Dekla Flieger 42 Type B Bronze

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Watch Brand: Dekla

Dekla North America

Manual winding pilot's watch with bronze case - 42 mm
• Watch diameter (mm): 42.0
• Watch height (mm): 11.2
• Lug width (mm): 22
• Lug to lug (mm): 49.8
• Weight - head only (grams): 87
• Water resistance: 100 meters
• Case back: Solid
• Case finish: Brushed
• Case metal: Bronze
• Dial color: Black
• Front crystal: Sapphire
• Seconds hand: Flame blued
• Movement: Manual mechanical
• Manufacturer's limited warranty: 2 years
• Strap or bracelet: Strap
• Warranty service: RGM or Dekla

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Dekla Flieger 42 Type B Bronze
Dekla Flieger 42 Type B Bronze

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Product Details

Classic B-Uhr Pilot

The Dekla Flieger 42 Type B Bronze combines a historic B-Uhr design and a manually wound movement with modern in-house engineering with a bronze CuSn8 German case.  

Dekla is a German watch manufacture based in Stuttgart.  They specialize in the the building of watch cases, certain movement parts, watch dials, and the production of hands - all in-house.  Their engineering capabilities and hands-on approach allow them to produce watches with a remarkable attention to detail.  

While the design dates back more than 80 years, we believe Dekla has set a new standard for Made in Germany Flieger watches.

Historic Design

During World War II, a position of great importance within the German Luftwaffe was that of the Beobachter.  The Beobachter (spotter) was a pilot designated to perform reconnaissance flights and locate targets of significance using a map and a compass.  To measure distance and to time bombing runs, the Beobachter also needed a legible and easy-to-use wristwatch.  Enter the Beobachtungsuhr, or B-Uhr- the observer's watch. 

The technical specifications for a B-Uhr watch were determined by the Reich Ministry of Aviation.  Its design was simple, but distinct.  It often emphasized minutes and seconds by putting those numerals around the outside of the dial with a smaller hour track in the center.  Arguably the most significant element was the presence of a central mounted seconds hand- a departure from the typical pocket watches of that period. 

The watch required an oversized crown with deep ridges to allow for winding while wearing thick leather gloves and the leather straps were often extra long to accommodate a pilot's jacket underneath.  Lume was a necessity for low-light flights, and the radium paint used on the numerals and hands cemented the design for the original German "B-Uhr" watch.  This watch features old radium SuperLuminova.

In keeping with historic pilot's watches, this watch has "FL 23883" engraved into the side of the case.  Early German pilot's watches featured the same engraving to certify its worthiness as an official pilot's instrument.  "FL" (Fliegnummer) meant that it was affiliated with aviation equipment. "23” meant that it was a navigational device. "883” confirmed that the watch was tested by the research institute (Deutsche Versuchsanstalt für Luftfahrt). 

What's So Special About Bronze?

As bronze ages and patinas, the overall look of the watch changes with it.  For a watch like this, the bronze case allows the watch to quickly develop a vintage look that matches its historic design.

The watch case is crafted from CuSn8 bronze, with the exception of the case back which is stainless steel.  Each watch case will develop its own natural patina over time due to the gradual oxidation of the bronze, adding to the truly special nature of each piece.  

Important features of this watch include:

  • CuSn8 bronze case with stainless steel case back
  • Flame blued hands made in-house
  • Black lacquered dial
  • Bronze diamond crown
  • Sapphire crystal with interior AR coating
  • White SuperLuminova BGW9 on hands and hours (glows green)
  • SW210-1 manual winding movement
  • Water resistant to 100 meters

This watch is fitted with a brown leather Dekla strap with brown stitching.

WatchBuys is the official and authorized North American distributor and importer for Dekla German watches.

When you purchase your new Dekla watch from WatchBuys, you'll receive a brand new German engineered watch with outstanding value.

Made in Germany
Dekla German watches are an "insiders brand", known by those in the watch industry for manufacturing outstanding cases at their production facilities in Ulm, Germany, as well as dials and hands in Stuttgart, Germany.

Until now, the company has largely been known as a manufacturer of watch components for other (primarily German) watch companies, but now is concentrating on their in-house Dekla brand.

Welcome to Dekla German Watches.

In House

Dekla has an interesting background, and quality (or lack thereof) really put things in motion.

The company founders have been involved in watch manufacturing for many years, but when they first started to create and design their watches they purchased cases from a case manufacturer.

Things did not go well - when those cases arrived, the quality did not meet expectations and the company rejected all pieces.  And from that point forward their mission changed.

First, Dekla switched to in-house case production to meet their quality standards.  Next, dial and hand production moved in-house, and so continued a long path towards "German products made by us".

Watch Cases and Parts

We applaud both the attitude and initiative to take over in-house production, and over the years Dekla has continued to expand their manufacturing expertise.

Today Dekla operates a comprehensive machine tool fleet, including three milling machines used for:
  • Rough shaping
  • Manufacture of watch cases
  • Production of small watch parts
Dekla also operates a wire EDM (electro-erosion discharge machine), which is critical to the production of small watch parts.  Lathes and engraving machines complete the production process.

Finally, the company has developed hardened watch cases called 6Steel which use the Kolsterising® process to harden their 316L stainless steel to 1,300 Vickers, more than six times the hardness of a standard watch case.

These hardened 6Steel cases offer superior resistance to scratches, abrasions and nicks.

6Steel Hardened Steel

Watch Dials

Watch dial manufacturing in Germany can be considered a real art, as the process requires a meticulous attention to detail.  For this reason, few German watch companies manufacture their own dials but instead purchase those dials from others.

To make a great watch dial, you must first master the art of pad printing.  The principle of pad printing was invented in Switzerland and involves the application of an image using an elastic pad or roller, and this technology is used by all leading German watch manufacturers.

Dekla manufactures watch dials using pad printing with precision equipment designed for use in the watch industry.  Because this production is not outsourced, all watch dials meet the rigid requirements set by Dekla.

Watch Hands

Watch hands are another component of mechanical watches that are typically outsourced to other companies.

And unfortunately, many times the path of least expense is chosen - purchasing "stained" watch hands which are cheap to manufacture, do not hold up well over time, and are produced in mass quantities overseas.

Dekla has chosen a different approach that is consistent with their other in-house production methods - don't outsource the hands.

The company operates the necessary machinery to produce the punching dies to produce custom watch hands.  The manufacture of watch hands in Germany is a special process that involves a creative approach and the use of the highest quality raw materials.

Renowned German watch hand manufacturers, including Dekla, use the technology of thermal bluing during production.  In addition to the thermal bluing of watch hands, Dekla can produce watch hands from precious metals.

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Nice homage to history

"Nice homage to history"

Verified Owner Comments: As a fan of German technology, history, and cars, it is only natural i would love a german watch. tbh i didn't even know Germany made high end watches and after some research i decided to buy my first German made watch and i chose the Dekla Fliegar 42.

Being a fan of WW2 and aviation history i decided to buy this watch. i like it. fits nicely on my wrist. imo this watch are great for collectors. it may not be my daily wear watch but it is one of my favorites. great for showing off at parties. i plan on buying more German watches