note that not all Sinn watches, including the watch on this page, use all of these Sinn technologies.

Among the more notable Sinn technologies are:

Tegimented Hardened Cases

Many Sinn watches are fitted with Tegimented cases produced in-house by Sinn's case making affiliated company in Glashutte, Germany.

Standard steel used by most watch companies has a hardness of between 200 and 240 HV (Hardness Vickers is a common scale used to measure material hardness). The Tegiment process produces a hardness of at least 1,200 Vickers which is five times harder than standard steel (and on some Sinn models up to nine times harder than standard steel).

The Tegiment process is not a coating consisting of a foreign material; instead the steel itself that has been hardened using a special engineering process that creates a hardened barrier. The base material is a type of stainless steel also used for surgical implants, and the stainless steel resistance to corrosion is further improved by the Tegiment hardening process.

The primary advantages to a Tegimented case are extreme resistance to scratches and other case abrasions, as well as increased resistance to corrosion.

Please note that certain Sinn watches are fully Tegimented (case, bezel) while others are Tegimented only on the bezel. Use the links below to view both categories.

  • View Sinn watches with fully Tegimented cases.

  • View Sinn watches with Tegimented bezels only.

Dehumidification Technology

A number of Sinn models feature cases filled with inert gas. Sinn has found that filling the case with inert gas can help prevent the introduction of moisture and humidity to the case, as well as provide a more stable environment for the oils that lubricate the movement.

The proper care of any mechanical watch movement mandates that these oils maintain both their viscosity and lubrication properties.

  • View Sinn watches with dehumidification technology.

Copper Sulphate Capsules

A number Sinn models use one or more copper sulphate capsules to absorb humidity trapped inside the case. Over time these capsules will gradually turn dark blue indicating that humidity has been absorbed.

The primary benefit to these copper sulphate capsules is a more dry and stable environment for both the movement and the lubricating oils. Together with Sinn's inert gas treatment these capsules form the basis of Sinn's Dry Hold Technology.

This technology not only provides a more stable environment for the movement, but also prevents fogging of the crystal when going from hot to cold environments or from humid to non-humid conditions (such air conditioned buildings).

  • View Sinn watches with copper sulphate capsules.

Extreme Antimagnetic Protection

Magnetism can cause dramatic swings in the timekeeping of a mechanical watch movement. People are often exposed to magnetic fields without even being aware - frequent high altitude flying, metal detectors, audio and video equipment, medical equipment and computer equipment can all cause problems with magnetism.

Many Sinn watches offer extreme protection against magnetism up to 80,000 A/m. Sinn achieves these results using a number of different technologies, including special case and case back construction, soft iron components in the case and protective rings surrounding the movement.

  • View Sinn watches with extreme antimagnetic protection.

DIAPAL Oil Free Escapement

Sinn caused quite a stir when they first released their DIAPAL technology. Beginning in 1995, Sinn began work to create an oil free escapement. With any mechanical watch movement, the aging of oil, especially in the escapement can create long term problems for that movement. Additionally, as movement oil ages, required service intervals become more frequent.

Sinn's early analysis to this problem provided a quick solution (at least in theory) - if you don't use oil, it can't age. The process began by exchanging the ruby escapements for diamonds (the word "DIAPAL" derives from the German name for diamond escapements) in order to achieve the desired effect. The designation stuck, even though today Sinn works with solutions taken from advanced nanotechnology rather than diamonds.

The result is a movement that proves so reliable that Sinn offers an unprecedented five year warranty on their DIAPAL watches.

  • View Sinn watches featuring the DIAPAL oil free escapement.

Hydro Oil Filled Technology

Sinn has developed a technology termed "Hydro" in which the entire watch case is filled with oil. Watches using this technology are based on quartz rather than mechanical movements.

By using this type of movement, Sinn is able to fill the watch with oil, which has the joint affect of greatly enhancing the readability of the dial and time from any angle (including under water), and increasing the water resistance of the watch even at great depths.

  • View Sinn watches with Hydro Oil Filled technology.

Submarine Steel

Sinn has created a line of watches featuring cases made from German submarine steel (the U Series). The steel was procured by Sinn from a steel supplier to Emden GmbH, one of Germany's North Sea shipbuilding yards who construct submarines from the very same steel.

