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Great Value for Money

"Great Value for Money"

Verified Buyer Comments: I’ve had this watch for a couple of weeks and I’m really enjoying it. It’s a great daily wearer and I love the complicated dial—it’s attractive, unique and highly legible. My watch is accurate to within -3 seconds per day, well within specifications. Although good quality, I did replace the black strap with an aftermarket vintage brown strap because it was a bit small for my 7.25-inch wrist.

In sum, this watch represents a great value for money.

Fortis Cockpit Two

"Fortis Cockpit Two"

Verified Buyer Comments: The customer service was excellent.

I had some questions concerning the chronograph edition, and received a very thorough explanation. I would recommend Watchbuys as a reputable dealer and one who takes customer service seriously.



Verified Buyer Comments: I have 30 watches. This is my least expensive and one of my favorites. Light, just the right size at 41 and thin at 11mm. I find myself staring at the face. I would have loved it as a 10 year old model WWII airplane builder and love it now as an old guy.