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With over 150 years of experience in the watchmaking industry, everything that has always been associated with the Junghans name still applies - quality, dependability, passion and precision.
Junghans Factory in Schramberg, Germany
Located in the small town of Schramberg, in the Eastern Black Forest (Schwarzwald) is Junghans Uhren GmbH, Germany's largest wristwatch and clock manufacturer. 

Founded in April of 1861, Junghans has enjoyed well over a century of watchmaking excellence, and was, prior to the onslaught of the "Quartz Wars", the largest mechanical movement manufacturer in the world.

Junghans Collections

Junghans produces watches in four primary collections:

  • Junghans Meister Collection
  • Junghans Form Collection
  • Junghans Max Bill Collection
  • Junghans Performance Collection

Junghans Meister Collection

Watches in the Junghans Meister Collection feature classic designs with all men's watches using mechanical movements.

Junghans watches from the 1930's to 1960's were created by product designer Anton Ziegler and form the inspiration for the Meister Collection.  The current Meister series is based on the historic design for the Meister watches of this era and makes a clear statement about the classic mechanical horology at Junghans.

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Junghans Form Collection

The newest collection is the Junghans Form Collection, consisting of both mechanical and quartz watches.

This new collection features clean designs and unique dials.

And perhaps the best part of the new Junghans Form Collection is their versatility - they are perfect for wearing casual to formal dress.

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Junghans Max Bill Collection

Max Bill was one of the most unusual artists of his time.  Acknowledged as an universal genius, he worked as an architect, painter, sculptor and product designer and has left behind an extensive portfolio of creations.

As a Bauhaus student of Walter Gropius, he intuitively understood how to apply the pursuit of constructive clarity and precise proportions to his work. His unrivaled drive to create is also seen in the field of education.

He was not only the co-founder and first rector of the Ulm College of Design, but the school building is also a Max Bill original design.

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Junghans Performance Collection

The history of the watch was always the pursuit of increased accuracy, miniaturization and greater power reserve.

Junghans maintains a leading position in these efforts with numerous world firsts with more than 3,000 patents registered.

By 1990, Junghans engineers had miniaturized the radio-controlled technology to such an extent that they were able to integrate it into a radio-controlled wristwatch. Developed in collaboration with FROG Design of Apple fame, it featured impressive advanced technology and a futuristic design with an antenna incorporated in the strap.

Today Junghans maintains its leadership position with the production of radio controlled, solar and other high technology timepieces.

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