Sinn 856 UTC Tegimented on Strap

SKU: SI-084

Automatic winding with second time zone - more details
Case diameter (mm): 40.0
Case thickness (mm): 10.7
Case back: Solid
Case metal: Stainless steel
Dial color: Black
Tegimented: Fully
Winding: Automatic
Inert gas: Filled
Copper sulphate: Capsule
Antimagnetic: 80,000 A/m
Manufacturer's limited warranty: 3 years
Warranty service: RGM or Sinn

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Sinn 856 UTC Tegimented on Strap
Sinn 856 UTC Tegimented on Strap
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Product Details 

The Sinn 856 has become a favorite for those seeking a dual time zone watch.

This watch features "Tegiment" technology. Standard steel used by most watch companies has a hardness of between 200 and 240 HV (Hardness Vickers is a common scale used to measure material hardness). The Tegiment layer has a hardness of 1,200 Vickers which is up to five times harder than standard steel.

The Tegiment layer is not a coating consisting of a foreign material, instead the steel itself that has been hardened using a special engineering process that creates a hardened barrier. The base material is a type of stainless steel also used for surgical implants, and the stainless steel resistance to corrosion is even further improved by the Tegiment hardening process.

Next, this case offers magnetic field protection of up to 80,000 A/m, among the highest for any mechanical watch. The case back is nickel free offering protection to those with allergic reactions to this metal.

And for those that don't encounter magnetic fields on a regular basis, it's just a great watch to wear every day.

The case features a copper sulphate capsule which reacts with moisture to diffuse and absorb humidity in the watch.

A small yellow hand indicates the second time zone on a small 24-hour scale.

Sand-blasted stainless steel case with solid back. Dial is matte black with Arabic numerals and offset date display at 4. The design and layout of this watch make it extremely easy to read in virtually all light conditions.

Sapphire crystal with luminous hands and hour markers. Watch is water resistant to 20 ATM. Black Sinn calf leather strap.

Other features include Sinn's Dehumidifcation Technology which uses inert gas to reduce humidity and to prevent the dial from fogging.

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Watch Reviews

"Simplistic elegance."

Posted by: Jonathan M

Comments about this watch: This is my 3rd Sinn. I also own a U1 and a 556.

Love all three watches, but I am thinking of selling my 556 because the 886 is basically an upgraded version of it that contains a lot of Sinn's great proprietary technologies.

This watch rides perfectly on my smaller 6.5" wrist. It's light and keeps +5s to the day. I love simplistic easy to read tool watches, and as far as they go, the 886 is king.

Highly recommended.

I travel often and make great use of the UTC feature, but even when I'm not traveling, it's still useful as a 24-hour clock.


Posted by: Craig

Comments about this watch: Have had for 6 months, amazingly accurate.

Have gotten more compliments on this than my Explorer II- have with small clasp rubber band-Awesome.

Thinking about adding another Sinn to my collection

"Excellent, efficient service"

Posted by: Carlos R

Comments about this watch: Just what I was looking for: no nonsense looks, yet elegant. It is an instrument for telling time and not an oversized, gaudy piece of jewelry.

The UTC component adds functionality for world travel. I am very pleased with it.

WatchBuys provides excellent and efficient customer service.

"Outstanding watch"

Posted by: G R S

Comments about this watch: This is the third 856 UTC I have purchased.

My oldest son snarfed the first one. My youngest son slipped off with the second one. I guess someday I'll lose this one to my grandson.

I'll just keep buying more!!

"856 UTC"

Posted by: Mike

Comments about this watch: I wear it always - I work with my hands, fly and am active outdoors.

This is not showy, heavy or cluttered. It is easy to read in any light condition and looks great. And, I see, it's gaining value.


Posted by: Phil L.

Comments about this watch: I had a hard time deciding between the UTC/non-UTC versions of the 856 - and I suspect that many before/after me did and will also. In the end, despite the 'clean' look of the non-UTC version, it was just too plain for me. Turns out I made the right decision after all, as the 856 UTC dial is beautifully proportioned, with absolutely nothing looking cramped or out of place.

