Sinn Price Increase - September 1, 2018

Sinn has announced a worldwide price increase effective September 1, 2018.

If you are interested in purchasing a new Sinn watch at the old pricing, and see that we are currently out of stock on that model, please click the Notify Me button on that specific Sinn watch page to complete a brief form.

If we have a model that you wish to purchase in stock, our web site inventory status is displayed in real time and will state "In Stock - Ships Immediately".

We will honor the old pricing on all in-stock Sinn watches through August 31, 2018.

We are often asked "why do watch prices increase?"

The answer has mostly to do with the increase in the cost of components and raw materials to Sinn, as well as increased labor costs to manufacture their own cases and then to build the watches.  

This year unfavorable exchange rates have had a negative impact.

And for the last several years, Sinn has increased prices and we have not - we have absorbed those increases by reducing our margins.

Most manufacturers of watch components (including dials, hands and movement components) increase their prices either semi-annually or annually and Sinn calculates the effect of these increases on September 1 of each year.

Sinn also calculates the costs to produce cases and other in-house components at their Glashutte, Germany facility (SUG) and takes those new costs (labor, steel and other materials) into account.

Many watch companies have already implemented their price increases for 2018 as the trend is to do so either the first of the year or at Baselworld in March/April, but Sinn has chosen to wait until September 1.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1.  How much will each watch increase in price?

Sinn does not implement an across the board increase (for example 5% on all watches).

Instead, they calculate on an individual watch basis how much their costs to manufacture that specific watch have increased over the last year, and the price of that watch is adjusted accordingly.

So it is possible that some watches could increase 12%, some 6% and some 1% (these percentages are all hypothetical) - we really will have no idea until Sinn completes their calculations and sends the new cost sheets to us at the end of this month.

2.  When will you know how much the price increase will be on an individual watch?

Sinn will forward the new cost worksheets to us at the end of this month in Euros.  We must then make our own conversions to US dollars and analyze future exchange rate forecasts to arrive at the new pricing in US dollars.

Typically this process can come down to the wire - we often are up late at night on the last day of August completing the calculations and exchange rate adjustments.

3.  I want to buy a Sinn watch at the old price but your site says "Sold Out".  Do I have any options?

Yes, our goal is to make it possible for anyone to purchase a Sinn watch at the old price, even if we are currently sold out.

Simply click the Notify Me button on that specific Sinn watch to complete a brief form and you will find instructions for locking in the old price. 

4.  Will the price of straps and bracelets increase?

We do not know at this time, but we have absorbed the increases on these items for at least five years, and as long as the new increases are minimal we will continue to absorb those increases.

5.  When will you post the new pricing on your web site?

September 1, 2018.

6.  Do you offer any deferred payment options where I can buy now and pay in installments with no interest?

Yes we do.  In conjunction with PayPal Credit, you have the option to set up such a plan.  For more information please click here.

7.  I made a deposit (or plan to make a deposit) on one of the new Sinn watches released at BaselWorld this year but have not received my watch.

If the price on that watch increases will I be required to pay the new price when my watch arrives? 

No.  If you made a deposit on one of these new models, or you make a new deposit prior to September 1, 2018, you are grandfathered at the old price and will not be required to pay the new price regardless of when your watch arrives.

We will pay for any price increases on these models.

Only deposits placed on or after September 1, 2018 would be subject to the new pricing.

For a list of these new Sinn models on which we are currently accepting deposits, please click here.

8.  Is Sinn alone in raising prices?

No, most watch companies made adjustments during the 2018 Baselworld Fair where they distributed new price lists.  Sinn typically does not follow this policy but waits until September 1.

If you have additional questions that we have not covered, please call us at (888) 333-4895 and we will be happy to help.