Because of the special steel used from the submarine steelmanufacturer, the case resists the effects of exposure to salt waterand salt water environments.

These cases are produced in-house by Sinn's case making affiliated company in Glashutte, Germany.

This special steel is also amagnetic which means that is does not have magnetic properties and cannot itself become magnetized. The watch movement itself is protected from magnetic fields up to 4,800 A/m.

  • View Sinn watches built from German submarine steel.

EZM Mission Timers

Sinn is a partner for manufacturing watches for the German Special Forces, including SWAT, Customs, FBI, helicopter police, GSG9 and other units.

Beginning with the now highly collectible (and valuable) Sinn EZM 1, Sinn has grown this collection to some of the most durable and highly functional watches made and they remain among the most popular in the collection.

  • View Sinn watches in the EZM Series.

DIN 8330 / TESTAF Certified Pilot's Watches

Lothar Schmidt, Sinn's CEO and owner had long been disturbed by a lack of technical standards for defining a "pilot's watch". As an engineer, Mr. Schmidt was fluent in standards for diver's watches, anti-magnetic watches and the many other technological standards used to manufacture watches.

A widely used reference for standards is DIN, or the Deutsches Institut fr Normung (German Institute for Standardization). Oddly, he discovered there were no DIN standards to cover pilot's watches where such standards existed for example for diver's watches.

The new "Technical Standard for Pilot's Watches" (TESTAF) and DIN 8330 were originally developed by the Aachen University of Applied Sciences and establishes the suitability for professional use as a pilot's watch.

  • View Sinn watches in the DIN 8330 / TESTAF Series


Watch Reviews From Verified WatchBuys Buyers
100% • Verified Owner Reviews100% • Verified Owner Reviews (5 reviews)

Sinn Military Type IV Limited Edition on Bracelet

"Sinn Military Type IV Limited Edition on Bracelet"

Verified Owner Comments: First Sinn purchase from WatchBuys. Couldn't be happier.

Great watch for lefty people

"Great watch for lefty people"

Verified Owner Comments: I'm lefty so use on right hand this is easy to see day on the watch, color with some touch of red make a statement, dial is easy and quick to look the time. Size perfect with small lug my wrist 6.5 inch. I purchase additional leather /red strap is fantastic complement for this watch and also in small size. Great for me.

The Sinn Military 4 is awesome!

"The Sinn Military 4 is awesome!"

Verified Owner Comments: This watch ticks so many boxes for me. Not to mention it looks killer on any strap you put it on as well. Lefty chrono makes it unique and I love the font and dial. A true keeper. Mb

Sinn 103 (Military Type IV)

"Sinn 103 (Military Type IV)"

Verified Owner Comments: First and foremost, I would like to highlight the knowledge and professionalism of the staff at Watchbuys, who excelled in providing comprehensive customer by phone after the web purchase and in answering questions once the watch has been received. Trey in particular was the gentleman who had worked directly with me for this purchase. For the watch itself, this is my 3rd Sinn, and my 3rd 103 having owned a sapphire model and an acrylic model in the past. This Military Type IV is unique and a treasure in my collection being a destro layout which is uncommon. The contrasting red colored chrono second and minute greatly differentiate the chrono functions on the dial from the rest of the time keeping function on the watch, and is a welcomed change from the standard 103s. Lastly, this is a limited edition with only 100 pieces allocated to Japan and 100 pieces to the US. Once this is sold out, I'd imagine this would become a desirable discontinued watch, like the Type I, II, and III befo... - more details

Great piece

"Great piece"

Verified Owner Comments: Having owned an early Bell and Ross by Sinn 103, which I flipped (& regretted): I had been looking to buy a modern cased 103. When this one came out, I purchased it (with bracelet) immediately.

Delivery was quick and within an hour it was on my wrist and on patrol with me while working the highways in California. The MILITARY TYPE IV text is subtle in person. The watch has great weight and is highly visible at night when the lume is charged. The red accents give it a unique appearance vs other 103s. Took it in the water the next day and I couldn't be happier with its performance thus far.

Will definitely be a daily wear for me and the brushed/polished bracelet allows this watch to double as a dress/work/tool watch with ease.