The UTC hand is visible but discreet at the same time, and makes for a nice compass marker too, when you are using the watch to orient north/south.

Just a classic!!


Posted by: Emil S.

Comments about this watch: My first of three Sinn watches and definitely one of my favorites.

I was drawn to the 856 because of its clean look and slimmer profile which is perfect for wearing it under a dress shirt. The dial is very legible and the lume is good. The UTC function is an nice addition as my work requires me to travel occasionally.

"Another great Sinn watch!"

Posted by: Jerry W

Comments about this watch: The 856 UTC is my second Sinn after the U1 and like the U1, I find the 856 UTC very purposefully designed with no unnecessary gimmicks. Just really useful technology for a great price!

It is a very striking looking watch and the 40mm case size is perfect. I alternate various straps on it including some custom made leather straps and it's already a favorite in my rotation after 3 weeks.

And again, Matt and the crew at WatchBuys offer fantastic service!

"Sinn 856 UTC - Superb"

Posted by: Michael

Comments about this watch: This is an elegant, simple watch that is not ostentatious. It does what a superb watch should; keep very good time, and do so for generations.

I require both UTC and local time readily available; this has no clutter, showy complications. Perfect.

"Perfect Sports Watch"

Posted by: Robert J W

Comments about this watch: This great watch is unique, rugged, readable and superb for all outdoor activities.

I use mine for biking, hiking, & shoveling in the garden. You name it. Bang it up, get it wet, it's a survivor. If you don't need a chronograph or bezel, the simple instrument design is just right. You will draw many questions and compliments, too.

You may find, like I did, that there is another strap you prefer to match it with.

"Great everyday or tool watch"

Posted by: Randy M

Comments about this watch: I'd recommend the 856UTC to anyone.

The dial and hand design on the 856 is very easy to read, and the lume lasts a good 8 hours if its "charged" for a minute or so under a flourescent light. The 2nd time zone is great for travel or any profession or hobbly that requires the use of UTC time, ie: pilots or ham radio operators. Or for just keeping up with what time it is where friends or relatives live.

Accuracy is good, mine gains an average of 5.7 seconds/day when rested face up on the dresser overnight. Gain varies according to rested position, and 5.7 s/d is the fastest it runs in any position. Some other overnight positions would result in less overall gain, but since I'm satisfied with any mechanical watch that stays between 0 and +6 s/d, I prefer to lay it face up flat on the dresser when I take it off.

"A Fantastic Watch"

Posted by: Martin

Comments about this watch: This is a fantastic watch. It is very accurate, great looking and comfortable.

The anti reflective crystal is invisible in most conditions and really makes the dial look great. I don't need the UTC, however it does add an interesting element to the watch. It is comforting to know that this watch can handle conditions that I would not expose myself to.

I am extremely happy with my purchase.

"Sinn 856"

Posted by: Dave C

Comments about this watch: This is one of three Sinn watches that I own and of all the watches that I own, it may be my favorite. This watch is perfect for both formal and casual wear and its second time zone feature is very handy for anyone who travels between time zones.

 I've received a number of compliments about this watch ... I'm very pleased.

"Sinn 856"

Posted by: Nate G

Comments about this watch: This is my third Sinn watch and like its stable mates the 144 and U2 it does not disappoint.   The first thing that struck me upon removing it from its box was how light it was. I was sure that with the steel case it would feel heavier, but I was really surprised by the light weight. Accuracy is on the average of -3 or -4 a day. I will have to do some more in depth testing to confirm that. Fit and finish is typical Sinn (perfect). Once again Sinn has integrated the Copper Sulfate anti moisture capsule technology into one of its products. A little unexpected as this is a pilots watch and theoretically not subjected to much moisture, but welcome just the same.   As a pilot, I use the UTC function all of the time as all times used by the FAA are in Zulu (UTC) time. Most of my watches have a second time zone feature for this reason. Another feature attractive to me as a pilot is the anti reflective coating on the crystal. It makes cockpit readability of this watch much, much ea... - more details


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